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May 28th, 2009



Hey all

So after SOOOOOOOOO MUCH uproar about Rothbury, and SO MANY questions, i figured i would send out a note, as to why Bassnectar is not at Rothbury this year.

I don’t think anybody in upper management (which is where most of these things are handled…while the artists either go bezerk in the studio or melt themselves down into throbbing human mush on the road) understood what i, and the Bassnectar crew, tried to explain: that there was an EXTRA ORDINARY demand for BN musica at Rothbury. I think they thought it was just another rad festival, and like most festivals, you play a year, you take one off, you play again the next year, etc.

I knew from the second the music started last year, with the Not In Our Name intro, that Rothbury was something REALLY special.

All throughout the fall, so many wonderful people spoke from the heart about their connections to Bassnectar through Rothbury, and i not only wanted to PLAY again in 2009, i wanted to set up a full on Bassnectar Zone, and bring all my favorite artists from around the world to throw down in one place.

I presented this idea last summer, and several times since, and i probably asked over 100 times to play at Rothbury ’09.

But when all was said and done, for MANY reasons (none of which are underhanded whatsoever!) it was decided (without me) that Bassnectar would sit out a year and CARUSHHH it in 2010 if it happened. We rammed up the Midwest with awesome dates (like Bella Madre, Summer Camp, Detroit Electronic Music Fesitval, and perhaps one of the most exciting events of the year for me: LOLLAPALOOZA!) and basically decided that although we had REALLLLLLLLLY (and i mean REALLLLLLLLY) begged to be there, it was not in the cards for ’09.

After the initial disappointment, i really genuinely let go: we have an absolute CRUSHING list of tour dates…almost every show is SLAMMED shoulder to shoulder with wonderful people, the fall plans are INSANE!!!! (more on that later) and  at this point there are only 2 weekends off the entire summer, that i am trying super hard to KEEP OFF so i can have MUCH NEEDED studio time (even though i would have LOVED to have been able to say yes to Bisco!) before the Wildness of Fall comes slamming in, and before we know it will be New Years 2010!!!!!

So to everyone, all the bass-heads, fans, friends, and good people wondering “WHY ARENT YOU AT ROTHBURY!!!?” that is why.

And again, although we REALLLLLLY fuckin wanted to be there, there is SO much in life to be thankful for, and we are grateful and focused on the mega-intense future as it rides towards us on an inevitable wave of enthusiasm!!!!