May 22nd, 2015


Bassnectar @ Moonrise 2015With about half of our 2015 Festival Schedule yet to be revealed, we are proud to announce our return to the magical lands of Moonrise – this August 8th for a Saturday Night dose of madness alongside many skilled homies & cohorts – YAYERRRR!

Visit www.moonrisefestival.com for more info, or click below for tickets.

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May 14th, 2015


Think for Yourself CampaignAnnouncing our “Think For Yourself” Campaign – with prizes from Electric Forest!

I often get upset when I hear about terrible things happening in the world. For some reason my instinct is to defend the underdog: if something is unjust, I have a reflex to stand up against it. My reflex to get upset isn’t really a negative feeling though. It’s actually more like inspired to solve a problem. However, issues and problems are seldom black & white: things are often not as simple or clear as they appear to be. Often times my initial understanding of an issue is over-simplified, and in some cases after thinking critically about something, I literally change my mind drastically – switching sides against the point I previously believed and siding with the new information which makes the most sense. And I love when this happens! In the pursuit of truth, I would rather follow what makes the most sense, versus what I’m told to believe, or even what I used to believe in the past.

Usually, before I express myself about a divisive issue I try and learn as much as I can, and explore the issue from different view points so I can look at it from all sides. Once this happens expression becomes automatic (I can’t help but be direct) – so for this creative campaign with Electric Forest, Fight for The Future, and The Urgency Network I’m challenging you as festival goers, music fanatics, and people who enjoy extensive freedoms and liberty (in comparison to many many places in this world) to take a critical look at some current issues of our day, and to form our own opinions: to “THINK FOR YOURSELF”. That doesn’t mean to just speak loud and proud about what you believe in! It means to actually think critically about what you believe in (to literally wonder “am i right or wrong? and how so?”) – you may find as you explore the various sides of an issue that you have a lot to learn. I know I do! And as nerdy as it may sound: learning is one of my favorite things in the world. Read more »


May 9th, 2015


Red Rocks 2014
A BassNetwork Project

With our 3-day Red Rocks extravaganza right on our heels, it’s time for the fun to begin…

At Bass Network we are kicking off this special event with a campaign that will connect far-away Bass Heads with one another- hopefully helping form special bonds between two soon-to-be life long friends!

All we need from you is your Twitter handle, name, residing city, and willingness to participate in community building. Please fill out the provided Google form below. In about a weeks time we will connect Pen Pals via Twitter.

From there it’s on you! Feel free to get to know each other, swap music, tell each other funny stories, and even plan a meet up at Red Rocks. Pen Pals that send us a picture of your meet up at Red Rocks will be entered into a raffle to win some Red Rocks swag.

Thanks for helping strengthen the bonds that form the Bassnectar community!

– The Bass Network

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2015.06.19-21 - BASSNECTAR @ EDC LAS VEGAS

May 6th, 2015


Bassnectar @ EDC Las VegasEDC VEGAS 2015!

Indulgence & Excess Collide with Mother Nature and The Elements to whirl around the race track once again: as your lawyer I recommend you buckle up!!!!

Visit www.lasvegas.electricdaisycarnival.com for more info, or click below for tickets.

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2015.10.02-04 + 10.09-11 - BASSNECTAR IN AUSTIN, TX @ AUSTIN CITY LIMITS

May 5th, 2015


Bassnectar @ Austin City Limits ACL 2015The Bassnectar Crew will be returning to the beautiful city of Austin for two weekends of ACL 2015, going down Oct 2nd-4th and Oct 9th-11th, 2015.

The lineup for both weekends is stacked, with TV On The Radio, Run The Jewels, Alt-J, Chance The Rapper and many more!

Visit www.aclfestival.com for more info, click below for tickets for both weekends.

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April 30th, 2015


Bassnectar @ Camp Bisco 2015CAMP BISCO 2015!

We are returning for our 8th trip to Bisco! A true summer freak-mecca in a raw, beautiful setting… Looking forward to seeing plenty of familiar faces!

Visit www.campbisco.com for more info, or click below for tickets.

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April 29th, 2015


Bassnectar @ Bumbershoot 2015HOLY BUMBERSHOOT!

Pacific North West: we are overdue!!! Heading back to Seattle for the Monday of Labor Day Weekend to bring AN EXTREME DOSE OF HOLIDAY RUCKUS!!!

Join us at Bumbershoot on Monday September 7th, 2015! Visit www.bumbershoot.com for more info, or click below for tickets.

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April 29th, 2015


Bassnectar Red Rocks 2015We have a limited number of Red Rocks F.U.N. tickets and F.U.N. upgrades available for GA ticketholders.

This gets you access to the soundboard viewing area, a limited edition Red Rocks 2015 poster and exclusive Bassnectar trinket, early entry and onsite concierge, plus a pre-show party invite at the Red Rocks Grill.

If you fancy living the high-life then we welcome it. If you fancy getting down and dirty with no need for such bells, whistles and whatnots, then we welcome that too!

We called the V.I.P. ticket a F.U.N. ticket because we don’t believe in labelling anyone as being more important than anyone else!!! Just some nice extras for those that want to splash out :)

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