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  • projectpat

    First off, I just want to say the history-making evolutionary journey that ‘Bassnectar’ has traversed the past decade is unbelievably phenomenal. Everything from the music to the production to the message keeps getting better and better. Hats off to Lorin and the crew. I know you guys are deep in the lab on a daily basis cooking up the best ideas for the shows and I just wanted to toss out two ideas into the mix, I know you guys probably get things like this all the time, but I know Lorin is always seeking refinement, progression and improvement and thought this could help..

    1) Ticket sales. Scalpers are rampant and practically unavoidable. Your crew makes proper use of the ‘fan club mailing list’. Why not use this mailing list to send out a pre-sale fanclub ticket PASSWORD? I believe this would heavily filter out unwanted ticket buyers and retain mostly the true fans seeking out these highly coveted tickets. Say you announced the small show spring tour on Feb. 4, and along with the announcement, email out a fanclub password that will only work for an allotted time.

    2) Last spring Vava Voom tour, you guys were presenting a slightly updated light setup with the thick LED V-shaped rig directly behind Lorin, and before the show, you guys would cover up the stage with a giant white curtain. Great anticipation building presentation. Now I haven’t seen this recently, but if you guys brought it up, you can throw up the curtain and then shine one of those Bassnectar amorphous emblem spotlights on it, kind of like a Batman signal. You can make the spotlight pulsate on-and-off before Lorin actually takes the stage to build anticipation even more. I noticed those Bassnectar amorphous emblem lights during this past NYE, and needless to say, they are awesome.

    Anyways, these are just two small things I wanted to share. Use em, tweak em, don’t use em, it’s whatever. Thank you guys, have a great day, and can NOT wait for these upcoming small shows.

    Athens, GA represent

    • Colleen

      thanks for the feedback projectpat :)

  • Brad

    I emailed the link posted on the ticketing support page about buying tickets for Track 29 during the presale but they replied and said they no longer sell tickets for you all so I was just trying to contact the right people. I placed an order for two tickets to Track 29 and entered all my info in and when confirming the purchase I was logged out, losing the two tickets. I just assumed this was due to the system overloading and my order was just completely cancelled, but after looking at my statement it appears as I have been charged for 2 tickets to Track 29, but I did not actually receive the tickets or a confirmation email, just a charge on my credit card.

    • Ed Basscrew

      Hi Brad – I’m sending you an email about this now. I’m not 100% clear on who you purchased tickets from. If you purchased from Track 29 then they will need to assist you with your purchase from them, even though they are now sold out of tickets – that’s them being weird. Anyway, reply to my email and we will get you sorted out!

  • Brad

    PS I wish I could be there to support Lorin by attending his live acts, and am a long time fan of his and Im trying my hardest to find these tickets elsewhere so that I can continue to support him, so I would greatly appreciate any help or time you give to me, and whether I end up receiving the tickets or a refund I will still continue to support him in any way that I can. Lorin has truly inspired me in so many ways and has shown me another lifestyle and culture that I have come to take on as my own. His music and live shows are a way for me to truly express myself and for just one night to be completely free. I hope that I can still get these tickets or find them somewhere else but regarldess I wish Lorin the best and will still support him in any other ways that I can.

    • Ed Basscrew

      Thanks Brad, check your inbox for an email, need some more info from you about your purchase.

  • Callie S. Oppertshauser

    I first discovered Bassnectar back in my sophomore year of high school in 2007. On my friends MySpace (yes, MySpace), he had the first version that I remember of “Bomb the Blocks”. It was the sickest thing I had ever heard at that time. There was no vocals, and the sound was a lot different than what the song is now. I can not find it anywhere online and it is no longer of MySpace. Is there anywhere I can find this? I know I am going back a long way, but it was the first Bassnectar song I ever heard, and that sound is something I would love to hear again. I can’t wait to see if its possible to find!!! Thank you!

    • amkane

      There is a version of Bomb the Blocks is on Underground Communication. Check it out here:

      Is that the version you are looking for?

      • Callie S. Oppertshauser

        Thank you for replying. No this is not the same version. I know it is Bomb the Blocks that I am searching for, but it might be one of the first recordings of it. They have to have it saved somewhere haha There were no vocals by Persia.

