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Superstylin’ Smashup

April 25th, 2009


Having been a dedicated secret weapon of Bassnectar sets for many months, this little doozy is a mashup of Groove Armada’s “Superstylin” with the instrumental beats from “Art of Revolution”… full on heaving crush-core dubstep with a big room hook for that nice ‘blast from the past’ effect!

And yes, it’s a bootleg. Hopefully Andy and Tom won’t mind the props. Superstylin’ was first released in 2001 on their Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) album and features vocalist Mike Daniel (aka MAD). And 8 years later, its sound is still slammmmmming! Recently, Groove Armada dropped a new E.P. with Van She, The Twelves, and Mad Decent remixes. Check it.

Big thanks and appreciation for spreading the word:

“Arguably one of the filthiest producers alive takes on one of our all time favourite dancefloor mutilators. How could we not post this.” Chrome Kids

“Bassnectar camp has unleashed a special bootleg of Groove Armada’s “Superstylin'” alongside their own instrumentals, and I must say, this shit is TOUGH!” –
Rock the Dub

“I’m not usually that keen on mashups, especially when they involve dated songs such as this Groove Armada tune but fuck a duck, this seriously goes off.” – We Are Not A Rock Band

“This starts out pretty mellow and then a tyrannosaurus rex wobble comes in to take over the scene.” – Dubstepped

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