Bassnectar Summer SpecialIt’s that time again!

We’re heading back to Colorado for another magical 2-­night run at the most beautiful venue on the planet: RED ROCKS

Join us Friday May 30th and Saturday May 31st with back to back extended sets alongside special guests Sub Focus, Crookers, Kill Paris and Break Science.

These events at Red Rocks have become some of the most special highlights of the year each year, and will sell out in advance!

So call up your crew, and get planning now cuz tickets are about to go onsale:

> Limited tickets go on sale TOMORROW Wed 2/5 at 10 AM MTN

> General tickets go on sale this Saturday 2/8 at 10 AM MTN




Can’t wait to shake the Rockies again :)

  • Henry

    Can’t wait for my first Red Rocks!! Coming from Humboldt

    • Clafuu

      you’re in for a treat :)

    • Lex Newtho

      My first Red Rocks too! Coming from Marin County.

    • Chance Lawson

      coming from the bay area :) <3 see you all there!!!

  • Alex Rangel


  • Jillie Bean

    So 10 am MST ?! And that’s all 3 that go on sale including the 2 day pas? Ahhhhhh I’m so stoked for red rocks my first year being able to go now that I moved here I must secure tickets!!! <3

    • Chris Basscrew

      Yup :)

      • Michael Bishop

        How much for 2 day presale?

        • Andrew!

          They were $75 last year

  • Irene


    • Griffin Mulvey-Hudson

      hurricane IRENE :)

  • BassHogJB


  • Henry

    How much will 2 day tickets be?

    • Griffin Mulvey-Hudson


  • Lauren Ireland

    Red Rocks is hands down my favorite place to see Bassnectar! Can’t wait to snatch up some of those pre sales! :)

  • Nectar24

    Will single day VIP tickets be available Wednesday as well?

  • Griffin Mulvey-Hudson


    • erknees

      My reaction exactly!

  • Chrissy

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Tim Delozier

    can the pre-sale tickets be purchased with paypal?

    • freddy


  • Alex Rangel

    Bassnectar just broke social media in CO :)

  • Callie Bass Princess

    Fellow bassheads are you ready to meet the Bass Princess?

    Thank you Lorin :)

    • Jody

      no thanks

      • Callie Bass Princess

        wheres the BNF love?

    • Lauren

      The? We are are bass princesses when Lo is throwin’ it down c:

      • Callie Bass Princess

        So True Sister, So True

  • dana

    how come it wont let me buy tickets?

  • Ditty

    pre sale starts @ 10 MST

  • Robby

    Does anybody know if there is a virtual line or if you just click the button at 10?

    • Brianna Shestack

      When you click the link to buy the tickets you will have to either sign into your Front Gate tickets account or create one. At 10 MTN a button should pop up enabling you to buy the ticket(s)!

  • Robby


  • 4zBerg

    once again, the red rocks pre sale sells out in a matter of seconds…

  • GT

    GA sold out in under 1 min. WTF did you guys have 10 tickets on there

  • Tommy

    DANG!!! Didn’t even last 1 refresh :((((( Hopefully the 8th wont be that insane too lol

  • Tay

    Crap was on right at 10 and the site kept giving me an error, therefore I could not get tix!

  • rob

    wow presales didn’t even last a minute :(

  • Dory


  • Dory


  • sugaree024

    that was a sick joke!!!!! THANK YOU LORIN! didn’t get them at noon but the email link sure did work :)))))))))

  • Brett McClelland

    got too search for a 2day pass then bamm, unavailable :(, right on the second too, damn shotty library cnxn :(, SEE YOU ON THE ROCKS FREAKS!!!! great minds think alike, suprise surpirse, frontgate phone operator: they went in milliseconds. FUCKIN’ RIGHT!!!

  • Griffin Mulvey-Hudson

    got my tix :) holy moses what if hype granny is there and we get a meet and greet @edbasscrw make it happen brotha :)

    • Juice

      I will bring my Siracha packet hunting hat

      • Griffin Mulvey-Hudson

        ill bring my good binoculars

  • Kyle

    Lorin/Crew, How many noise ordinances do you plan on absolutely DEMOLISHING this year? If you don’t get fined at least a quarter million $ or start a Red Rock Avalanche, the !BASS! just wasn’t loud enough.

  • Erik Trujillo

    yearrrrr four andddddd go!!!!

  • Zach

    So are there going to be any VIP tickets available on Saturday? Or were they all picked up during Wednesday’s pre-sale??? I just bought tix for both days on Live Nations pre-sale because I unfortunately didn’t have cash wednesday, but I would really like to buy VIP for one of the day’s off possible. Please let me know mods! Thanks

    • Chris Basscrew

      Yes they will be available on Saturday!

      • Zach

        Thank you much for the info Chris! Hope you and the Bass Fam are doing great! Can’t wait to hear the new tunes the mad man has in the works.

      • Zach

        Unfortunately, No VIP were available :( Sad day lol. Oh well, at least I scooped up some GA presales for both days

  • jose

    Went to nye360, and now first time at red rocks from miami, let’s do this!

  • ffbomb

    is it me or is his hair getting messier and messier with every show he does


    Driving from OKC once again to see this amazing, awe-inspiring performance and venue. Well worth the 700 mile trip!

