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New Podcast – Free Music For You

February 25th, 2009


We just landed in Colorado…i am dressed like a total Californian fool (shorts and a T shirt) because i insisted that i’d be fine, but the air is cccccccoooolllddd.


We got 5 nights of furious freakish fiasco though, and at this point they are all either sold out or very close to it. I was hoping to have this new little podcast mix up last week to kind of ramp up to these shows, but technical shenanigans held it all up. Ahhh….technical shenanigans….how verily i do adore thee.

So now its up, live, free, and totally High Fidelity (320 kbps MMMMM)

so i reccomend downloading and listening to it on a HEAVY system cuz there are some hhhheeeaaaazterz on this thing. Feel free to cut it up, or do whatever you like, but we will also post individual unmixed tracks (for DJs… or not for DJs. for grammas and firemen and hypochondriacs..for anyone) in the coming weeks. First will be Kingston Town …so check back next week.

And of course, PLEASE pass this on to your friends or enemies, or anyone who you wish to be friends with.