September 23rd, 2016


Bassnectar - Night Owl Radio Episode 057

It’s been more than a minute since I did a Bassnectar Transmission (old school mixtapes are just so fucking F.U.N.) and then I got the call from Insomniac to sit in for Pasquale on his Night Owl Radio show, so he could take a vacation…

I put together several exclusive bits, plus a 30 minute continuous mix of customized versions and remixes and mashups, and a ton of unreleased remasters, plus some old tracks from THE VAULT, and most special to me: my very first record I ever bought as a starry-eyed raver the morning after my first rave in the universe – exxxxxxxxtremely roots 🙂

Feel free to have a listening party, share with your friends, please excuse my geeky-AF voice (it was so hard to hear on that mic, and i think i sound like a nimrod, but the show must go on!!!!!) and if nothing else, skip to the end so you can hear that classic cut of vinyl 🙂


1. Bassnectar – Bass Head
2. Bassnectar & G Jones – Mind Tricks
3. A$AP Rocky – LSD [Bassnectar Bootleg]
4. Bassnectar & Jantsen – Red Step
5. Eprom & Alesia – U Guessed It [Bassnectar Remix]
6. Levitate – God Status [Bassnectar Remix]
7. Benga – Dirty Face [Bassnectar Remix]
8. Reso – Spooky [Bassnectar Edit]
9. Bassnectar & ATLiens – Interlock
10. Joker – Midnight [Bassnectar Remix]
11. Lafa Taylor – Heaters [Bassnectar Remix]
12. Sibot – Row Row [Bassnectar Remix]
13. Aphrodite feat. Barrington Levy – All Over Me [FreQ Nasty Remix]
14. GrimeJah – Sinners
15. Gucci Mane – First Day Out Tha Feds [Bassnectar Version]
16. Marz Leon – Fire [Bassnectar Remix]
17. Bassnectar – Speakerbox
18. Beats Antique – Roustabout [Bassnectar Remix]
19. Kamanchi feat. Rodney P, Retna, Darrison & Tali – Sounds Of The Culture
20. iLL Gates – Ice Bucket [Bassnectar Remaster]
21. DJ Die & Interface – Bright Lights [Bassnectar Version]
22. TC feat. MC Jakes – Deep
23. Rusko – Bring it On [Bassnectar Remaster]
24. Raw As Fuck – Punks
25. EBE Audio – Energy


  • Hannah Cooper

    ooooh yeah

  • Lauren

    F.U.N. c:

  • chucktone11

    god dammmm shit is soooo volcannicccc!!

  • Joe Ryan

    This shit is ??? ??????

  • Joel

    a whole hour!? Hell yeah Lorin thanks!

  • Corbin Olzapfelh

    That was absolutely fire! Loved the old school new school and combine the two style!

  • Kathleen Marie Bennett


  • Lex Newtho


  • Philip Penner

    That was fun. Thank you Lorin!

  • Dave A Tylka

    Thats was A sick ASS mix man! For that I thank you!

  • ATXBasshead

    Track 14 or 15. That Fat Pat sample is killer!! RIP Fat Pat Texas legend!

  • Nicholas Kline

    Come play big dub. Skype badassraves

  • CharlieCarmichael

    OMG finally, the L$D bootleg. I’ve been searching, and searching.

    Heard it at Okeechobee..

    Thank you,

  • Anthony Jacobs

    I LOVE this. Digging the heavy, down-tempo cuts mixed with the HEAVIEST, NASTIEST beats that I have heard yet. You are taking this to 11. Thank you Loren!

  • Joshua

    I got, two cows
    one for the poo
    and one for the milk

    they go moo moo mooin
    counting stars and they moo moo mooin