  • Jose Calcagno

    Hello Lorin and Bass crew, I’m trying to contact you in regards to your fan club mailing list and advanced tickets? How can I join? I can’t seem to find anywhere (sorry my English is not so good)

    • Ed Basscrew

      Greetings Jose! Anyone can buy our presale tickets – all the links are up on this page – – just be ready on Wednesday at 12:00pm EST / 3:00pm PST as they can go in a matter of minutes if not seconds!

      • Colleen

        oops, ed beat me to it :)

      • Jose Calcagno

        Thankyou for the reply I will be waiting on Wednesday to buy tickets! Fall tour must hurry!

    • Colleen

      hey jose, to be added to our fan club/mailing list just enter you can just look to the right of this page –>

      and there is a download link for the song “ugly,” just enter your email over there, download the song, and you’ll automatically be added to our mailing list and get fan club updates

      our advanced tickets are the first ones to go on sale and you can buy them as long as you’re quick enough! links for advanced tickets and the on-sale dates/times are listed on the webpage for each show, you can access those here —

      also, if you have any further questions, i can continue in either spanish, italian, or portuguese, if any of those happen to be your mother tongue :)

      • Jose Calcagno

        I put in my e-mail already and I will be waiting 12 on Wednesday for tickets! Gracias!!

        • Colleen

          un placer, cariño! que te lo pases super bien!
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          I put in my e-mail already and I will be waiting 12 on Wednesday for tickets! Gracias!!

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  • Ben

    I know I sound a little childish, but I really need a reply :(

    I’m going to attend the show in Lincoln, NE on September 27th, and I have tried to explain the best I can to my parents that Lorin’s shows are safe (isn’t that why most of his shows are all ages?) A quick explanation as to why the all ages shows are safe would be awesome! Thank you! sorry if that’s confusing

    • Colleen

      hey ben! not confusing at all. i think a bassnectar show is the best show for you to be at, especially if your parents are concerned about your age. bassnectar is easily the top EDM act that actively supports health and community at live shows. we have ambassadors at every show who literally work their way in and out of the crowd to give people free water, make sure everyone is okay, feeling happy, having a good time, healthy, and safe, plus our security. plus our all ages shows tend to start earlier and be out by midnight (sometimes later). usually there is a diverse crowd at all ages shows, as the name suggests, people of all ages. you wouldn’t be out of place, and everyone is very friendly :)

      hope this helps!

      • Ben

        Thank you! Very helpful :)

  • K.

    Hey! I just wanna double check because I’m getting different answers from different sources so I just want to make sure. To get “fan club wristbands” we don’t have to necessarily have to join the mailing list? We just need to buy the advanced tickets when they first come out? And that insures us a wristband in the morning of the concert? Or do I still need to be at the venue six hours in advanced and wait in line to get a wristband to get on the floor…
    Also, at the night of the concert when doors first open, fan clubs get a separate line from GA so they don’t have to wait as long?

    • Ed Basscrew

      Our presale tickets are available to anyone, no need to be on a mailing list (that’s just the best way to find out about them).

      There’s no special entry for presale tickets – these are normal tickets but we make them available early and with the lowest possible fees.

      Wristband policy depends on the show – which one are you inquiring after?

  • Phil

    A long-winded thank you and note of appreciation, hopefully it doesn’t fall on deaf ears:

    Life for me has always seemed like a slow constant evolution of events; there were never many single events that happened to me that I can look back on and say “this single thing changed me in a major way.” But the Bassnectar project is one exception to that rule for me, and it has made me an infinitely more happy, creative, energetic, empathetic, and generous person. I vividly remember the first time hearing Bassnectar in my friend’s car in September of 2010 (maybe a bit late to the scene compared to others, but better late than I never) when he played the “Where is My Mind” remix. I instantly fell in love and was immediately hooked on the sound. I got sucked into the music scene so quickly and heavily that it rocked my world.

