UCSC Administration Gettin’ Womped the BAD Way…

May 18th, 2009


The Coalition To Save Community Studies

Welcome, my friends, to activism in action. The 40-year-old Community Studies Major at UCSC is about to be downsized, and we, Bassnectar Labs, will not let the program Lorin got his Bachelor’s Degree from go down without the UCSC bureaucracy gettin’ womped!


(In the bad way.)

The Coalition to Save Community Studies, a student-led group, came to educated, fundraise, and hellraise over the downsizing of a program that, according to its website, “has maintained a focus on identifying, analyzing, and helping to construct sites for social change and cultural transformation.”

Isn’t that exactly what we all need to be learning right now? Sadly, UCSC has decided to stop supporting the programs that really matter. The Coalition asserts that there are many social science programs at UCSC that are hiring new faculty and receiving extra resources. This fact and other lead students to believe that the budget cuts are about more than the money- politics.

These people are working very fast and very effectively to save their department, and we at Bassnectar Labs request your full support, whether it be on the ground at UCSC, through an email, or through addressing a similar travesty in your local community.
Get involved and check out the excellent example these individuals are setting for organizing around what matters.
UCSC administration, our toes cringe at the idea of being in your shoes!

  • Nick X

    let me know what to do lorin.

    history graduate, took classes with mike rotikin, david brundage, all the best of community studies.

    i live in richmond, ca.

  • Joseph Krempetz

    What is this program like? I am undeclared so I need to find a major. Any suggestions on how to get into the electronic music minor? I am already taking history of electronic music but I know that won’t get me in alone.

    • Colleen

      hey joseph, i know you’re looking for advice from lorin, and i’m not him — BUT, have you tried taling to an academic advisor at your school? that would a good first step in finding out the features of certain programs and how you can make yourself eligible to enter those programs 🙂
      speaking to a professor or department chair in the program you’re interested in would also be a good idea, since they can give you a first-hand idea of what to expect from the courses you’d be taking