Mesmerizing The Ultra Deluxe

Mesmerising the Ultra

Mesmerizing The Ultra Deluxe

The classic 2005 album including Blow, Leprechauns Arise, Inaugural Day Beatdown, Everybody, and appearances from FreQ Nasty, STS9 and many others.

Package Includes: choice of white or black Bass Head Tee, instant download in 320kbps MP3 or WAV, and 3 free stickers.


Mesmerizing The Ultra CD

Mesmerizing The Ultra CD


Bass Head Hoodie

Bass Head Hoodie

Honeycomb Tee, Ladies

Honeycomb Tee, Ladies

  • HoodteK

    Are these the DJ friendly versions of these tracks, or still the partially mixed ones from the original album drop?

  • Ruzam

    @ HoodteK , yeah ive noticed that the beautiful intro to bursting is slightly different to the other version, also i hope bassnectar actually produces more tunes like bursting , that dreamy ambient synth sound at the start then that guitar synth sound always producies a mixture of wonderfull and uplifting feelings.

    • Lorin

      do you guys have the extended ending version?
      its gets hella haunting

      • Ruzam

        havent heard the extended version, curious to know what it sounds like though. shame mesmerizing the ultra isnt on cd format aswell. A lot of the tunes on that album like laughter crescendo and dorfex bos where some of the first trunes i heard which got me into your music.

      • Chuck Finley

        i need this more than anything lol

  • Endthewarmachine

    Hey Lorin, Any plans to come back thru seattle agian bro? Your music is truly inspiring and gives me energy and good vibes and thoughts everyday. Thanks for putting in the work to make that possible dude, cant wait to see ya kill it again live.

  • Jeannette


  • Nate Smith
  • schwitskies

    Is the digital album for sale not the entire album? Under the pop up it lists the contents but looks like it doesn't have all the audio tracks?

  • Tek9Cinema

    This album made me feel like I could fly…dope work. Keep it up!

  • RockForDfosGate BanGer

    possibility of a basshead greatest hits??????????

  • Butass

    dis is very “uforic”

  • poooowhhip

    this song sucked me off while your mother phised my sphinkter

  • Mutzilla

    Enters one ear. melts everything inside. out the other. pure exstacy

  • beyondme

    Anybody that went to basscenter 2. What is the name of the intro song that started with some loops from Willy Wonka, went into a huge bass drop, then got quiet had a vocal and then just went wild. I MUST HAVE THAT SONG. it was gutbusting, jizzinmypants, go wild, ecstasy and i wont live without it.

    • Phillip Irwin

      Kelis – Brave (Gemini Remix)!!! that is the Song buddy

  • Ashley00oo

    Ok i really am wanting to know what a certain song is called. It starts very slow. It is a girls voice (very soft) saying “i close my eyes and catch my breath”, This repeats a few times, then goes into a faster paced more bass type of song, it sounds like the song “bursting” in the above mp3 songs to download. I heard this song on New Years in Atlanta and at another concert, so it could be a newer song. If anyone has an idea or knows please let me know!

    • Jordan

      Hey Ms. Ashley! The song you are referring to is Ben Sage- Just a Minute :) Lorin did a MASSSSIIIIIVVVVEEEE edit/remix to this song on New Years that sounded amazing. It was originally a drum and bass song that has no remixes available, so Lorin put that Nectar touch on it NYE which was mind blowing. Go to another show and request to hear it :)

      • Ashley00oo

        Thank you Jordan! red rocks will be the next scene to listen to him!

  • alix

    WHERE can i get the pink elephants remix?? i NEED it in my life!

  • Hayes Starns

     I just wish I could get the actual disk. *Sadness :-(
    At least I have the files to listen to. *Bliss ^_^
    Love the music.

  • Abram Bebo

    I love all your music. I love Force of Suction especially. If you threw it into your arsenal I would really appreciate it a lot!

  • tyler

    Does it only come as a digital??? 

    • Ed Basscrew

       Currently, yes, digital only, sorry

  • Weahw

    Blue State Riddim is awesome :)

    • LORIN

      can you tell where the beat is inspired from?

