Up Late, Lost in Computers

April 19th, 2009


spent all day recording an entire samba/batucada chorus line

end of the day theres 46 separate tracks of FULLY FRANTIC insanity…every sound and drum i could imagine. its ABSOLUTELY bezerk.

another 16 hour day in the labs, not even the slightest  exxageration…gotsa make my time at home COUNT, cuz soon ill be out  on the road goin CROSSEYED…and clinging on for dear life. amidst it all i had a free moment, and enjoyed quite a nice email  from my sweet mom.

she set this to me:


at first i was thrown off by the title…but its SO precious

and then i found some more links:



we humans are FECKIN loco amazing

hopefully you will enjoy these links if you haven’t seen them already/
or even if you HAVE…there really isn’t much novelty lost on seeing
cute babies

crazy innocent, crazy alive, their universes so micro-centered and SO


3 Responses to “Up Late, Lost in Computers”
  1. Jess says:

    hahahaha that video you posted about the kid who kept saying “blood” was absolutely adorable! i was laughing pretty hard lol,
    how sweet of your mom to send that to you!

  2. Bucky says:

    Thanx Brotha Man, it’s nice to have a little laugh off these young lives… How much I admire them for bringing joy to struggling faces. It makes you forget your troubles and remember how much I miss those days…


  3. robert petersen says:

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