Underground vs Mainstream – RRRAWRR!!!

July 12th, 2009


just some late night, post-party-action thoughts:


to me underground refers to an essence of attitude and perspective, a spirit of dissent mixed with inspiration, a do-it-yourself approach that bypasses traditional systems for more communal (hence more authentic) ones. And so much more. It means fearless, smart, real, true, and many other things. It can mean raw and cutting edge, even secret, even illegal. It can mean unpopular, or it can simply mean non-mainstream.

Can something underground permeate the mainstream? Can it enter it? Change it? incorporate it? Participate with it?

I think so.

Robin Hood robbed from the rich to feed the poor. He believed in a vision, an underground one, and i’m sure he often looked like he was compromising when in the end he was following his heart and serving community.

Since i began really having my own thoughts and identity as a person, i have always relished in the underground…in freaky things. In styles/genres/pheonomenon that were under the radar, sometimes frightening or obscene, sometimes violent, sometimes extreeeeeemely NON-mainstream, even anti-mainstream.

But, even with that underground spirit, i have also never looked at the world with cut and dry eyes.

There always seems to be a million different sides to a coin, multiple doorways at any pass. I do not think of myself or anything i do as mainstream. Yet i will happily enter the mainstream, just as one might enter the Matrix, on a specific mission. Somethings can’t be helped (i pay a Verizon bill, god damn them, every month. Or i pump my car full of bloody oil, or i – simply by living here – contribute to the vast monolith of the American Military Industrial Complex, with pretty much any dollar i earn or spend…) but the attitude that pervades all things can…and i stay true to that. Not because i choose that, but because i am that.

I trust myself. And a lot of the “work” i am doing on my mission is so much more complex than it appears…although it may be totally fruitless, goofy, trite, or easy to tease, i BELIEVE IN SOMETHING, and i am following my heart on that path.

That alleviates me from any stupid misperceptions someone might have about me or my motives and empowers me to flow more freely on my path. That stuff is useless.

The details of these visions and intentions are too vast to sum up quickly, but it centers on a commitment to humanistic connectedness, compassion, creativity, inspiration, the pursuit of truth, the critique of reality; and reaching harder than i thought possible for the light at the end of the tunnel, and RAAAAAAAAGING against the dying of that light.

So if i end up paying Verizon each month, know 3 things:

1. I am aware of the paradox
2. I dislike it
3. I make the educated, thoughtful decision to take the lesser of two evils

And if Bassnectar does something that seems like it wasn’t something you expected, HAVE A LITTLE FAITH. If we play a “mainstream” venue…its probably because we are on an outreach mission and want to tap in to an audience we couldn’t otherwise reach.

I heard a lot of people complain about the show we did tonight in Colorado. It was definitely a mainstream show, and here are some of the reasons i am so happy we did it:

1. We played to a whole new audience tonight. MASSIVE!
2. We enjoyed widespread radio play, including messages about Dick Cheney ON THE AIR that i highly doubt have ever been aired before. A personal pet project of mine.
3. We connected with new people, and new crew, and more importantly, we made connections that will open doorways for bigger, crazier things like this in the future.

And is that where i see Bassnectar going? Only big, sell-out mainstream corporate bullshit shows? FUCK OFF>..no Way.

No Way.


We will still play small shows, we will still do insane 3 month road tours, we will still kill it at festivals, and rage underground venues, but we also might do some wierd wedding, or a high school graduation, or a fucking street festival, or the Gay Pride Parade, or a live Jazz set at a conference for Elvis Impersonators, or the back of a truck at a protest, or the middle of nowhere with the bass knob on 11.

But it’s not all about the music for me. It’s about the community, and what feels like a movement. As cheesy as that might sound, that is genuinely how i look at it. This isn’t a music career, this is a social experiment. And it will end at some point. And before it vanishes, it will bend and change and morph and in the meantime, TRUST ME…

Im not a wanker, i am not a sell out, i am fucking CONVICTED and i’m on the warpath. If i do something you think sounds suspicious give me the benefit of the doubt, assume i am up to some shenanigans. not just some super-simple schmuck who has no self awareness or integrity.

Earlier this year i was offered 250,000$ to play 10 shows, sponsored by an alcohol company, on a kind of corporate tour.

