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June 12th, 2009


bigbounceHello Blog-folk!

I remember 7+ years ago, i used to enjoy these incredible stints of WEEKS AT A TIME buried in the studio…banging out TUNES AND TUNES like Goo Trees Produce Goo, and like Freak-bugs procreate in the heat of spring…

So this past week has been a throwback to that…

Finished up the final touches on the next Bassnectar single “Cozza Frenzy”…made lots of progress on “Boombox”, finished (and potentially cleared the sample for) the remix of Mute Record’s ‘Fever Ray’ and then in one shiny day started and finished a remix for Malente & Dex alongside my buddy iLL Gates…its called “Lions” and it literally dope!

Just finishing up a session with the one called Zumbi, from Zion i, and about to dive into preparations for this weekends festival of oooooomf in Flagstaff, AZ. there is a WHOLE LOTTA HIP HOP on right before the nectardrop, including Aceyalone and Crown City Rockers… KA-BLOOOOOOOie!!!!

(just made me remember to say HOLY EFFFFFFFFF!!!! THANKS TO THE ATLANTA HEADS…we sold out the Masquerade! RAMMMM OUT! THANK YOU! And then the next night, Starscape was downright amazing…REALLY GOOD TIMES!)

beldenriverwebBut yeah, as usual, i digress. THE POINT OF THIS little blogarooski is about THE BIG BOUNCE FESTIVAL in Belden, CA: YOU DO NOT WANNA MISS THIS!

Are you an old school head who is always griping about how parties aren’t the same any more? You miss the freaks out in the woods? The full moon type of parties? …but maybe you wanna sleep in a cabin by day and rage at night?
Or maybe you dont wanna sleep, you just wanna day dream all weekend as you run wild in the forest?

Are you a bass freak who wants all tempos mashed together, and not in the mood to be dubstepped at for 14 hours straight, or anything-ed for 14 hours straight, but you DEFINITELY want to rock all tempos and styles?

beldenbridgeDoes the idea of renting out an entire mining town, Saloons and all, strike you as a ridiculously fun idea?

We got El Circo sound system AND the Wobble Factory, combined together for TOTAL FECKING OOOOMFDOM, 2 stages, the beach stage included (you know love playing in the river, you crazy kid!) aaaaaaaaand….

i’m doing 2 sets…potentially (if my geeezer ass lets me stay up) the second one will be sunrise sunday morning…super old school style…all the old dreamtempo favorites…all the sonic cream.


like musical acai.

i’ll be ramping up the week in Lake Tahoe working on beats at the BEACH, and getting all GIDDDDDDY!!!!

There are different grades of tickets, and you can go to the ticketing site and use the code “nectar” …in fact. HECK, i just got off the phone with Champain & Baycahn and they say lets do a give-a-way:

if you are even still reading this:

THE TENTH PERSON TO EMAIL THE CONTACT FORM right now with “BIGBOUNCE” in the subject, you win a free pair of weekend passes…so Go Go Go!!!!!

Lotsa Love…much more madness coming up this summer…keep in touch!