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New Video!!!

December 26th, 2008



We are back in effect after an almost sadistically nonstop tour this fall. Our team of 5-ish musical mutants traversed the lands, bringing gifts of bass and trading it for local barter in blood sweat and what felt like ten zillion bouncing bodies.

Here is a little video we put together, capturing some of our favorite moments from the whirlwind that was the season of Autumn, 2008. It was our intention to create and maintain a full video journal for all dates on the tour, but we got swept away, so this is a bit of a look back:


We hope you enjoyed watching that video as much as we enjoyed filming it, making it and dreaming about it afterwards…finding ourselves sleepwalking in the kitchen weeks later still dream-fending off gobs of crowd surfers, or dream-dodging dream water as it shoots towards the gear. Finding ourselves dream-driving endless roads to the next dream city, and dream-choking on our own dream hair…dream-wearing dream masks and dream-laughing as our eyeballs dream-rattle from the memories of that wiiigggid low frequency purr.


What a road trip!

Now back in Bezerkeley, California… getting geared up for New Years madness (San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco Sea Of Dreams), Australian antics in January, and a february run through Colorado. Hopefully finding hours to produce more juice, and edit the dickens out of everything we hear….



Looks like we will rest in 2033, or possibly the summer of ’44….only time will tell.  And until it’s through telling we intend to write as much buckwildness ‘pon the walls and corridors of what is and what will be.

So how about some updates….

Yes i still have half of my face shaved.  shaven?
Shaven. will somebody please bring me some hot water and shaving cream?

Yes we are planning a SUPERSONIC RUN OF TOUR DATES in 2009. Hang on…info soon will come.

Yes each member of our furry crew is buzzing and happily recharging. The ever charming Elliott is continuing his 30th birthday world tour. Young Boris Borshnekta is happily hunched over his video editing equipment. Trevor The Brave is planning some un-Christly amount of bass carnage for NYE and working with PK & Dylon to create the touring bassnectar sound systym for ’09 (BOH!). Mark & Marci are making the eggnog and feeding it to Buddy the Dog (and acting Webmaster) while Andy plays rasta in Jamaica and Squints adjusts the exposure on the lighting guns. Ralf is working on hoody designs, and Jake/Jesse are planning the MADNESS that will become the 2009 Tour (a tender mix of joy and fear fills my heart…), Cerrithwen is scouring the internets for accapellas, jeremy is warping away, … and my hordes of collaborating eunuchs are clicking their mouses, my file-sharing friends are a-tempting, the dubstep is twinkling the glitch-womp is sparkling, the uber-thrust is blinkling and the dream-core is calling.

And i am falling off the train of my thought like a drunken hobo.


where tha FECK was i?

on donner? on blitzen?

oh yes! my beloved crew and cohorts….. THANKS BE TO ALL who raged it with us this year, both mentioned and the thousands gone unmentioned. Thanks be so ever deeply to the kids/crowds/freaks and stone-cold nnnnnnNutters who are feeling the frequency and spreading it around. Each and every show was so special and popped so hard the f*ck off. We felt you

And more is on the way.