I didn’t really even balk at the obvious objection (“oh its sponsored. by Alcohol! Oh that’s so bad”) because EVERYTHING is fucking sponsored. Our entire country is a cheap whore bought out to the last straw by anyone with enough money. We are so inverted and cheaply betrayed, it is an ILLUSION that you can function and make waves without navigating through these messy waters. Running off to nonstop cults of escapism won’t save you…and living “off the grid” does nothing for anyone else.

Anyhow, back to my story. So i was offered all this loot, and i thought, WHAT IF, we take it, and spend the typical 5,000-10,000$ on the production of each show, and after another 30% goes to management, and the crew is paid, etc, let’s say there is still 10,000$ per show. Leaving, as all you mathematicians out there know: $100,000 minimum.

So we could have kind of a community-sponsored contest of where and how to spend that money in areas that we think are important, kind of a give back mentality. Plus i bet we could have made the shows FAR MORE SAVAGE and off the hook than the corporate minds would have ever imagined.

But they passed on it, because they thought that would get too much press, and they were (UNDERSTANDABLY) doing this for promotion, not charity.

So it was bagged. But i held true to my heart.

And as for this show tonight in colorado, at a “mainstream” venue:

before this show, I had NEVER HEARD OF any of the bands playing (All American Rejects, Goldfinger, etc) …i am just not watching TV or listening to Radio, or tapped in enough to be exposed. And so when a lot of people were bitching about the lineup, i was like “huh? whats the problem”
At the end of the day, it was a wierd gig…i watched maybe 4000 people walk out in a flood when the last band played their last song. But i expected that. What i didn’t expect was the 4,000 who stayed, some who were hardcore BN fans (some who drove from Chicago JUST for that set, one of whom i believe i got to quit smoking cigarettes tonight! kung-FU!), some who were like 14 or 15 year olds and had NEVER heard anything like that before, and some who were just totally caught off guard. It felt great to connect, and we had a blast.

thanks for tuning in.

So much more to come, in all shapes and all sizes

See you all in the fuuuuuuture


54 Responses to “Underground vs Mainstream – RRRAWRR!!!”
  1. kevins221 says:

    “Our entire country is a cheap whore bought out to the last straw by anyone with enough money. We are so inverted and cheaply betrayed, it is an ILLUSION that you can function and make waves without navigating through these messy waters. Running off to nonstop cults of escapism won’t save you…and living “off the grid” does nothing for anyone else.”

    Nectar, I love the music and the message, I love what it does to the molecules in my ear. The noises you make are amazing and unreal. However, despite your amazing music and creativity, the above statement does not sit well with me. Living off the grid is not doing nothing for anyone else. I moved to northern vermont for the sole reason of being “off the grid”. I am here to help people, I am here to provide a pleasurable experience to those who seek it, and I have never seen a more community service than in this, the second least populated state in our country, Who is NoT by any means, a cheap whore. She is more than money and greed, and this statement is not something I ever thought to hear or read from you~ Keep on keepin on man, mainstream or underground, as long as the sounds and the message stay true to you and those who love you.

    • Lorin says:


      my sincere apologies! i spoke too generally. i feel like the awareness that there is so much that needs fixing makes bailing on the situation an impossibility.
      its like waking up in the middle of the night and realizing your neighbor's house is on fire, there is only one thing to do: GET THA FUKUP and help. Going back to sleep isn't an option, and as lovely and well intended as going “off grid” is, to me it seems like too much of a luxury.

      but keep in mind. i have UBER strict self-imposed standards concerning luxury, and a LOT of things in life that are legitimate and beautiful fall into the category of innapropriate for me becuase i feel like its not doing enough to help put out your neighbor's house fire.

      i know its a pretty intense judgement, and i hold it over myself more than others. i follow it pretty strictly, and with other people, i just kind of huck out the perspective and see where it falls.

      personally, i really meant no offense, and i am sure there is SO much goodness that you are involved in. it takes all types, and i am not one to judge anyone else like that.

      it's more of an overall sentiment: when your neighbor;s house is on fire, dont go back to sleep, jump up, call the fire department and grab a hose!

      if you agree with that sentiment, then adapt it into your life however you like, and if going off grid is how you are more effective then RIGHT ON!!!!!!!


      thanks for reaching out


  2. love you buddy. keep it up, keep it out. you make me very very proud.

