KISS FM Live Mix

February 24th, 2009


BassnectarBANG! Thanks for tuning in to the bassnectar labs!!! This is the latest dose of wobble in the form of a mixset that was created for KISS FM, but is available here in its entirety at a high quality bit rate…kind of rides the slope of tempo and mood as usual, and features several totally unreleased concoctions, as well as some of the most standout edits from the last tour. stay tuned cuz we will be sharing some of the unmixed tracks off this mix here in coming weeks/months, aiming to keep this site more regularly stocked with new material for your beautiful ear drums. See you soon!

Here lays the tracklist:
1. Flagrantly Long & Indulgent Live-Mash Intro
2. Bassnectar – Supastylin Smashup [SuperCharged] FREE
3. Bassnectar – Art Of Revolution (instrumental) [Amorphous Music] $1.29
4. Bassnectar – Kingston Town [bootleg] FREE
5. Product 01- Ready 2 Rage (Bassnectar & Jantsen Remix) [Amorphous] $1.29
6. Sleaze Beatz [Amorphous Music]
7. Bassnectar – Heads Up (California Style) [Amorphous Music] $1.29
8. Me & You – Last Night (Bassnectar Remix) [Tru Throughts] $1.29
9. Noisia & Mayhem – Exodus (Bassnectarz live re-edit)
10. American Beauty Live Amorphous Mash Segue
11. Mr No Hands – Button Down (Groove Diggers VS Bassnectar RMX)
12. Si Begg – Can’t Take it (Bassnectar Loves Si Begg Remix)
13. Frank Sin Atcha – Black Magic
14. Bassment Jaxx – Speaker Junk Remix Beat Moment
15. Bassnectar – Beasties, Solid Groove & Sinden Masher
16. You’ve Gotta Fight For Your Rights.


  • kyle

    absolutely fucking brilliant! come to atlanta more often we love you!

  • nectarjunkie

    1. Love the Organic Sounding shit from diverse systems of throb, and Mesmerizing, the Ultra, the swinging fatbasslines, with the sweet beautiful “nectar” flowing thru the rest. And the ethnic tribal stuff from World Beat Juice, some of my fav. shit you've ever done

    2.(I think this is what we don't like?) I love dubstep. But i think you're a little better than dubstep, there are some dj who that's all they do- but dubstep is kind of repetitive and not a creative as what we all know you're capable of being/doing. It's not Bassdub, or BassStep, It's BassNectar, and we love the sweet with the hard bass, and yeah- throw the wobble on it, but keep it real to who you are- mix that tribal shit in there,

    3. The best stuff you do is stuff like laughter crescendo, REPLENISH!!!, Wicked Twitch, stuff like that, and Underground was good but not quite as powerful as your minimalist lyrics songs- Like with Noam Chompsky, Saul williams and other such artists.
    The Verbal remix that you did-Legendary, I actually was listening to Tobin even befor i was listening to you, but when i heard that shit i almost pissed myself

    4. Least fav, is like the Me and You- dance all night to this dj sounding song- but i love Kingston Town, and stuff. really i like almost all the stuff you do except for the real mainstream pop-rap mashups and stuff, but at the same time i completely understand them. Like All-Good, the “EveryDay i'm Hustling” mashup- so funny, i love how you just rubbed their noses in it and i don't think they even noticed.

    5. I love the downtempo, and glitch hop stuff. Beats Antique was an amazing discovery for me, thanks to you- when you guys came thru nashville i was just super mind-blown with them when they opened up for you. WOW, loved them ever since. I like the hard hitting stuff Like what you did with Jansten. I really like Janstens work as well, and Glitch Mob,

    6. I've always loved where music takes me- That's why when i first discovered you back about 7 years ago when i was still living on the W.Coast i was so excited because your music had that really mystic, other worldly feel that was very intense and took me to a very Special place, it's a very close line, between almost a spiritual level, but you throw the dancing and movement and way it makes you feel is just undescribable

    7.I use my ipod alot as an easy way to transport music- but with my favorite artists i like to get LP's if at all possible, but at least cds. I still haven't been able to get all your cd's. I would redilly buy them if they wer available. I believe in supporting the artists- that's why i try to catch as many of your shows as i can. But i can't even find hard copies of Freakbeat, or beatfreak bohemia, or World Beat Juice either, or Mystic Groove.

    8. Ur music is usually good for all of the above, i listen to music always- rage to it, mix with it if i can, Sit on the couch, ride my bike to it, Trip face to it, anything,. music is like my lifeline.

    9. Thank you. ThankYOU Lorin for all the amazing impact you've had on my life over the past several years. I introduced all my friends to your music, and you've changed their lives. Seeing you live is one of my fav. things in the world-and this year it's just been really rough on that shit. Bella and A.G. but if i can get my shit together i will see you at Symbiosis. That shit will be awesome. I hope you have a long as set at Zoe and there.
    But thank You for your awesome inspirational impact on me personally.

