January 19th, 2016


Bassnectar @ Mysteryland USA 2016Taking our first trip to Mysteryland USA this summer!

For more info visit www.mysteryland.us or click below for all ticket options, on sale now!

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January 12th, 2016


Bassnectar presents Bass Center 2016 - Colorado

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It’s been a wild ride since the first Bass Center back in 2010…

Originally designed to be special regional gatherings – travel destinations with a ‘come one come all’ atmosphere – the Bass Center events have become a traveling circus; the flagship shows of our tours, and a chance to go above & beyond and make things more special and adventurous than ever before. After Madison Square Garden, I wasn’t sure how much higher we could go but now, after months and months and monnnnnths of work behind the scenes we are bursting with excitement to announce:

Bass Center 2016

Starting this year, we will deliver the Bass Center as an annual weekend special event, featuring expanded lineups, enhanced production, and as many special fx and magical extras as we can manage. Bass Center 2016 returns to Colorado where it all began with the most intense lineup we have ever assembled, featuring Flux Pavilion, Wu-Tang Clan, Flying Lotus, Porter Robinson, Lupe Fiasco, Alunageorge, Minnesota, G Jones, Dabin & Thriftworks, plus each night will feature an extended Bassnectar set. We will feature two Camping Villiages (affectionately nicknamed The Shire & Narnia) which will offer limited camping for the hardcores who basically want to arrive on Friday and not leave until Sunday. Stay tuned for more details, as well as multiple official after-parties offsite throughout the weekend, and join us as we take over Colorado for a midsummer night’s lucid dream.
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January 7th, 2016


Bassnectar - Diverse Systems Of Throb & Mesmerizing The Ultra

The response to our Bassnectar Chocolate was overwhelming – all bars sold out instantly. Now that all 5 Golden Tickets have been found, we are set to unleash the second batch: hand-crafted, vegan, fair trade, and utterly delicious.

In collaboration with Dessert Medicine & Yes Cacao, each bar of Bassnectar Chocolate can be broken into 2 halves and shared with a friend or loved one. Or you can use it to make a new friend.

Hidden inside 5 of these bars are Golden Tickets, granting the winner 2 VIP full-weekend passes (plus camping) to Bass Center 2016. We are releasing this strictly limited run of chocolate bars TODAY, available exclusively from our online store from Noon PST.

NOTE: This is a new contest – you can re-enter even if you already purchased a chocolate bar from the last round.

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December 26th, 2015


Bassnectar - Diverse Systems Of Throb & Mesmerizing The Ultra

About 15 years ago, at the turn of the millennium, I began working on some music which felt both futuristic and innovative, as well as deeply rooted in sounds I had heard in my favorite songs from artists all over the world. It was a heartfelt art project, all for fun, all about the love. I had been studying electronic music at school for 5 years or so, and DJing mostly at underground raves, free full-moon gatherings, and festivals like Burning Man, Shambhala, etc. The word “Bassnectar” was the name I chose for my “band” …it was (and is) my art project. It was not (and is not) the name of a human. It’s the moniker I chose to name the music and art I was creating.

As songs and ideas began to develop, and my informal DJ mixes (mixtapes) grew exponentially more customized, I started realizing I was actually writing albums, not mixes. There was no record label who understood the ‘genres’ I was making (perhaps because I named the genre “omni-tempo maximalism” which meant basically “I can do anything I want, and there are no musical rules”) and no touring infrastructure for DJs in North America at the time, and quite frankly no actual “fanbase” – basically just a growing scene of friends and family, comprised of freaks and artists and collaborative minds who gravitated toward a sound that didn’t really have a home or a face…

The first actual collection of music which I felt was “an album” was ‘Motions Of Mutation’ [2001] …and it was basically a super-deluxe mixtape of remixes & bootlegs, mashups & collaborations, and a few original tracks (many of which were just complex, seething sonic collages of found material with added beats & FX). I worked with my friend Volo (who helped me design the first bassnectar.net website in 1998, and sat patiently with me as I/we obsessed over all the artwork and cover art) to design the cover art of Motions of Mutation: that visual process mirrored my sonic process, as I was taking/sampling images of other collages from my friends (in most cases Darrah Danielle foundfables.com) and then editing and remixing them digitally and layering the F*CK out of everything. I pressed up 1,000 CDs, posted the MP3s for free on my website, and gave everything away. This continued for a while, and soon I had another new album.

I called this ‘Diverse Systems of Throb’ …it was over 15 tracks of all styles, speeds, genres, and attitudes, and was woven together with vocal samples from innovative thinkers and activists like Noam Chomsky, Mumia Abu Jamal, Fred Hampton Sr, Michael Rupert, and even included a recorded radio broadcast of Laura Flanders (working assets radio) and cuts of spoken word I got from friends like Andres Octavio and Scott Smith. Again, I had no label to release it, so I just did it myself. And my ‘career’ as a touring musician and obsessive music producer was suddenly squeezed as I began an additional full-time career as struggling independent record label. I would ride my bike around the playa at Burning Man with a basket full of the CDs and either give them away or leave them in pretty places with notes for whoever would find them. I tried to sell them, but it was more important to me that the music was heard so if someone couldn’t afford it I would rather they have it. I could not find any press to cover it or help me promote it, minus a few brave underground sources… I think this was before Myspace existed… this was a lot of email lists and hand-to-hand musical combat :)

As all this was happening, the alternative scenes of the West Coast underground were expanding, in large part thanks to Burning Man and Shambhala, as well as the remnants of the rave scene, the constant and nonstop work of all the free-party families like Moontribe, 13 Moontribe, Spaceship Gaia, and countless others. This was not the over-commercialized “EDM scene” you see today. This was not the mass-marketed ‘mainstream pop’ where DJs are glamorized glory stars. Instead there were legions of committed, hardworking humans and artists and social rejects whose art form was “The Scene” – it wasn’t an industry, it existed both as art, and also as a political celebration of rejecting the norm and going outside the bounds of conventional concerts and American pastimes. It was DIY, punk-rock, and beautiful.