      • Sam

        give up – where is the beat inspired from? :)

        • LORIN

          it’s an 80’s hip hop song…..

          • Humby


  • Ryan

    I found a used disc of Mesmerizing the Ultra. why is it so expense? is not made anymore or what

    • Ed Basscrew


  • Jamie E Anderson

    Can you tell me when you’re coming back to Colorado???
    I was in NY when you were at red rocks :(

    • LORIN

      hey jamie!
      check out Andrew’s post on the “TOUR” page…you should mob with them if u got the time
      we will be back to lovely coloraddy in 2012, never soon enough

      • Natefuldead

        Yo Bromosexual!  We need you in indiana…bluebird un bloomington or the murat egyptian room in indy…….we need the wobble BAAAAADDDDDD

        • LORIN

          in bloomington? we are there on sat, HOLMES! :)

          • Anonymous


            theres a bloomington in IL and IN

            but i support an indy show

        • Eric

          BUMP the need for INDIANA show!

      • Griffin Mulvey-Hudson


  • Randy

    do you know where i could get any vinyl of Mesmerizing The Ultra? I finally received the Divergent Spectrum Vinyl, this being the first of your productions in the vinyl collection my friends and I have. Now i’m determined to find some vinyl of the album that sparked my interest in your work. I’ve since exasperated all sources to find anything and i have come up empty handed. I have no problem with paying top dollar for it as i know the album isn’t produced any longer. If you could potentially find a little time for me in your literally arduous tour schedule to either sell me a copy or even point me in the right direction to find something i would be endlessly gratuitous.

    • Ed Basscrew

      Currently out of print I am afraid! We don’t have any extra copies lying around, so eBay is probably your best bet…

    • Joey107

      This is real talk I cant find any other older albums by Bassnectar on the internet for sale . I;ve only seen a underground communication and (a now sold out) Bass Head 12” vinyl on the internet, I have also heard rumors that they produced a vinyl record for the Cozza Frenzy album. If anyone knows where to get any of these vinyls please reply and i will love you!!11111

      • Ed Basscrew

        As far as I know, there was no vinyl for Cozza Frenzy. If there was, I think it was promo only. We’ve got Divergent Spectrum 2xLP and Upside Down 12″ available here on the site:

        For old Bassnectar vinyl, your best bet is eBay, Discogs marketplace or any good online second-hand record store. Happy hunting!

    • Ed Basscrew

      Sorry guys, we are long since sold out of all old vinyl. We have Divergent Spectrum 2xLP and Upside Down 12″ in stock, everything else is out of print. Your best bet for tracking it down is eBay, Discogs, or any online second hand record service.

      • Nick Stanton

        i was always under the impression that MTU wasnt actually released on vinyl! looks like im missing 3 vinyls form my discography!

  • cheynsaw

    are you able to provide me with a high res picture of the Mesmerizing the Ultra album cover art? I would really like to have my own poster printed of this.

    • Ed Basscrew

      Ah sorry, our cover art is super precious and must be kept safely guarded from the likes of you and your fellow poster bootleggers :)

      • Tad Smith

        Well how about reprinting it so we can buy it? That would super sweet.

  • Cryssoleil

    Is there ANYWHERE I can download the Snake Charmer song??? I can’t find it on itunes or nothing….. x(

    • TadSmith

       Pacific Breaks Special

  • Breezyskies

    Where’s the Snake Charmer? I’d like to buy it legit.

    • Ed Basscrew

      Currently unreleased… keep it alive if you want it to see the light of day, one day… :)

  • shane wells

    Does anyone know why, after purchasing this album, I download it, extract, and try to drag to iTunes and only songs 1 and 6 import over? I tried re-downloading and still the same thing happens. Also tried importing album under file drop down. Same result. No error message. Will play the song in iTunes but not show it in library.

    • Anonymous

      i don’t know…but will try and find out :)

    • Ed Basscrew

      The download is to working fine in our iTunes and seems to be downloading fine. I’ll email you a fresh DL link, let’s see if that works!

    • Zacharymaffuid

       im having the same problem! wtf i just want to be able to jam out to some classic bassnectar in my car and smoke a blunt!!!

