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July 15th, 2009


(Survey Below)

ok. this barely feels real, but i think that i am nearing the final hours of over 3 years of work on the next album (unless something very unexpected pops up).

I have nearly 50 songs to choose from, none of them are done (as i’ve said before no song EVER feels done…its just an orgiastic ceremony of distraction and obsession and progress, frozen in time, perhaps not ever fully developed) but i am nearing a deadline (July 30th) and at that point i have to have AT LEAST 10 finished tracks.

Finishing a track isn’t so hard, except that:

a) i obssessssss on the details, so each one has at least an entire month spent combing through micro seconds of sonic occurance

b) i don’t think occurance is a word.

c) in finishing a track i am directly choosing NOT to do a million possible things, and that is tough to decide

d) choosing the track for an album directs the flow of all other tracks.

So if i wind up with a really beastial grinder then i NEED to find something more melodic and dreamy (or emotive) to balance it out…if something is super tinkly, then i need to find something subby to balance it out.

If a song takes itself too seriously, then i need to find a lighter song to balance it out.

And even after i choose 10 songs, what to do with the other 40? Some of these have been left around since Mesmerizing the Ultra, and just never selected, …in fact i have nearly 100 of these songs which have been Live-Show-Only… so maybe i can steal the beat out of one of my forsaken sound…or that SUPER COOL “bloop bloop” sound i made back in 1996 splicing tape, or that wierd laughter loop from 2003, or some certain vocal loop that’s never been effected (chrizzt! as i say all this, im thinking about even more and more unfinished projects…there might be closer to 200 actually!)

i want to free the music!!!!!

SO… i am reaching out to you…i need to do some research.

Can you please come to (maybe you are already here, or maybe you are reading this on some 3rd party site) and chime in…

Please tell me:

1. What do you want

2. What do you not want

3. What are your favorite Bassnectar songs *OFF MY PREVIOUS ALBUMS* (not mashups, remixes, DJ mixes, etc… but actual Bassnectar originals and Bassnectar remixes off of albums)
And WHY?

4. What are your least favorite Bassnectar songs, and why? (please do not hate, i am looking for constructive criticism. Believe it or not, all humans are vulnerable, nobody likes to be hated on… just be constructive)

5. Do you understand the difference between genres? (dubstep, drum n bass, hip hop, mid tempo, glitch hop, downtempo, breaks, etc)?
If so, which do you prefer and why?

6. what do you like about music?

7. TECHNICAL FORMAT: how do you listen to it? iTunes? mp3? CD? Do you buy music? download it, trade it with friends? Do you want to support an artist? (BE HONEST!) or would you rather just save the ten dollars, and let the scurrrvy artist fend fo’ they dammmm selves?

8. Social Format: Do you want music to rage to? House party style? In the car? while you chill at home? in headphones out “in the real world”? Do you prefer dancing to dance music (out at an event) and listening to listening music (more laid back music) when you are not at an event?

9. thank you…all your responses and opinions are FASCINATING to me…i am SO thirsty to study you like a mad scientist…all i have seen for the past year is rooms full of people FREAKING tha FECK out, but i want to get a deeper understanding of what you wish for, what you like, and why.

10. No expectations, k? The next Bassnectar record might just be 10 random sketches i feel like calling songs… you might feel so ripped off, disillusioned, and betrayed that you never want to hear my music again. Or it might be EXACTLY what you need. Maybe it will grow on you slowly, or maybe you will only like one song.

This has all changed for me, as the “game” has become so much about the live show, i have just been creating music as almost components or parts of personality to engage with live during a show.

it is SO fun to do this…watch all these different personalities play with each other.

Throw other ingredients into the mix

its like a cooking show.

but now i wanna make 10 little hot cakes, so help me out and let me know what you think


(PS… this is public forum time, PLEASE SPEAK YOUR MIND and be detailed)

(PPS…. i will have another one of these about remixes, and mashups, and requests for live show content at another time, so please keep this one on topic in regards to OFFICIAL RELEASES OF ORIGINAL CONTENT)