New Release – READY 2 RAGE!!!

June 29th, 2009


THIS WEEK! has new sounds for your ears:

Take a ride on the tempo slide, into a kiddie-pool of utterly hard-core tearout basslines. Bassnectar & Jantsen have given the grinding swampmonster treatment to Product 01’s dancefloor bombdrop: “Ready 2 Rage.” It starts of with super stretchy freakshow dubstep, and dips down into that pelvic 90 bpm range with nintendo blips and squishy synths, then soars back up to a double time 70 bpm, we call it 140. Or you can throw away your calculators and just let your face melt…. mmmmm… face melts are fun. Get your face melted now in high quality:

320 MP3 – $1.99 Buy MP3 | MP3 + FLAC – $2.99 Buy MP3 & FLAC


16 Responses to “New Release – READY 2 RAGE!!!”
  1. I like that you change the tempo up, Good luck for those only ableton DJ's. Gonna have to actually mix this one. Good Job

  2. mr. ashton, i miss your eyes. i'd like to hear “i like your style” at home sometime in the future. i don't think i'm ready to rage.

  3. Dubbaholic says:


    When are you gonna melt our brains, with a new album?

  4. New Bassnectar – iffic goodness!

  5. kelly says:

    sooo fuckin good i best be feelin this at lolla

  6. terry says:

    what is “+ FLAC”? why would i need it?

    • Bassnectar says:


      FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. By encoding audio files with FLAC, the quality is exactly the same as the original audio file. It is the highest quality format that is available for digital music.

  7. coloooon says:

    you'd better be heading east, and i mean..EAST COAST or else you're gonna have some people wantin to rage a little too hard if you postpone comin out here

  8. i love it! i love the freakshow dubstep! kind of like your roustabout remix!

  9. WHOMPITY says:


  10. Of course I will download this! see you at Burning Man. Oh & check out Lorin!

  11. steph3n says:

    can't wait to see you shred in lawrence at liberty hall!!! its gonna be siiiick

  12. Doepah says:

    I want it on Vinyl!!!!

  13. Doepah says:

    I want it on Vinyl!!!!

  14. Joe Conway says:

    Come back to Red Rocks and smash this.Start earlier like 9 PM and end 11 30. You know you love it! #3daysplz

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