  • david92

    killled it at coachella i threw a glostick at you bro ahahahahhahahah yeah man im getting u a grammy

    • robot_bass

      why would you throw a glowstick at him

    • Eli from the Chi

      Just a public service announcement in case you are confused as to why glow sticks are taboo (because I was for quite a while):  

      1. They are carcinogenic and non-recyclable which basically means bad for the body and the environment 

      2. They distract from what Mike is trying to do with the visuals 

      That plus Lorin got hit in the eye with one at Summercamp back in ’10 (it was too bad because it totally fucked up an otherwise sick set) 

  • Jehnnagreen

    Can we not buy the actual cd? 

    • Ed Basscrew

      Not available, sorry :(

      • Jehnnagreen

        not ever available??

        • Ed Basscrew

          You can probably find the original release on CD on eBay? We’re unlikely to re-issue on CD anytime soon as it was released with a previous record label. Maybe one day!

  • BaSs fAcE

    Why is this just not available on itunes????

  • Kaotic6 Kate6

    I’m in class and jamming out to BASSNECTAR<3!!

  • Johnkaskie

    these tracks are sooooo sick…….thanks

  • Niminitzar

    awesome… all of it. Lets see mesmerizing the Ultra for CD purchase! I love that album and want the enjoyment of a CD with the artwork etc.

    • Ed Basscrew

      See below, then head to eBay!

      • Niminitzar

        yeah, you can find it out there… like $70 though. I’ll swoop it up if I ever find it at a fair price. 

  • antwwwaaan

    hahahaha i love the beginning of blow so damn much. makes me laugh every time

  • R228

    Who does the album cover art for Lorin’s albums? I’ve read Mexican Chocolate made the cover for ‘Divergent Spectrum.’ What about for ‘Cozza Frenzy,’ ‘Underground Communication,’ ‘Mesmerizing the Ultra?’

    • Colleen

      i can try to find out for ya :)

  • lee

    i wish i could buy the cd..

    • Colleen

      me too! heh but they are not available, sorry :( you can definitely try to search for a second hand copy on the internet (ebay) or at cd shops that have a decent selection of electronic music.

  • Taylor Guy Holly

    in my opinion this is one of your best. this album bumps, knocks, and makes me trip the fuck out without being on any kind of hallucinogen

  • dalton

    Mesmerizing the Ultra is one of my favorite albums ever.
    I NEED a Hard Copy of this album
    where might i go about finding one?

    • Chris Basscrew

      It is currently only available for digital download.

  • dalton

    i cannot find it anywhere

    • David Giovannini

      @dalton You can digitally download it directly above!

  • Alexis

    Blow (2015 version) haha that will be awesome ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Alexis

    Hey lorin remember ure song busting with buckethead that rocks me out ????????????????????????????

  • Alexis

    I’m 14 years old

  • Wubwubwub

    Is there no way to get the second disk?

    • Chris Basscrew

      The digital download comes with all the tracks listed.

  • Cody

    Amazing album! Can listen to it again and again……and again. Thanks for this.

  • flotng complx

    Thanks for playing the MIshawaka 2006

  • Geoff

    Where can I download this? I read its only available for digital download that the cd isn’t available. I can’t seem to find where to purchase or find the download at all?? help please

    • Chris Basscrew

      This album is temporarily unavailable.

      • treenebula

        Temporarily? YAYYYY!!!!

      • Geoff

        :( hope it becomes available again at some point.

  • Tim

    Scan the beatport charts and tell me this wouldn’t hit really #@(*$@&P hard right now. A tech-house remake of this album might hit even harder.

  • Humby

    Peekaboo :)

  • Jennavive

    Who did the artwork for this? I read somewhere that Alex Grey has done some for Mr. Lorin, but this does not seem like Grey’s style.

  • autumnbg


    • Chris Basscrew

      Temporarily unavailable, but you can listen to the full album above :)

  • Jake

    I’m quite anxious to see what you will do with these tracks at red rocks… I know you’re toying around with them in some way Lorin. I am oh so very excited for my trip to Colorado, it will be beautiful. Throw some of your Beauty our way! :)