April 18th, 2017


Freestyle Sessions - Colorado - 2017

And now for something completely different…


July 7, 8 & 9 – 2017

You are invited to join us in a new experiment as we flip the script, reach back into the vault, and let the music take control. We are taking over a room in colorado, removing the stage, building a little dj booth for various humans to jam out inside of, while you can get lost in the crowd. close your eyes, put your phone away. stop texting, stop tweeting, stop thinking. don’t take pictures, don’t try and record the moment. don’t sit at home and watch this on youtube, come experience it live, the way dance parties used to feel, the way house parties feel, the way it feels to be out in the middle of nowhere just vibing on good sound. The music can be anything we want it to be, but please don’t come expecting anything: we don’t fux with your expectations, we wanna have F.U.N. – throwback jams into the acid jazz and downtempo trip-hop of the ’90s, old school funk and soul and experimental hip-hop, futuristic bass music, unreleased tracks never played before, and old classics which we haven’t heard in years… and everything in between. everything plus the kitchen sink… or maybe not. or maybe so. who knows? just come to have fun, bring your friends, close your eyes and let your body move : )

Tickets go on sale this Friday, April 21 at 10am MTN!

This is an All Ages show.
There is no presale for this event.
GA Floor Tickets and GA Bowl Tickets will be available as two separate ticket types.
VIP Packages are also available.

Click here for tickets

Click here for tickets

July 7 tickets:
July 8 tickets:
July 9 tickets:
VIP Packages:

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April 12th, 2017


Bassnectar presents Bass Center X - Hampton VA

We have wrapped up another round of Dollar Per Bass Head and here are the results!

For the first time in $BH history, we have a first-place tie… So we are splitting the 1st and 2nd place funds between the two.

Democracy Now! – gets $15k
Boys And Girls Club Of America – gets $15k

And then our runners up each get $5k:
Cyber Civil Rights Initiative
Kind Campaign
Love Is Louder
The Trevor Project

If you voted, thank you for taking time to engage with these issues – and if you were inspired by the nonprofits we highlighted this year, please visit their websites via the links below to learn more about how you can support. Even if you don’t have time or money to spare, you can still spread their message through your own actions and with the people around you.
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April 4th, 2017


Bassnectar - Atlantic City 2017 AfterpartyAnnouncing our official Atlantic City Afterparty *SCENARIO*!

We are taking over The Playground Pier on April 28+29 for late-night shenanigans aplenty with this lineup running until dawn : )

This is a 21+ event.

Doors open at midnight.

Tickets for the people available now at the link below!

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March 28th, 2017


Ambassadors 2017

The Ambassadors are a group of individuals who have realized their capacity to make a difference in their local communities, the Bassnectar Community, and beyond.

The Ambassador Program is not a fan club; this is a place for like-minded individuals to come together and figure out how we can contribute to the vibrant community we are a part of, and how to spread this vibrancy to the world at large.

Being an Ambassador means tapping into your most creative, helpful, empathetic, and enthusiastic self. Ambassadors break down barriers between strangers, encourage community interaction, and inspire those around them to look out for one another – at shows/festivals, in everyday life, and in the digital world. This is one giant group of selfless, like-minded individuals gathered to provide new and ever-lasting experiences for those around us.

“Being an ambassador IS NOT about working at a show, it’s NOT about wearing a white shirt, and passing out water…… it’s about incorporating these values into your life and expressing them outward (values like love, kindness, health, respect, creativity, treating others as you want to be treated, honoring family and friendship, thinking critically, etc)” – Lorin Ashton

If you would like to join our team, please fill out the application below! Take your time, be thorough, and most importantly BE YOURSELF – we will review these applications and bring on new team members monthly. If you’ve applied to the program in the past, please feel free to apply again!

Thanks (:

– The Bass Network Team

Ambassadors 2017

Ambassadors 2017

Ambassadors 2017


March 23rd, 2017


Bassnectar at Ever After 2017ZOOM TO CANADA!

