Cozza Frenzy Release & Fall Tour

July 28th, 2009


Cozza Frenzy FlyerAfter months of planning and brainstorming, we have put together an absolute FREEEAAAAKSHOW of a tour for the fall to coincide with the next Bassnectar release, titled COZZA FRENZY. We will be coming at you live pretty much solid Fall and Winter, alongside special guests DJ Vadim, Nosaj Thing, and Heavyweight Dub Champion.

Visit the tour schedule for the full event calendar, and feel free to hop on board the merry roadshow as we travel far and wide, stirring up a ruckus and causing a frenzy.

The tour launches on October 1st and features custom-built PK-Sound System enhancements for larger-than-life audio courtesy of The Wobbly Factory. On the cultural end, we are also working with a community of activists to generate involvement in local issues that pertain to each city along the tour route. (email basscorsair(at) to get involved or check out the community page online!). Also, limited presale discount tickets are available at so hop to it, bassfreaks!

Stay tuned for the release of Bassnectar’s debut single (3 versions of Cozza Frenzy out August 4th on iTunes) from the forthcoming album (a dozen new tracks and heaps of remixes due out on all formats October 2009) in partnership between Amorphous Music and Child’s Play Records. The original version is a head-banging body-rocking anthem, where dubstep and electro collide beneath a chopped and screwed vocal courtesy of Oakland mc/vocalist Seasunz. Z-Trip’s ‘Hellrazor Remix’ takes the original and flips it into a scratch track with loads of cuts and edits. Scratch djs and turntablists will eat this alive. Finally, Bassnectar give us his own ‘mega-bass’ remix – a straightforward dubstep version perfect for ripping any dance floor into complete frenzy. Hence the name…

Check out a sample:

More tracks and remix packages of all styles and genres to follow in the coming weeks, so stay tuned…

Also, tune into the podcast through the Summer for more singles and bootlegs to drop.


33 Responses to “Cozza Frenzy Release & Fall Tour”
  1. blowmymynd says:

    Cannot wait to see you at the House of Blues in chi-town

  2. kai says:

    FUCK HOUSE OF BLUES. Being denied entrance there 3 times for bogus reasons was enough for me to never support anything they'll ever do again.

    See you at UGS5 and Burning Man, but i'll never support House of Blues–wouldnt go if Aphex Twin played his last live show there.

  3. Curt says:

    Teaser sound SICK!!

    I'll be seeing you guys in Athens.

  4. jesshu says:

    heyy im really7 lovin this cozza frenzy,
    however, i was no sure where to post the feedback that you wanted so im gonna send ya a comment…
    i think your ready to rage mix set is pretty sweet but it liknda sounds like boretas style in bubblin in the cut…

    id really like to hear more of your classic bass tunes…maybea mix it in with some old school 50's swing music or something, i think you could do great with something like that

  5. Definitely played cozza frenzy at all good. bumpin

  6. mustardmilitia says:

    hell yes.

  7. alyne says:

    Thank you for that incredible show last night at Jujubeats! Egg cracking! Great.
    Met you backstage very briefly and thanked you for what you're doing for the world. I know it has an enormous affect and is shifting many people's consciousness, and that's your intent. It's working!!!! I'll be back in the area, in San Diego, for the Street Scene staying with a great friend who works with sound healing and sacred geometry. Your music, especially Mesmerizing the Ultra, which I used this morning in her Sound Chamber, raised my conciousness and compassion to greater heights than ever.
    Since you'll be in the area for Street Scene later August my friend wanted to make her Sound Chamber available to you to see for yourself what your music does for people. You can check this out at which gives Julie's contact info. Or you can email me about it. This might be a nice way to give back to you for your egg crackin' creations! Is worth the experience!
    Thanks again and hopefully see you soon.

  8. bjmurray says:

    couple more days till sham!!

