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Easter Jam

April 12th, 2009


esmerelda-javier-fernandezHello to All blog-lets and readers of womp

this is me today…

after posing shirtless on a rooftop with 4 BB gun rifles and a bike helmet for a cellphone photo shoot, i had the fortune to live vicariously by looking downward into the neighbor’s green lawn. I spent a few moments overlooking 3 mexican kids on an easter egg hunt, listening to their gorgeous voices and nostalgically feeling the mystique and excitement of my own lost childhood.

Later, after eating plantains, i went to the flea market and stopped to take a picture with this random woman, who was trying to sell cheap kitchen cutlery.

i nicknamed her several things, most accurately Esmerelda Javier Fernandez.

Viva E.J.F.