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S.A.Y., have you met Democracy Unlimited?

May 7th, 2009


Welcome to the first edition of the Bassnetwork Wezt Coast Tour 2009 community empowerment blogtastrophe! Thus far, we have blasted 7 venues in a row and connected with 11 organizations rife with that juicy raw energy we love so well. All of these organizations are ripe and ready for new activists and volunteers. The people you see here are often both fans and some of the most vibrant people we have encountered on our odyssey.

Comin’ at you first we have the four lovely ladies from Sebastopol and Eureka representing S.A.Y.- Social Advocates for Youth and Democracy Unlimited.

S.A.Y. Social Advocates for Youth: Sebastopol, CA

Social Advocates for Youth We met Madalyn (left) and April of S.A.Y at the Hopmonk Tavern  amidst a rumbling waterfall of Wobble Factory womp. These girls are involved in a righteous organization that hooks young people up to work together on issues common to disadvantaged youth. Theirs is the essential story of young people reaching out to help each other. We all know that there are never enough resources or knowledgeable people to make our communities what they should be. The Social Advocates for Youth helps out with employment, housing, counseling, and so much more. Many of the young people who come to S.A.Y. end up working for the organization later and learning all the skills it takes to  carry on the group. As Madalyn says, the program is so successful precisely because it is run by young people for issues that they have experienced firsthand.

Let’s just say we offered a lot more than earplugs in Sebastopol.

Democracy Unlimited: Eureka, CA

Democracy Unlimited Megan (left) and Meghan of Democracy Unlimited wowed us with their variety of tabling materials and knowledge base concerning the state of democracy in Eureka. These ladies spoke powerfully to their issues that revolve around bringing democracy back to Humboldt County through community currency, a local business alliance, facilitating a CSA food program with local farmers, and more.

The best thing about watching these ladies table is how much the people in the community already knew about their programs. Fans worked at coffee shops that accepted the independent currency and had participated in the CSA program. What makes their programs work is participation, and that is where we can all lend a hand. D.U. facilitates ways to vote with our dollar to relocalize the power of the people.Democracy Unlimited

We all make choices when we spend our money, people like Megan and Meghan are keeping them conscious.

Could they be more awesome?

Get active and stay tuned for Community Empowerment Round II in Eugene, OR with Bassnectar Wezt Coast Tour 2009!