  3. Coleman says:

    i was there last night… weirdest show I have ever been to. But it had a feeling of something different… And you still threw it the fuck down even though you only got to play for 40 minutes! I saw so many 12 year old girls just looking at you like “whhhhhatttt!?!?!?!? who is this FREAK going nuts on stage? He's killing it!” Fuck the haters. Do your thing

  4. allenink says:

    Dude …. you are the FUCKING MAN! … Never stop.

  5. Adam says:

    If anything you should be playing MORE of those types of shows. Crazily weird or not, because it puts you (and all the new people that have never heard of you) outside the comfort zone we all build for ourselves. The “underground”, for those who participate in one, in is often just a smaller version of the mainstream. It may have different goals, a message, a point, and big dreams (and that is a very good thing), but often stays fully insulated, creating its own little playground where its very easy to cover your eyes and pretend nothing else is going on.

    Thats like dorm-room philosophy. Tts fun, and it makes you feel better about the world, but nothing actually gets accomplished.

    The real Underground is an idea that's different. Its creativity, its passion, its change. It can be a music and a message, but it can also have nothing to do with that. It could be a scientist working a project that no one else will back, and he keeps going because he believes in it. But it is also neutral. The Underground can and does produce ideas that we would find negative, even abhorant, because perhaps those ideas push for change in a different direction than we see as best for the future.

    The problem with the mainstream is just the lack of thought. The lack of creativity. People should be putting more of themselves into the world. Just to give it a different finger print. If people start actually thinking, and doing, and participating (sorry for the “buzzword”) then a different attitude can be imprinted on so many new people.

    So keep on playing. Push people in a different direction. And ill be looking for you at some red-state ho-down where people think you are some kind of alien.

  6. alyne says:

    Hey Lorin,
    Thanks for your incredible committment in doing what you believe is the right thing, for sharing the messages that you do. I didn't hear any political bits in the one show I saw you at (Big Bounce)(sorry I missed out!), but something in your creation alone is uplifting and educational anyhow. The energy you bring to your work resonates to all of us. I was deeply moved, couldn't figure out what hit me for a while!
    Everything you do speaks of who you are and what you uphold, as goes for us all. I think your music reaches so much furthur than even YOU realize. It can be hard to see the fruits of our own creation, and really that's besides the point. We just need to focus better on keeping the real priorities in tact and fulfilling what our lives ask of us in commitment to the greater picture( whether we're “on” or “off” the grid, we're all “on” influencing wherever we are).
    Screw the minds that want to limit or judge our efforts. That's none of our business as I see it. Only you know what feels right on your path. No one else can see through your eyes to the purpose you move from. You are in no way cheesy! Ha! I know what you mean though! Standing out as one with a real dream and positive vision can be labeled as such by those who're uninspired. Don't judge yourself. You're doing a BEAUTIFUL thing!
    It's really refreshing for me to read of the feelings behind your creation. I could feel it before I read your blogs but was comforted to find that your beliefs and intentions are in sync with what you produce. We all need that reinforcement to do what is right individually to affect the whole, to take a greater responsibility. It's so easy to be blind in this country/society. Even those of us with intentions to help are limited to the information we receive and held by our own confusion about WHAT to do with it all!

    Each and every one of us are great creators in this world be it on small or large scale. It takes a lot of courage and gut to question what is really happening in the World now and to take a stance in living to what our own souls ask of us in awareness of our Unity.

    Don't be discouraged sweet boy, you've truly touched and uplifted ONE LIFE here! And that life affects another and another and another…………..

  7. buckybass says:

    Hhhhmmmm… I'm sorry Lorin. I was not insulting you. I love what you do and I have much, much love for you. I am just afraid of that happening. It's easy to get caught in the corporate blender. I was just on your page and I got a bad feeling. And it was probably all the Shmos who sent out that bad energy after or before your show. I did not go to it and did not hear about it.

    I seem to have that happen to me a lot. Maybe it's an ability (that we all have) that I am open to or just caught that wave in the air. It's like for instance if you turn on the radio and you're on a station that is just fuzz. This fuzz is permitted throughout daily life. For example going to a pointless job and having bullshit in your mind from T.V. to corporate banners waving in your face. The things that have fucked with it seems most all peoples heads. Especially the youth know days!!! It's not their fault but, I just feel bad for the people that can't think on their own. For instance when you are into something whether it be music/culture/friends/family/numbers/ or for that matter, anything. It's like you can flip the tuning knob to that station. Those stations for me are mostly people I care about with all my heart and of course music. But, when you are in tune with those things you can sometime get connected with it. Like number for instance if you notice certain numbers you will see them everywhere. If you are aware. And being aware is hard now days.

