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October 16th, 2008


hello from the wild wild road

if i had a nickel for every time i have tried (and failed) to find time to write a blog in the past month i would have a small fortune. So many links i have wanted to forward, updates to share, side notes, antics, and tales of nonstop womp… but each day passes in a flash. i am however, happy to tell you that we have managed to release a small playful single called “HEADS UP”.

(BUT FIRST! i invite you to spend 2 hours or so watching a movie that i am certain will touch your soul, open your eyes and pump you up more than a hot oil massage from Arnold Schwarzenegger)


and now back to our regularly scheduled program:

While the ins and outs of the record industry slowly suck my soul dry, ive been cranking away making tunes and jams and loads of wonky bass experiments. When releasing a full length album, where each track is more of a finished SONG, my standards of what is done and what needs more work are much higher. But i am watching time go by and so many fricken reasons why tracks can’t just be released…its nutso.

SO i was like F*CK IT, lets just put out a banger! And i threw together a few different versions, and a bonus track, and we pressed up a CD (which we have been passing out to crowd surfers on tour) and its onsale at my website and at shows, and 4 of the tracks are available digitally at places like Beatport, Juno, Addictech, etc…

My only concern is that these tunes are mostly a dancefloor feel…just ridiculous crushing bass and such, which is fine, but ive been also working on tunes with more character and different sounds (album) which i gotta say….is months away from being finished. Being on the road full time is amazing for so many reasons…but having no time in my studio, with the proper speakers and everything i need at my finger tips (including time) is the hardest part.
So December and January will hopefully be a good time for me to finish album work.

For now, we will be releasing some diverse singles…the first of which is HEADS UP. Here is the press release, etc below…hope you enjoy!!!!!

headsupHeads Up!

From the forthcoming full length album “The Other Side”.

Bassnectar is back with the first proper musical offering since 2007’s Underground Communication. It’s bombs away business as usual with this uber tear-out title track: a freakshow mix of sledgehammer dubstep, 2 step, and bass psychosis. The single features an alternative mix (California Style) of 90 bpm double time throb hop that drops on your head like a John Candy body slam, as well as the third remix -a dripping melodic sound game by the upstart Bassnectar side project West Coast Lo Fi. Also included to knock this sucker out of the park: the Bassnectar remix of ‘Roustabout’ by Beats Antique…a twisted carnivalistic circus anthem with – you guessed it – plenty of wobbling bass and an additional special remix.

(includes a special 5th bonus track only available on CD)

Digitally available now at :
Beatport [all 4 tracks] AND addictech [2 tracks]