6/27/09 – Bassnectar at Sonic Bloom

June 4th, 2009


Bassnectar will be performing during Sonic Bloom on June 26th at Mishawaka Amphitheatre in Bellvue, CO.

Other artists include Zilla, Tipper, Ana Sia, Random Rab, Mimosa, Mochipet, VibeSquaD, Bil Bless, Big Gigantic, and EOTO + Kang + Kyle. Visit www.sonicbloomfestival.com for more information.

Visit music.bassnectar.net to check out Art of Revolution before the show, a mega-throbbing dubstep anthem pulsing with double time energy and featuring the legendary Jamaican vocalist Tapper Zukie. The single includes remixes by Diplo, Ghislain Poirier, 6Blocc, and Product01.

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