September 5th, 2016


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NOCTURNAL WONDERLAND WAS EPIC! Thanks to the Insomniac crew for constantly going above & beyond with immersive production – it was stunning to behold! Much love to the So Cal mob and happy Labor Day! Heads up: our Halloween masquerade in Peoria goes on sale this week!!!!!

Photo by aLIVE Coverage.


  • Mitchell Majewski

    I was at this show. My first show ever seeing you was in Avila Beach Ca. 2012 (Which instantly led to the creation of my Loyalty) Then I saw you in Orlando, Florida at EDC 2015, then in Austin, TX at Euphoria 2015. This show was amazing. I just had to share somewhere and write to you what an impact your political piece during Killing In the Name Of had on me. No, I am not big on politics, nor do I go to these festivals to dabble in them what so-ever. It was just so refreshing to see the way you communicated it so artistically, yet so on point! I think we are all so sick of the ridiculous politics our current nation is run by we must run away from it all to these festivals and events just to get a breath of fresh air. At this event, your show was my breath of fresh air! Thank you for doing it right! Somehow tastefully getting your point across to 67,000 people ever so gently reminding us were more powerful together as a group of beautiful human beings wanting the same thing, then the ridiculous life sucking agenda and controversies fed to us by the media. I think we all have thoughts on how ridiculous the state of our nation is in whether it be politically, economically, or this biggest problem i think which is the feeling of not being able to do anything about it anymore. The feeling of not being able to have a voice somehow, or that my vote even means anything anymore due to scandal so why partake? The media and corrupt government has us all so disconnected from making change, or moving in the right direction it can be really discouraging at times. Anyway, my point to all this is, to get all these thoughts out, only to say THANK YOU! In a time when I don’t feel like i have a voice to express myself or make change you relay exactly what was on my mind to 67,000 people RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. It makes me feel like i am doing something by communicating to you what an impact it had on me, and to please keep doing what you are doing in the way you are doing it, because I feel the way people like YOU who invest their time putting forth Art, Music, Ideas, and Visions help to conceptualize a more beautiful world that I want to live in. So please keep doing what you are doing. It is so Beautiful and means so much. Thank you!

    • Chris Basscrew

      LOVE hearing this! Thanks for sharing Mitchell 🙂