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CAMPin’ out St. Louis & ROCKin’ Lincoln with CROPS of kids

May 27th, 2009


CAMP- The Community Arts and Media Project
The Community Arts and Media Project of St. Louis is an experience in cultural fusion. These people fight la guerra buena to bring the best in resources- those free and sustainable- to their city. Aside from gallivanting with and reaching out to people with rainbow tiedye bunny ears and rings of glowsticks that make them look like they’re training to join the Pa Dong tribe, these fantastic people find diverse means of empowering their community. In their lives as social activists, CAMP facilitates a gorgeous space and beautiful events to focalize their community on collaborations to improve every aspect of living in St. Louis, whether it be through alternative media, sustainable technology, a free school, a massive zine library (do they have a zine on the Pa Dong?) Anything you can think of because YOU are invited to make it happen.
In fact, it all happens only because of people like you, whether you’re handy with a hammer, have a bike fetish, love to teach, or enjoy webninjaing.

Diverse? Si.

Worthy of your help? Sin duda.

But wait, there’s more…

Academy of Rock

flyer1I read somewhere that your average ten year old has about 10 times the energy necessary to sustain life. Meet an organization that is channeling that 90% of said raw child energy exactly where it is needed: music. The Academy of Rock, our favorite division of the Northeast Family Center, provides a much-needed intensive music program to the K-12 students of Lincoln. Local professional instructors contribute their time and talent to facilitating a ‘band experience’ for kids from all over the Lincoln area.

If we at Bassnectar Labs had only known a little more in advance, you would have had the likes of these kids opening the night. Next time, my friends, come prepared to be converted to the faith that these kids shall inheret the vibrant culture and prowess of artists like Bassnectar.img_0166

And YOU can help make it happen. You can help teach these kids music, whether it be rock, hip hop, yodeling, headbangingcrunchywomptastic electronic shenanigans, or something that hasn’t been invented yet. You can run sound, design a shirt for them, have your band play in their class, or volunteer to help out and learn about music yourself. You can help to give them the true band experience of playing a gig if you’re involved with a Lincoln event.

We command unto thee, oh nectarites, bring forth the Bassnectars of the future!

Community CROPS

CROPSCommunity CROPS fosters an ideal fusion of community gardens, farmers markets, CSAs, and education about your greens and the greenest ways to get them (fresh from the garden with a lil’ dirt still there- it’s healthy. Lotsa vitamins in dirt! At least, that’s what I tell myself when I don’t wash my biatola…)

But, I digress. If you can’t see it already, CROPS brought us prime examples of the best ways to get involved and independent. Their pictures of happily tanned and healthy people, combined with that glory shot of tomatoes should be all the motivation you could ever need to contact CROPS or your local community garden/CSA project to put your money and your energy where it matters!

I hear that they’re even offering a special discount on green thumb transplants to Bassnectar participants…