    10. I trust you man. Do you're thing, i've told you what i like, everyone else has told you theirs. You make the choices- cut the tape and let us have some more nectar for our souls. We are so hungry. Thanks Lorin.

  • david guatelli

    Started his set at JuJu Beats the same way…. i was stoked. kingston town is masshinnnnn '

  • Murdockdokdok

    was this in denver at fiddler's..? i thought you had some other songs in there especially the beginning but then again…. i was seeing through kaleidoscope eyes more than i have in my entire life it was way intense… but cant wait to see you at the filmore…. you are an f'n genius brother….. we love you here in the CO….

  • Unbalanced_Jack

    one of the best mixes Ive heard on the radio…we blurted this out the vanb with a 15k rig in at Glade this year in the Crew campsite and had Rodney P and the likes skanking round the van! Thanks for the music…Chris @ Unbalanced Jack, UK

  • dreweden

    yo baceface, i want to let you know

    you played on my birthday on symbiosis. that shit was HECCCKA tight. i REALLY REALLY want a board rip of that set.

    but what i liked even more? west coast lo fi. i knew from the what it was called that i would like it. but big boi – street talkin? flute loop instrumental? that is the shit i am all about.

    i used to talk shit about you. cause i think your old style was wack as fuck, tbh. i am not into white people rapping over glitch. sorry to have to include that negativity in this post. i will never say a bad thing about you again.

  • azdroo

    Yeah…Symbiosis was top notch in everyway possible. The METEOR SHOWER during your set on saturday night was unreal. It was my bday as well. i hope to find a copy of the set somewhere but i doubt it. Thanks Lorin, Much Love ~ Droo from AZ

  • djtillz

    New York BASS FACES say thanx for the killer show last night at the fillmore! TORE IT DOWN AS ALWAYS…. shoulda let the pretty lights tease ride out during encore though!

    • hey! yeah i didnt play any pretty lights last night, actually i never have. maybe there is a record he plays too? not sure

  • snapcrackleWOMP

    the american beauty mash is amazing, & the quote from ricky's scene with the plastic bag video is one of my favorite quotes ever. nice work.

    • yeah check out si begg's original SMOKED
      i physically cried when i first heard that song

      • snapcrackleWOMP

        ooooh took a minute to find but it was waaaaayyyyy worth the search(es)
        probably would have cried myself if i hadn't heard your remix first

        • Anonymous

          where can you find it man?

          • wachu lookin 4?

          • Anonymous

            si beggs cant take it… all i can find are some cheesy remixs

          • hmmmm
            its like a ‘nu school breaks’ version….probably out on botchi & scarper…im thinking 2002 or 2003
            Si Begg: Can’t Take It
            i think thats the title…in reality it is prettayyyyyy similar to my edit, i just dubstepped the pattern and re-organized it

  • bartles

    put this as a podcast on itunes!

    • hey duder
      im pretty sure it is, no

      • bartles

        no but its definitely should be.

      • Jeremy

        I been tryin hard to get ahold you mon. Wish I told you this at summercamp. Got this sicky Midwest venue that goes all night. Hit me up. Jeremy_dank@yahoo. Oh and the new album is killa. Knock them sox off. Changin the world!

  • NeoAngelic

    This mix is so ill. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it!

  • Buffalo New York… 4/20/2010. Enough said.

  • goobaligash

    it wont let me download the mixsets other than the idj mixtape can someone help me with this?

  • RoRa

    Tiiiiiiiiiiight then tapers off through the middle. Great mix!

  • travis

    In the 17th minute, I feel like Mario took a swig of the nectar or somethin. Haha. Keep amazin me Lorin, and the world.

    • hahaha…yeah maria was swimming in it

  • travis

    In the 17th minute, I feel like Mario took a swig of the nectar or somethin. Haha. Keep amazin me Lorin, and the world.

  • hahaha…yeah maria was swimming in it

  • Stevil

    this mix could possibly be the best thing ever

  • Jim Mini Kricket

    Every Bassnectar mix is so damn good.

  • DrumshrooM

    HeLLo Bassnectar..!! I am the guy that asks you at soundcloud all the time what’s the name of this Basement Jaxx’s remixed tune..It’s ”Where’s Your head At” but can’t find out at youtube so, as a guy told me this may be yours remix…Could we do somethin so i could get this?? even if i must pay, i don’t care cause i’m in love with this tune…

    • I’m pretty sure this is an old exclusive mash-up, it’s unlikely to see the light of day now… but you never know!

  • Tyler

    I believe the beats backing the American Beauty quote right after Exodus is Love Here. Maybe a slightly different version. Going from Can’t Take It to Black Magic is simply fantastic.

  • kelso

    Why does this no longer work????!!!! I neeed ittt!

  • Juan Garcia

    Just thought Id leave a post in the recent few years haha.
    The latest but to me one of the most unique mixtapes