We’re kicking off a weekend of bass music insanity in Ontario on June 2 @ Ever After Festival! This lineup is *HEAVY WEIGHT*! Bring ear plugs! bring diapers… have a blast! 🙂

Get more info at or click below for tickets.
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March 20th, 2017


Bassnectar at Dancefestopia 2017!DFT TAKEOVER!

Saturday September 9th: We will be touching down in Kansas City for our 2nd year at Sugar Creek. I love the vibe, camped out in the middle of the city with the bass blasting until sunrise!

Kansas City and Midwest bass heads: get ready 🙂

Get more info at or click below for tickets.
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March 6th, 2017


Bassnectar presents Bass Center X - Hampton VA

September 1-3, 2017
Hampton Coliseum – Hampton, VA

OH YES: for the tenth event in this very special series, we are bringing Bass Center to the Mothership for three nights of magical pandemonium!!!

Click here for tickets

Click here for VIP Tickets and Travel Packages

Bassnectar will be playing each night alongside a diverse cast of musical guests including Cashmere Cat, Dan Deacon, Mr. Carmack, CloZee, Tsuruda, Bleep Bloop, Shlump, Son of Kick, and CharlesTheFirst.

We have big plans for this one – three days means UNLIMITED possibilities! We will be bringing our special-event-mainstay features like The Haven with ambient DJs, yoga & massage therapists, free juice & water, and an interactive gift altar, so you will have sanctuary and chill space. PLUS, we’ll be assembling a massive Ambassador squad to welcome you, make sure you have all you need to have a safe and healthy experience: connecting bass heads from all over the country with tons of games, art projects, and ways to make new friends : )

We’ll also be unveiling “The Lot” in Hampton! This is an enhanced gathering space outside the venue with renegade sound systems, pop-up arts & crafts faire, and guest performances. Bring your arts, your crafts, your freak flag, your tailgating vibes, and participate fully. We’ll have more info to share soon, and if you want to participate, perform, or bring an art installation of some kind, as always please hit up the Bass Network to let them know. They will be working hard to coordinate rideshares, ‘bass head hotels’, and help you plan your best possible weekend.

We’re going all wonka for the 10th edition of Bass Center: The Mothership is our Chocolate Factory! We want to transform Hampton Coliseum and create our own Magical World. There will be expanded spaces to roam, opening up the entire venue to every human, with immersive production and the thickest, most all-engulfing sound imaginable.

Plan to blast off like never before : )

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March 1st, 2017


Bassnectar - Dollar Per Bass Head 2017Give the gift of giving!

The concept behind $/BH is that we put a dollar for every ticket sold into a charity fund [Le Bass Banc] and then we donate to charities, organizations & nonprofits which do amazing things to support health, community, family. They exist to enrich the lives of others, so we support them: you can find out more about these awesome programs, and possibly get involved with them on a deeper level through volunteering or spreading the word!

This year we are focusing on campaigns which offer emotional care and support to people who are struggling, feel alone or depressed, and which promote positive interactions both online and offline. You could say we are focusing on anti-bullying, but ‘bully’ is almost too narrow of a word… it confines the mind to the image of an oversized 5th grader teasing some 2nd graders on a playground. In reality, human interaction can be cruel, ruthless, brutal and horrifying – even in simple social media, online, in everyday life…

In addition to encouraging ‘random acts of kindness’, and urging people to ‘treat others as you want to be treated’ – we want to go a step further by highlighting organizations which face these issues head on with positive results. Life is so short, and each moment flashes by so quickly: you have a choice in every moment regarding how you are going to spend your time, how you are going to behave in public, and how you are going to make other people feel. We want to see positive change in how humans interact, and we hope you will join us in exploring and supporting these awesome organizations.

For this chapter of $/BH we are taking $50,000 which YOU have helped us raise at shows, and will disperse it out by showcasing each organization in turn, then letting you vote for the one closest to your heart: the org with the most votes will get $20k, the 2nd will get $10k, and the other 4 will get $5k each. Everybody gets something supportive, and everyone gets a bit more educated on positive change. Just click here to begin!

We make these donations on your behalf, in honor of all the positive energy and love that you bring to our community. Thank you for participating 🙂

– Lorin


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