  9. Marc says:

    Met you backstage at Jujubeats. Came all the way from Holland to see you play live and I'm really looking forward to you playing in Europe, if ever.

    You made my day!



  10. Julieadc says:

    Friday night in Boulder was sick! Thank, Loren! Forty bucks was rough. Guy before you was just okay. You made it all worth it. Thank you so much!

  11. manilo says:

    Gracias pa el nectar, por otra remezcla… sabrosa papa. Planteando bandera cabrones..

  12. bjmurray says:

    cozza frenzy is not what we love about your music

  13. nectarjunkie says:

    when are you gonna release a Shpongle remix?? I think that woulde b tite- common man that's right up your alley…

  14. nectarjunkie says:

    I hope you're throwing down a long-ass set at Underground Sound… can't wait

  15. Emily Wallin says:

    Sooo I'm thinking New Orleans needs to be added to that tour. Maybe between Miami and Denver? It would be much appreciated!

    And, thanks for signing my shirt again on Friday in Boulder!

  16. coloon says:

    i actually paid for this music, the first i have in years…sorry lol. i just needed that 'nectar so badly
    keep it bumpin and see you @ paradise!

  17. ~k e l l y~ says:

    i nearly had a heart attack when you threw this down at lolla last night. that crowd was so fucking crazy, ive never experianced a bassnectar show like that, people were moshing and shit, i couldnt even stand up, but it was so worth it as always. loveeeeeeeee it keep ragin

  18. Vicchi says:

    You should make lollapalooza last night into a podcast. Man u fuckin rocked out last night

  19. anniewhistler says:

    Thank you soooooooo much for your set at Shambhala on sunday!!!
    Made our weekend once again!!
    Love you man!
    Stoked to see that there is a Whistler date this time around!
    See you then!
    BJ and Annie

  20. Max Kelevra says:

    and when do you come in France??? I see that your tour takes place only in US! that's not good my friend, you must come to give us the right and good sound of Bassnectar! Mec, si tu viens en France, tu vas faire un carton, les gens vont kiffer! Viens nous sauver de toute cette merde de musique qui nous pourrie les oreilles bordel!

    So, take your balls in a hand and come in FRANCE please! I'm waiting for you.

  21. nectarjunkie says:

    Nectar- thank you soooo much- U absolutely killed it at Underground Sound- thank you so much- such an amazing set. I haven't seen my girlfriend have that much fun in a long time.

    Can't wait to see you when you come back to the Exit/In

  22. orionsawchuk says:

    I digg it…. nice new sound bassmiestro, glad to see your still at it.

  23. nectarjunkie says:

    Thank you so much for underground sound- u killed it. I can't believe you got shut off early at Alpharetta. Right in the middle of Lions- the beginning even. I wanted to hear it bad. Well- i wanted to say- thank you for playing- never stop- can't wait for you to hit nashville again. thankyou for everything….

  24. marinlove says:

    what day is bass nectar playin at symbiosis????

  25. hotcarl68 says:

    what venue is bassnectar playing at in vancuver?

  26. cant wait for the miami show!! getting down to bizzness. 🙂

  27. carolime says:

    your show changed my life
    its like i got a little sunshine in my pocket everywhere i go

  28. Amoney says:

    yo, I went to the ashville show! SOLD THE FUCK OUT!!!! congrats to all who made it into what was probley the best party of your life! guess i'll buy tix in advance in time!!! PLEASE COME BACK TO ASHVILLE:) and keep doin ya do

  29. Great! Thank for information, I'm looking for it for a long time,

  30. jharwood says:

    pk makes ur music sound they greatest

    all power to the symons valley ranch

  31. MELAMIN says:

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  32. MELAMIN says:

    we write Cozza Frenzy-Melamin&Wicked Sway /Neurodub remix/

    is completed

    and it is perfectly.

    and I want to send it to you.

    Please listen to this

    and let me know what you think.

    and i send u Wav format

    this is youtube video on it remix ( )

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