    Well it's your station I guess I was allowed to tune into to, while I was on your page. And I am blessed to be on that plain because of you. But, I just caught that feeling. And I was like I'm gonna send a comment. Maybe it should of been worded a little better 🙁 Sorry ):

    But, I am glad it made you write a blog. For me!!! Hahah!!! I usually send comments composed of positive words for you. And every time they are not posted. Maybe because of so many other people saying the same things. But, the one time I send you one that isn't positive it gets posted. Haha!!! Figures… Well I'm glad to hear to your point of view; that hasn't changed from when you started doing this. That's what I should of typed “Stay you and keep that level head on your shoulders and fuck what others say.” Hey but, fuck it. It can only make you stronger. When bad things happen you can either let it brake you down or realize it and learn from it. And hey you wouldn't of posted this blog. And this is what I hoped you would say instead of ignoring it and deleting it. Hey and thanks for sending me a comment. I don't care if it was a negative post. I just love to see that you thought of posting something on my page ;-D. Post whenever and whatever you want on my page. It makes me happy. As Yoda said. “The force is strong with you it is.” Keep that Positive Force Flowing!!!


    P.S. You ever heard of Shoogie Otis???

  8. SCIndman says:

    I guess I speak for myself when I say that it's awesome you played next to/after/before the All-American Rejects. I saw them back in the day as a youngin' – probably 12 years old (not that I'm old now) and I totally RAGED that stuff. My musical taste and attraction to LIVE music has SINCE THEN exploded.

    I'm also a fan of what is called 'underground'. I like to believe 'underground communication' is what is 'word of mouth'. It's legit. Though, I don't know you're idea of it is behind the basis of your titled track. I also wanted to point out that you described 'underground' as fearless. From what I've been reading/learning recently, fear is the opposite of love. Love is with out fear. It's a powerful word, but it's a powerful movement. I hope you can add that trait to your definition.

    After reading you're blog and replies I have to ask, what is the actual 'grid' in which we are either off or on? Is it being mainstream/underground? Not/paying taxes? Living in/out of the spotlight? Watching/Avoiding the news? Not/Listening to the radio? Is it as confusing/general as I am taking it, or are you referring to a specific action/'thing'?

  9. jane2113 says:

    Hey Lorin,

    I met you for a hot minute the other night at All Good, i've seen you a bunch of times in Vermont, and Massachusetts, but for some reason the show you put on at all good really rubbed me in and awesome, and interesting way. i guess by that i mean it started to make me think that there was more than just awesome beats going on up on that stage.

    I always kind of knew that your music had a point, but i think i was too silly to ever really look into it and actually educate myself on what's going on here.

    The reason why I experienced this feeling is due to someone who was avid on making sure that I am truly living my life, and not just watching it go by from the stands. This person would try his hardest to make his students start living and to start having opinions, and making decisions rather than just sitting around being sucked in by corporate america to make our decisions for us. so on that rambling note i think it was his wisdom that woke me up, and i believe bassnectar is one of the sources of fuel to burn my fire. with that said, i realized this at all good, and i want to thank you for not letting me fall back asleep…. THANK YOU!!!!

    much love,


  10. Anonymous says:

    Hey Lorin,

    I met you for a hot minute the other night at All Good, i’ve seen you a bunch of times in Vermont, and Massachusetts, but for some reason the show you put on at all good really rubbed me in and awesome, and interesting way. i guess by that i mean it started to make me think that there was more than just awesome beats going on up on that stage.

    I always kind of knew that your music had a point, but i think i was too silly to ever really look into it and actually educate myself on what’s going on here.

    The reason why I experienced this feeling is due to someone who was avid on making sure that I am truly living my life, and not just watching it go by from the stands. This person would try his hardest to make his students start living and to start having opinions, and making decisions rather than just sitting around being sucked in by corporate america to make our decisions for us. so on that rambling note i think it was his wisdom that woke me up, and i believe bassnectar is one of the sources of fuel to burn my fire. with that said, i realized this at all good, and i want to thank you for not letting me fall back asleep…. THANK YOU!!!!

    much love,


  11. I like your thoughts on the underground permeating the mainstream. I think that the mainstream is in dire need of more of it. nothing wrong with playin the Boulder theater. we need some nectar again on the east coast (esp. Paradise Rock Club in Boston).