    At that time I was starting my fist semester at my third college. I had a bit of a weird start to my college career due to some minor medical issues that were out of my control, but caused a bit of turbulence no less. I was also at a period in my life where I was having a bit of an identity crisis. I have always lived a privileged life–I come from a wealthy and loving family with little tragedy in my life to speak of. I was always very popular throughout school and while my parents didn’t “spoil” me necessarily, like some of my other wealthy peers, I pretty much had most material possessions that an adolescent could ask for. However, I always felt like my relationships with friends, try as I might, were always superficial and only real on the surface. I constantly yearned for deep and meaningful relationships that I just couldn’t seem to find in people. Similar to Lorin’s own story, and many other people in the EDM world, I suspect, I started to find those people in the music scene. Bassnectar was the first artist I had ever wanted to see. I always heard of how incredible his shows were. But, as it goes with touring, you can’t always see all your favorite artists all the time. My first show was Pretty Lights, then Rusko, then Skrillex, and finally, Bassnectar–at Camp Bisco no less, an incredible and magical place. In the three years since first discovering Bassnectar, I’ve been to 7 shows, with the latest being Basslights Miami, which was my favorite to date (though that’s hard to say, since each show rocks me in a unique and different way).

    One of the things that has become somewhat of a motto for me that came out of an interaction with some really cool girls that I met on my way to see Bassnectar for the first time at Camp Bisco is “You’re Doing Great!” ( – I hope this doesn’t come off as a commercial plug, that’s not my intention. To date I have made $0 off of that website. Instead it’s just become another positive motto in my life, especially the shirts which my friends and I like to frequently wear at festivals and shows).

    Since getting sucked into the music scene, thanks to the Bassnectar crew, my life has been so much more fulfilling. I’m finishing up my last semester at college, and I’m still that popular guy, but for reasons that I take much more pride in. I’ve been approached by many people: friends and random college acquaintances, who frequently tell me of how much they enjoy my energy, generosity, kindness, and genuineness. 95% of my closest and dearest friends that I have deep and meaningful relationships with I have met within the last three years, since I first heard Bassnectar, either directly or indirectly as a result of the music scene.

    Not only that, having dabbled as a hobbyist DJ and VJ, I can see how much time, energy, and passion goes into making a project like Bassnectar successful. There is not a single person in the music industry that I respect more than Lorin. Not only for his incredible productions and events, but also for his philosophy, passion, and immensely positive vibes. Because of it, I am completely immersed in a world of music that I do my utmost best to share with as many people as possible, in the same way that my good friend shared “Where is My Mind” with me. Nowadays, few things make me happier than seeing the look of joy on a friend’s face after bringing him/her to his/her first show. For that, I thank Lorin and his entire crew. No doubt, he must be surrounded by an incredible team to grow and maintain the project into what it has become today. Often we hear of stories of tragedy and sometimes the miraculous responses to such tragedies, but sometimes the ordinary ones can seem more amazing. In a case where I already had everything I should want or need by societal standards, I found something much more meaningful.

  • Deatria Cameron

    Hi. Of course, I have some serious Bass-love. And in honor of a deep desire to create some serious shifts on this beautiful blue planet, I’m seeking support -in whatever ways Lorin and the Basscrew would see fit (with mutual Bliss as a necessity and center). -I’m doing some campaigning for creating living communities that function in evolutionary ways, hold all arts as sacred and supported, and give outreach to assist in a blissed-out, world of Thriving. My Facebook page is now up. If Lorin, the Basscrew, and/or Bassfamily feel to co-create/support in some way – super fabulous. Here’s my project info: The waves of a New Year are already beginning. If you feel a call in your heart to support my labor of Love and Divine Calling, oh how electrified I am!!! The fundraising web page will be up shortly, for living a freaking amazing dream in 2014, starting with Taos, NM!

  • Emily

    hello there! I just had a general question about the merchandise – for the skull sweatshirt, i’m looking to purchase this but wasn’t sure about the size since i’m a female, 120 pounds 5’5 normal build, what size would fit best, small? thank you!

    • Chris Basscrew

      Hi @disqus_78AlnJDVfk:disqus :) I believe a Small should fit you just fine. Hope this helps!

    • Chris Basscrew

      Hi Emily :) I believe a Small should fit you just fine. Hope this helps!