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Sorry you’re at this page, but we’ll do everything we can to get you sorted out asap. We work with a few different partners so take a minute to find the right area you need help with to be sure you’re routed to the right people.


For questions/customer support for tickets please CLICK HERE and start by contacting our ticketing partners InTicketing to fill out a help ticket. If you purchased through a different ticket company please check your receipt for a customer support link. (If you can’t find you receipt please search your inbox and check your spam folder – 90% of people who say they didn’t receive an email confirmation find it in their spam folder.) If you have already done this and have not received a response, then let us know via the contact form below.

DO NOT EMAIL US ABOUT YOUR TICKETS UNTIL YOU HAVE TRIED TO CONTACT THE TICKET VENDOR. We get tons of contact emails and for most of them the ticket holder simply needs to contact the ticket vendor. And as a result we are slower to respond to more urgent requests where our help really is needed. So please speak to the ticketing company before contacting us – thanks!

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