  12. zozzle27 says:

    The state of consciousness and universal human experience that the all-encompassing art of Bassnectar expresses is truly infinite, beyond reality. Thank you for living the dream and moving the masses!
    So much Love

  13. Anonymous says:

    The state of consciousness and universal human experience that the all-encompassing art of Bassnectar expresses is truly infinite, beyond reality. Thank you for living the dream and moving the masses.
    So much Love

  14. dball22 says:

    Dude, you do not have to explain yourself, your motives, or your music to anybody. You are the absolute truth, and that permeates through your thoughts, words, and music. I love the way that you use your music, which is some of the sickest shit ever to throb out of speakers, to push towards greater human consciousness and exposing some of the atrocities around our world. You are the epitome of underground, and even if you have millions of fans and play some more “mainstream” venues, that will not change who you are or what you and your music represent. We need more fearless soldiers like you who use their voice and their art for the greater good of mankind, instead of for bullshit like fortune and fame.

    With that being said, I must comment on my most recent dosage of nectar from All Good on friday night. It was great to see Bassnectar in WV again; I have never seen the All Good crowd that charged up for anybody in all of my years at that festival. I guess that moonshine you hit up before owning the stage did you alright, because your music and energy could be felt from the heavens that night. Those of us who were already fans, and those who became fans, could feel your soul pumping through the speakers that night. It's a damn shame that they only let you throw down for 45 minutes, but in retrospect, I probably would have had a heart attack had you played for much longer. That was one of the most powerful and creative sets that I have ever heard. From the GnR intro, to Kid Cudi, to the last jam that you graced us with, I felt and heard a force powerful enough to help shape the future for the better.

    Please keep pouring your heart and soul out to the world; we need it. You keep pushing on your mission, and we will follow. P.S. if there is ANY way possible to get that set from All Good PLEASE let a brother know!

    Mad love and respect

  15. tylerwhitow says:

    Just wanted to say that the show at ALL GOOD was amazing, it blew my mind away for being the first time I ever got to see you perform live.Anyway you could ever release the video/audio you played?

  16. Murdockdokdok says:

    hell ya that shit was tight my name is murdock and i have a few brothers of mine who we will be at every show from now on whenver you are in denver….. we will always bring great L and that molly chick, and amazing poi skills to any and all of your shows cant wait to see you fuckin rock it in boulder brotha!!!! till next time….

  17. Murdockdokdok says:

    hey my name is murdock and me and a few of my brothers were at your show and had to wait way too god damn long to get way too god damn little of you… well we wanted to let you know we will be at all your shows in colorado from now on droppin mad lucy molly and insane poi skills at every venue you take over… see ya in boulder….. till next time….

  18. coryjohnstone says:

    Lorin you absolutely blow me away with all of your rants and raves. I could read for days..as for the music-nothing is more satisfying getting chills as you pop out from the tent to throw the most ridiculous 45 minute set the Mountaintop could handle..I just want to thank you for encouraging me to branch out and find out what I'm really interested in and how to value life.

    much love

  19. danksnaks420 says:

    Yo yo bassnectar we love you…. Unfortunatley missed the “mainstream show” but sure youkilled it as always. Sonic bloom was the shit and you should release the songs you dropped because i just want to hear them again so bad that its like i have a itch….. see you in boulder the 31 but ALSO YOU NEED TO PLAY FLAGSTAFF AZ AGAIN VERY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. nectarjunkie says:

    -again came out to all good to see you. Saw the roster and felt so bad for you. We all got robbed. OnLY 45 min with YOU!???!! couldn't believe that. Felt so cheated. AND you were on the small stage, man i could barely hear you and i wasn't even up the hill!! Those li'l ass speakers can't take your bass! Blew em out, but thank you so much for coming out. Next year you should book the main stage, and see if they'll let you give us a decent 2hr set. that really broke my heart, again, after Bella Madre, and then this, But hopefully you come to Nashville sometime soon- can't wait to see you again, keep preaching the good truth brother

    • spaceylacey says:

      yea junkie i hear that i was disappointed to.. u may have been more satisfied if you made it to the front. my spot was like 3 rows back and a great one..except the sweaty big dude falling back on me. so many people were there to see him and ur feelings that they should have the main stage was felt by everyone around me. I will be there next year for sure if bassnectar is on the main stage. 45 mintues was a total tease 🙁

    • method-one says:

