March 23rd, 2017


Bassnectar at Ever After 2017ZOOM TO CANADA!

We’re kicking off a weekend of bass music insanity in Ontario on June 2 @ Ever After Festival! This lineup is *HEAVY WEIGHT*! Bring ear plugs! bring diapers… have a blast! 🙂

Get more info at everafterfest.com or click below for tickets.
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March 20th, 2017


Bassnectar at Dancefestopia 2017!DFT TAKEOVER!

Saturday September 9th: We will be touching down in Kansas City for our 2nd year at Sugar Creek. I love the vibe, camped out in the middle of the city with the bass blasting until sunrise!

Kansas City and Midwest bass heads: get ready 🙂

Get more info at dancefestopia.com or click below for tickets.
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March 6th, 2017


Bassnectar presents Bass Center X - Hampton VA

September 1-3, 2017
Hampton Coliseum – Hampton, VA

OH YES: for the tenth event in this very special series, we are bringing Bass Center to the Mothership for three nights of magical pandemonium!!!

Click here for tickets

Click here for VIP Tickets and Travel Packages

Bassnectar will be playing each night alongside a diverse cast of musical guests including Cashmere Cat, Dan Deacon, Mr. Carmack, CloZee, Tsuruda, Bleep Bloop, Shlump, Son of Kick, and CharlesTheFirst.

We have big plans for this one – three days means UNLIMITED possibilities! We will be bringing our special-event-mainstay features like The Haven with ambient DJs, yoga & massage therapists, free juice & water, and an interactive gift altar, so you will have sanctuary and chill space. PLUS, we’ll be assembling a massive Ambassador squad to welcome you, make sure you have all you need to have a safe and healthy experience: connecting bass heads from all over the country with tons of games, art projects, and ways to make new friends : )

We’ll also be unveiling “The Lot” in Hampton! This is an enhanced gathering space outside the venue with renegade sound systems, pop-up arts & crafts faire, and guest performances. Bring your arts, your crafts, your freak flag, your tailgating vibes, and participate fully. We’ll have more info to share soon, and if you want to participate, perform, or bring an art installation of some kind, as always please hit up the Bass Network to let them know. They will be working hard to coordinate rideshares, ‘bass head hotels’, and help you plan your best possible weekend.

We’re going all wonka for the 10th edition of Bass Center: The Mothership is our Chocolate Factory! We want to transform Hampton Coliseum and create our own Magical World. There will be expanded spaces to roam, opening up the entire venue to every human, with immersive production and the thickest, most all-engulfing sound imaginable.

Plan to blast off like never before : )

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March 1st, 2017


Bassnectar - Dollar Per Bass Head 2017Give the gift of giving!

The concept behind $/BH is that we put a dollar for every ticket sold into a charity fund [Le Bass Banc] and then we donate to charities, organizations & nonprofits which do amazing things to support health, community, family. They exist to enrich the lives of others, so we support them: you can find out more about these awesome programs, and possibly get involved with them on a deeper level through volunteering or spreading the word!

This year we are focusing on campaigns which offer emotional care and support to people who are struggling, feel alone or depressed, and which promote positive interactions both online and offline. You could say we are focusing on anti-bullying, but ‘bully’ is almost too narrow of a word… it confines the mind to the image of an oversized 5th grader teasing some 2nd graders on a playground. In reality, human interaction can be cruel, ruthless, brutal and horrifying – even in simple social media, online, in everyday life…

In addition to encouraging ‘random acts of kindness’, and urging people to ‘treat others as you want to be treated’ – we want to go a step further by highlighting organizations which face these issues head on with positive results. Life is so short, and each moment flashes by so quickly: you have a choice in every moment regarding how you are going to spend your time, how you are going to behave in public, and how you are going to make other people feel. We want to see positive change in how humans interact, and we hope you will join us in exploring and supporting these awesome organizations.

For this chapter of $/BH we are taking $50,000 which YOU have helped us raise at shows, and will disperse it out by showcasing each organization in turn, then letting you vote for the one closest to your heart: the org with the most votes will get $20k, the 2nd will get $10k, and the other 4 will get $5k each. Everybody gets something supportive, and everyone gets a bit more educated on positive change. Just click here to begin!

We make these donations on your behalf, in honor of all the positive energy and love that you bring to our community. Thank you for participating 🙂

– Lorin



February 27th, 2017


Bassnectar at Oregon Eclipse 2017WEST COAST! I am delighted to return to the gorgeous Pacific Northwest for the Oregon Eclipse – a once in a lifetime experience hosted by Symbiosis Gathering – August 17-23.

See you in the summer 🙂

Get more info at
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Camp Bisco 2017

February 23rd, 2017


Bassnectar at Camp Bisco 2017CAMP BISCO!!! We are returning for our 9th inning at this freak fest in the boondocks – this year’s theme is fluffy bunnies, dazzling unicorns, and immortal dolphins (:

Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 12pm EST

Get more info at
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February 22nd, 2017


Bassnectar - Grand Rapids 2016
Hello Earthlings : )

2017 is starting to take shape, and we wanted to provide you with a little sneak peak at the year ahead…

This Spring will see the release of some new music! In addition to a new mixtape, various collaborations & remixes which have been making the rounds will be available shortly: “Interlock” with ATLiens [on OWLSA], my remix of Buku‘s “Front To Back” [on Spinnin], a drum&bass collaboration with Dirtyphonics featuring the Ragga Twins called “Watch Out” [on Monstercat] and some other TBA shenanigans involving Noisia, Dorfex Bos, and others… Plus 2 new collaborative projects: a collab with G Jones, and a new side-project called NAUX FAUX which is an old-school psychedelic downtempo project I created with my longtime buddy Sayr (from “Enter The Chamber” and “Grampa Slams” back in the dayyyyy). More info on all of that in the weeks to come.

