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Bass & Beatz 4 Homeless Youth

April 30th, 2009



First off, thanks a lot to all of Ye who came through and checked out the new features, grabbed the music, etc.

I just got 5 new Bassnectar joints back from mastering today!!!! WOO HOO!!! Honestly i had to exercise some serious discipline to not just huck them right up onto the site as soon as i got them back! WHY WAIT!!!! I’m going to enjoy playing them over the next months tour first…give them the road test…

Speaking of road tests, the custom created PK Sound has crossed the border and is heading down to Wobble Factory headquarters… thats right our friends Ari, Jer, Jon and the whole squad of Canadians have merged with Dylan, Big Tony, and the California team to build a custom sound system, and we will be bringing it out on tour in 2009 like a pack of MAD PEOPLE!!!!!

So the point of this little post is i just came across a video that was developed in promotion of an event we will be at this weekend, alongside Pinback and Matisyahu, that benefits HOMELESS YOUTH IN SAN DIEGO.

Elemental Experience
Saturday May 2, 2009
Please check it out, or click here if you can’t see the video below:


the line up is pretty courageously eclectic, and i am honored to be pumping out thick musical frequencies at sunset outdoors this saturday…

Last time we were in San Diego was a right proper bassbath @ The Belly Up, and we thought is would be fun to come throw down at a kind of free form community event… Check out that video and if you feel like throwing down for a good cause, we’d love to see you out there.

After that its offfff tooo thaaaa raaaaces and we are on road tour for many nights, i’ll keep in touch online when possible.

And if i can get it past the “censors” i will drop some new bass flesh on the site for your hungry ear drums.