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Free Track – Tibet & Burningman Info

August 24th, 2008



first off, i hope you are all doing well enjoying the last days of summer. I came quite close to avoiding Burningman, which for all of its loveliness/passion/wildness/freakshowness really feels like a waste of resources, and a kind of uber-indulgence of luxury at a point when time/energy could perhaps be better spent. That said, i decided to go for a quick 2 day jaunt, in part becuase it is such an exquisite collection of people all in one place whom i want to connect with, and also despite my issues with the festival, there is and has been so much goodness as well, and i want to give back…throw down some music for all the heads who have supported me for so long.

Speaking of giving back, most of you probably know that Darin (FreQ Nasty) has been working full time on which is a tremendous gift of community service. if you have not checked it out yet, you should. We made a track together a few months back as a donation to the struggle of the Tibetan people, and we are asking for your support as well. THere is a click though banner on …you can get the music, the track, and sync in with Or you can go direct to


good tings.

So now for the Burningman 2008 schedule…most years i play 5 times a night, 5 or 6 nights in a row. NOT THIS TIME

THURSDAY NIGHT (technically friday morning)
12:30am @ Root Society

SATURDAY NIGHT (technically sunday morning)
2am @ NExus

5:30am @ Nexus

i have one insane freakout womp session THURSDAY NIGHT (technically friday morning) at Root Society. its probably the biggest sound system on the desert, and one of the few sets in the past year where i will just be DJing on CDs, cuz laptops and dust do not a happy couple make. So from the greatest hits bangers to new concoctions of full throttle madness, that is the spot.

Then on Saturday Night (technically sunday morning) i have an hour to go ballistic in the deep night; nexus has an air tight booth, so the laptop is in effect and i can get more insane on the layers and remixes.

After a few hours biking around in circles, i will come back on around 5:30am for a 2 our sunrise meltdown….as always SUPER EXCITED FOR THAT!!!

Sept 5th in SF @ 1015 Folsom for the annual Get Freaky
Sept 6th in Colorado @ Redrocks with STS9
Sept 13th in Socal @ the Ranchita Rocks Festival

…and after that we have a ridiculous road trip that runs nonstop until december. more info soon.

Much LOVE!