The DJs were usually just as involved in throwing the events, scouting the locations, working the door, helping park cars, pass out fliers. Nobody got paid. Nobody was charged anything. And while that isn’t very sustainable, and while there were many downsides and caveats, the music was a reflection of this time: pure and authentic, unpopular and raw. I made this music because I was in love with it… so in love with I could cry, and so in awe of it I had no choice but to sit in the studio for months on end letting it flow in and out of me. I felt like a slave to it, and simultaneously a master of it.

Ironically, I still have the exact same relationship to music now as then, I just had to add on more and more full-time jobs to keep up with everything… eventually I was working 90 hours a week, and playing over 200 shows a year, and felt like I was moving at the speed of light. And everything I was making/remixing/composing/recording/producing back then felt like writing in my journal. (Making music today feels identical to making it back then, even if it sounds different to someone else. It’s just a natural creation and an honest reflection, and even if it’s for sale on iTunes now, its still a gift from my heart.)

As ‘Diverse Systems of Throb’ (DSOT) was throbbing away I was gushing ideas regularly, and soon had a second album, called ‘Mesmerizing The Ultra’ (MTU). I had been heavily influenced by the trip hop and acid jazz artists of the 90s and all the ambient/chill room music which was so prevalent then. Additionally, the balance between ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ was of extreme importance… songs which could go from pulverizing to enchanting, or which could swing between energetic extremes. To me, the album is a journey where each song’s personality works off the previous song, and sets up the next one. Including input and collaboration from so many like STS9, HDC & KRS One, Michael Kang, Sayr, FreQ Nasty, Sunru, Buckethead, and a zillion other friends & musicians… this album was a family affair, and a reflection of a sound & movement which was both sacred to us, yet off-radar to the masses. It was very heartfelt and very special (and still is, to me).

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December 8th, 2015


Bassnectar Chocolate


Thank you for your overwhelming support for our Bassnectar Chocolate / Golden Ticket initiative. Yes, Bass Center 2016 is in the works! We’ll have some more news on that front coming your way soon :)

There was a script error with Shopify yesterday that allowed some folks to buy more than 1 chocolate bar, which was a glitch and against the contest rules. The oompa loompas are working to refund those that purchased multiple bars and they will only be shipped the first they bought. We believe in making things as fair as possible, so we appreciate your understanding if you purchased multiple bars.

The remaining bars will be put back on sale and will be available tomorrow at 12 PM PST here: www.bassnectar.net/store Happy hunting!!!!!

Bassnectar Chocolate
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December 7th, 2015


Bassnectar Chocolate

Bassnectar ChocolateThere’s something special about chocolate. Not milky, whack chemical mass-produced stuff; but pure, organic, hand-crafted chocolate: it’s magical and other-worldly. The cacao used in our brand new Bassnectar Chocolate is sourced from wild harvesters throughout the Ecuadorian Andes. This cacao is also certified organic.

Today we are unveiling our first offering, available now as a limited edition run. Each bar can be broken into two squares so you can share this with a loved one as a gift; either for the holidays, or simply because you love them : )

To make it even more fun, we have a special surprise for 5 lucky chocolate lovers. Hidden inside 5 of these bars are Golden Tickets, each offering free admission to next year’s ‘Bass Center 2016’ (2 x full VIP passes)… more info to follow on that!

But for now, enjoy Bassnectar Chocolate for the first time! Limit one bar per order, available only at www.bassnectar.net/store

Bassnectar Chocolate
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December 2nd, 2015


Basslights 2015 - Bassnectar + Pretty Lights in Hampton VAROLL UP, ROLL UP!
Announcing the full lineup for BASSLIGHTS 2015! And welcoming some special guests who will be joining us in the mothership…

Pretty Lights
Manic Focus
Marvel Years

Pretty Lights
Break Science
Son of Kick

Both nights are SOLD OUT but if you’re looking to get a ticket please don’t get scalped like a sucka – only buy face-value tickets from other fans or dedicated marketplaces like CashOrTrade!

And if you have a ticket going spare, how about gifting it and making a new friend? #RandomActsOfKindness FTW :)

More info here, or consult the Bass Network:


November 18th, 2015


assnectar @ Paradise Lost 2016Float on a cloud called Okeechobee: we are returning to Florida as part of our Spring Vacation, March 4-6.

These will be one of our only stops of the Spring as we otherwise hunker down in the bunker, working hard on new creations and preparing for a milestone summer with you all…

For more info visit okeechobeefest.com/ or click below for all ticket options.

Click here for tickets

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