June 1st, 2011


Spring Tour

Bassnectar hits San Luis Obispo, CA on Friday, September 16th 2011 as the Divergent Spectrum Tour rolls out!

This is an All Ages event.

We are excited to welcome Big Gigantic to the line-up for this event!

Doors: 5:00 PM
Music: 6:00 PM


Advance Bassnectar.net tickets on sale Wednesday June 8th at 10:00 AM PST

Click here for tickets

Big GiganticBig Gigantic – Dominic Lalli is responsible for this jazz meets electronic mix, with Jeremy Salkin on drums and beats. The duo mix both electronic and acoustic instruments to create an ethereal sound that defies genres as it ebbs and flows in symphonically surprising ways. Not a single beat is wasted as their textured music slips from one era to another, prepare to be dazzled and delighted!

Check out www.biggigantic.net
Free downloads at soundcloud.com/biggigantic

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  • Lytic

    Saw Bassnectar and Amp Live in Oakland last year. Been following them both for a long time and they don’t disappoint live. Amazing show all the way through.

  • Kapdrum

    Bout time you made it to SLO 😉

  • Two words: fuck yes

    Two words: fuck yea!

  • Aarontorrence

    fuck yes! seeing him at EDC, and then Avila! 

  • Aarontorrence

    fuck yes! seeing him at EDC, and then Avila!

  • http://www.bassnectar.net Ed Basscrew

    Amp Live is not playing at this event. Sorry for any confusion!

  • Bobbydukes

    Is the bassnectar Enhanced expeirence all ages?

    • dave

      does this show end at 10pm?


    Is there a reason why it ends early? do you want to rest up before BASSCENTER III or is there going to be an after party?

    • http://www.bassnectar.net Ed Basscrew

      I think early end times are generally due to venue restrictions and/or local ordinance.

    • http://twitter.com/dglasgal dave greenballs

      what adults are going to get there that early on a friday? not many.

      • http://www.bassnectar.net LORIN

        its a beach party dood!

        adult or not, show up in the sunshine and groove to dope music

  • NectarBASSBeing

    Im so stoked to see you melt faces tomorrow.. but i just want to say one thing.. Please your fans not the people in the crowd.. just cuz the crowd wants to hear grind wobbles doesnt mean your die hard fans want to. Your fans want to hear all your amazing tracks.. Im not saying this becuase you have done this, im saying it because ive had it happen before with artists I love.. Hardsyle artist dropping only dubstep :( they are only wanting to please the crowd not the die hard raging fans like me. To end this on a good note you will see me tomorrow raging the hardest right in front! Thank you for the music, love and good vibes.

  • A&B

    do you need to have the credit card hat you bought the ticket with in order to pick up at will call?

  • Drewb

    It’s over at 10pm….where is the afterparty?

  • Chandler_devlin

    i just saw u at the palladium, murder me tomorrow like u did then, as if i even have to ask. be worse, massacre these children

  • Chandler_devlin

    i just saw u at the palladium, murder me tomorrow like u did then, as if i even have to ask. be worse, massacre these children

  • Blakekraft0034


  • Fiveones

    hey lorin, thank you for the illest show I’ve ever been too!!! Hands down not to mention the nuttiest. dont be shy comin back. dope backdrop with the sf graff, looked like it was from piece by piece..

  • Bassinyoface106.5

    I’m trying to get press passes for this show. I left a comment threw the press comment section. But I’m not sure if the comment went threw. Is there a specific email I can contact someone about this.