  • basshead9

    how much will VIP be??

  • Duan Copeland

    Chris Basscrew, you said there would be more VIP tickets available today? Where can we find them?

    • Chris Basscrew

      Hey @duancopeland:disqus ! They were available, but they sold fast. VAVA VOOM

  • JON

    is it me or can noone else buy tickets right now

  • Taylor

    How can I buy VIP tickets??

  • kimmyk423

    Did tickets sell out already?? I can’t get them on Ticketmaster!

    • Amanda

      They sold out quick yo! Craigslist/StubHub… Keep trying!!! :)

      • colleen

        no stub hub please! We hate scalpers, they ruin it for the real fans like you. Keep scavenging Social media for a kind basshead with a face value ticket. Especially once it gets closer to show time people realize they can’t go anymore and sell for a fair price

        • Bassfreak2

          on stubhub there musta been over 10% of the all the RR tix on there. such BS. as much as i hate stubhub, you gotta do what you gotta do to go see bassnectar lol. i broke down and used stubhub for my first time ever.

          Did NOT expect tix to sell out so quickly

  • Ry-In

    Coming from MARYLAND. Can’t wait to see all you family members goin’ WILDSTYLE.

  • Jessica

    It says tickets are unavailable on ticketmaster ): I’m planning on coming from California to experience this greatness. Someone halp and tell me why it no let me buy a ticket~ D:<

    • Chris Basscrew

      They are sold out!

      • Amanda

        super sold out

  • Juan W

    Is it already sold out! My word

    • Griffin Mulvey-Hudson

      yup! my friend logged on like 30 seconds after the clock struck 12 and they werent available!

  • Amanda

    How long on Nectar sets usually at the Red Rocks? I heard he plays an extended set compared to his other shows

    • Nectar24

      He’ll play close to two and a half hours each night:)

      • Amanda

        Thanks Nectar24. See you there!! :)

  • 262bass

    So with these general admission Tickets I Assume Seating Is First Come First Serve? I am forced to turn to stubhub for tickets, making the LONG drive from WISCONSIN
    so I want to make sure I am getting a fair chance at seats for the HIGHer price.

    • Bassfreak2

      i feel you i had to break down and get stubhub tix too. its bullshit but its gonna be worth it in late may so whatever. and yes from what i understand RR is a first come first serve venue

    • MontanaB303

      Yah Red Rocks is all general admission, you find your spot when you get in there! Red Tocks is huge so you shouldn’t have any problem find a good spot, you can see from everywhere!!!

      • 262bass

        Excellent thank you that is reassuring! biggestbasshead is talking about sound ordinances being a possible issue? Is this something to be worried about?

        • MontanaB303

          They definitely have a sound ordinance and the bands get fined if they play past the time that’s allowed with the ordinance but I have seen a lot of bands play past the time at Red Rocks and when I saw Bassnectar last year there he played till 12:30ish, maybe even later(I think…haha) and he did say he was playing extended sets so I think he’ll be playin pretty late. Also, it is so loud up at the Rocks, i have never heard music as loud as I did last year when I saw him up there…my friends who live on the other side of venue a couple miles away said they were in their backyard and could hear thr music clear as day so I really wouldn’t be worried about the sound ordinance, in my opinion:) is this your first Red Rocks show then? Hope this helps…

          • 262bass

            Montana thanks for the help! It is our first RR show were making the LONG haul from Wisconsin for what will be our 9th and 10th bassnectar shows and we are waaaaaaay to GEEKED to come!!

          • MontanaB303

            Of course:) I’m from Illinois so I know all about that LONG drive out here but it will be well worth it! Bassnectar at Red Rocks will be so EPIC for your first show up there, it’s gonna be wild! Let me know if you need anything else or if you need anything when you get here you can hit me up on here and I’ll get back to you!

          • 262bass

            SICK we cant wait! Thank you for all your help, see you soon!

  • 262bass

    SICK! Thanks for the help, see you there!

  • Yourbiggestbasshead

    To the basscrew and lorin if possible: I have been to every event thrown at red rocks bu the crew and lorin and ive been more stoked every year since 2011… I am so excited to see you rescheduled this event again but DENVER has subscribed to new highly enforced sound policys this year and im afraid we will have the lack of bass we recieved in 2011, 2012 if not more penalization because the rules are so strictly enforced. “Bassnectar” living up to his name i have no doubt he wont push the limits but the rules have jaded my opinions about the venue itself.. Much love basscrew i know you’ll figure it out!!

    • Nectar24

      I saw these new rules in an article. Although from what it appears they are only enforced past midnight on weekdays and 1 am on weekends. Bassnectar ended before 1 the past 3 years. I might be wrong though since i didn’t see the full list of new rules. Where did you find this information?

    • Griffin Mulvey-Hudson

      BUMP! someone send this to lo :)

    • Kyle McCallum
  • Bird

    You are a healer of massive porportions, pollinating people with information. Thank you brother

  • Stefanie Marie

    Words can’t even describe how excited i am

  • pumpkin

    I’m looking for 2-day passes to this(or maybe single day tix) and want to know if they are hard copy? electronic? or just the presale are dif. than the other tix? I don’t want to get ripped off

    • Chris Basscrew

      What exactly is your question? Were you able to find tickets already?