Our surprise Atlantic City event sold out faster than you can say “underground” …and we got permission to move walls around and create space for even more Bass Heads. The venue is customizable and we have spec’d out an unbelievable temple for our second ceremony in this “family gathering” series! We designed this expanded event after Basslanta last year… taking over a non-traditional venue and creating an indoor wonderland themed off the underground warehouse parties of the late ‘90s – everyone unified on one floor, no big stage for a DJ, just killer sound, interactive light and art everywhere, and beautiful people in all directions.

“Music is the Drug” has emerged as one of my favorite intentions for this year. Honoring our precious nervous systems and finding a balance between having as much fun as possible, while still being as safe and careful as possible with your once-in-a-lifetime gift: your life! Each year, while seasoned festival veterans have no problem exploring the outer realms, new people enter the scene and are not always as careful as they should be. The Bassnectar Team is committed to making our events as safe and friendly as possible, with an expanded Ambassador Program, sanctuary spaces like The Haven available to anyone who wants to chill, enhanced health & medical teams who are kind and sensitive, enough free water to end the California drought, and an ever-growing checklist of all the best ideas in the universe for how to promote safety and good health, while having the time of our lives. And this is a team effort! While we encourage a year-round approach of giving back and sharing random acts of kindness, we also encourage each and every person to look out for those around them, practice the Golden Rule, and go out of their way to help enhance the experience of others. Together we can create magic : )

Speaking of magic, festival season is right around the corner, and we have a road map of excellent adventures in store for you, some of which are springtime events, and many of which are not yet announced. Since we moved our “family gathering” concept out of Atlanta and over to Atlantic City for 2017, expect something RIDICULOUSLY SPECIAL for ATL toward the end of the year…

…and as for all you fortunetellers trying to predict when the next Bass Center will be, let’s just say it will be spread across 3 days, on one of the largest 3-day holiday weekends of the year…

Lastly: in the coming weeks, we will kick off our next installment of $/BH (Dollar Per Bass Head) where we rally the funds gathered from our shows and funnel them back into the community in support of organizations who are dedicated to improving the lives of those in need. As always, we will be asking for your help in deciding how to distribute the funds, so that you can take part in allocating the money that you helped raise : )

Stay tuned for for more announcements and details soon…

much love!!
Lorin & The Bassnectar Team


February 12th, 2017


Bassnectar - Atlantic City 2017

Basslantic City: Another Bassnectar Family Gathering

April 28+29 – Downtown Atlantic City – Secret Location to be revealed at deep o’clock…

Following the smash success of our underground Basslanta event in Atlanta last September, we are bringing the concept up to all you friends & freaks in the North East – our first special event in the area since Madison Sq Garden in October 2014!

Click here for tickets

Click here for tickets

Just like Atlanta, we have found an amazing room which is just perfect for this experience: one room, one floor, secret location, no seats, sweat dripping from the ceiling… We are going back to our roots: the underground parties of the ‘90s : )

The theme is ‘creativity’ and we beckon you to join us in co-creating a one-of-a-kind experience – the intention is not to put on a “show” – but to gather from far and wide under one roof: a destination weekend event that is truly a family affair!

So if you’re local to Atlantic City then we encourage you to invite your friends from out of town and pull out the sleeping bags. Last September many of you took over the local hotels and made them your home for the weekend – this time around the Bass Network crew will be working overdrive to help coordinate rideshares and hotel packages, and generally bending over backwards to help make your weekend magical AF.

This event is wide-open to you to participate on a creative level, so start planning your costume, your alter-ego, your team’s theme, or anything else you think would be fun to add into the mix. ALSO! With the delightful evolution of The Haven (our in-house sanctuary and Ambassador hub) we will ask each of you to bring a gift for the altar – this can be something nice you want to share, a letter or intention, a piece of art, or even your own prayer for what you hope to see in your life or the lives of others.

Music is the drug: come for the music, come for the community, come because you love yourself and your nervous system, and you want to celebrate life and give thanks for your health. Come because you want to share your enthusiasm for life with others. And, most importantly, come because you want to give back to those around you : )

Tickets go on sale this week, and like last time, this event will sell out quickly. Please rally your people and be prepared: we want to avoid scalpers as much as we can!

Bassnectar - Atlantic City 2017Limited Presale Tickets go up Wednesday Feb 15 @ 12pm EST PRESALES ARE SOLD OUT!

>> General Tickets go on sale Thursday Feb 16 @ 12pm EST

>> Premium VIP Experiences are available NOW via our partners at CID

>> Travel Packages are also available now from CID

(VIP Package and Hotel info follows.)


Click here for tickets

Click here for tickets

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