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Elemental Experience Festival

April 22nd, 2009


Bassnectar will be performing along side artists such as Matisyahu, Mason Jennings, Pinback, and Dirty Sweet during the Elemental Experience festival on May 2nd at Mission Bay Park in San Diego. The event,brought to you by, benefits San Diego Youth Services, a non-profit organization devoted to helping abandoned and abused children.

Check out the campaign for Abandoned Youth Trailer to learn more about the cause:


About the cause:

There are thousands of homeless kids in San Diego. They have been abandoned, subject to abuse, sexual exploitation, domestic violence, and left on the streets alone.  Our goal is build a shelter to keep these children safe – a place to call home.

Helping us out is a lot easier than you may think.  First, click the “start fundraising“, and in less than a minute you can create your own personal fundraising page.  Then you can reach out to your friends and family to let them know about what you are doing. If you can get just 5 friends to contribute only $10 to the cause, and they turn around and get 5 more friends each to contribute, you’ve just created a $1,250 chain reaction of support!  Learn more about the campaign here, or get involved now!