      I agree with the main stage but i don't think i could take 2 hours of raging to bassnectar. Also, please don't play mashup pop hiphop songs at a place like Allgood. I only got to see about 25 minutes of your show, but i heard at least 3 or 4 pop songs. We want to hear that BOOOOOOOOSSSSZZHHHHHH!! Everytime i see you i'm completely drenched from head to toe in sweat, and especially at a jam band festival like Allgood where you're the only DJ on the main stages, I need to get a mighty heavy dose of rage. Maybe it was the speakers, i dunno. PS. Starscape was the shizzz

  21. sidryder says:

    Lorin, you are the shizzzz, the man, the “it” factor we have been so desperately needing in the music scene! Party with a purpose…rage the warpathby day and then let yer hair down late at night with the brothas and sistas! You embody, hope, inspiration, revolution, change, truth, REALITY…you use your music as a vehicle to inspire,encourage, and WAKE UP the tired masses….you are doing with your music what us “little people” wish we had the exposure to do, spread the message that there are horrible and unthinkable crimes, injustices and LIES going in within our country and around the globe that require drastic and immediate attention and,more importantly action! As long as you are spreading the message, you are doing more good than harm, no matter which way you split it! As a person who too feels “convicted”, it is most amazing and wonderful to find a kindred spirit in a musician who's music I LOVE so very much! You give me and countless others hope! And we love you for it…no matter what! P.S. Can't wait for Boulder…I can feel the riddim from ova here!

  22. jleffler says:

    Lorin, For years I searched for the music that met my everyneed, and 2 years ago I found the nectar and have never turned back. Im a school teacher in rural northern ca, and I even brought in my own sound equipment so I can properly expose my 6th,7th, and 8th graders to the the one and only Bassnectar. Your music and apsirations are inspiring and I use my position as an educator to pass on the message of hope. I busted out of class at 3:00 on a friday after work and drove 6 hours just to catch your last show in sf, then blasted back home to get my sons up for the day. 46 hours of no sleep and it was totally worth it. I've already got my 2 year old son mastering the hand swat and my 8 month old is already grooving to the wobble………….WOMP!!! Peace and love from the Trinity Alps

  23. spaceylacey says:

    🙂 Wow it feels like you took a couple of my skewed thoughts from All Good and organized them to make sense to the remaining that didn't wonder down that notion. Since I was like 14 I have been in love with the unseen beauty of underground anything. So many times though my ignorance (or anti-mainstream attitude) would keep me from the greats like Tool or Gorillaz. It seems like they were once the underground but were so good that they rose up and everyone felt them. That is the progression I predict Bassnectar will move on with. Continuing the low key goodness that never needs to be shouted, because everyone hangs on to every whisper.

    BTW Thanks for not being a sell out; continue to play hard to get… its hot. Hope to see you again in Richmond soon.

  24. funksetsyoufree says:

    Beatles were one of the most mainstream bands ever but are still admired as one of the most artistically creative. If the art is there, the art is there. If it is underground and brought up only to realize that it is not as good “above ground”, means the artistic quality is not as high as it was originally thought to be. The “underground” quality of it was why it is so good, not the quality itself. But I normally enjoy a good bassnectar show… You needed more umph at All Good. And when you play festivals throw in more crazy remixes like Willie Wonka, inspector gadget, Dr. Suess and more beatles. We don't need to hear Day and Night by Kanye.

  25. Matt Strohl says:

    Do what ya want, who the fuck has any say but you…”play this” “play there”….just keep the messages regarding the state of affairs going. Sampling Chomsky gets my vote!

  26. maybe you should just take as much money as you need to spend on the shows you know? dont accept huge amounts of money for it. because remember its about the music and about the movement. not about the money, so say if you have enough money to get by and then some maybe have some free shows or something you know?

  27. personally i dont care if you do or not i would pay any price to see you live but its just the thought of a huge dj like yourself doing free shows, it says alot about you.

    free shows are ussually for those underground bands that are trying to get heard, you never see huge artists doing free shows

  28. Keep It Raw Lorin…….have seen u twice this year at the Phish reunion and then at Allgood…you kill it…do what you do!!!!!!

  29. Keep It Raw Lorin…….have seen u twice this year at the Phish reunion and then at Allgood…you kill it…do what you do!!!!!!

  30. Xanderlares says:

    your songs are sounding mainstream now. <- and im not just saying that to be an ass, your older work is what inspired me to become a producer/dj, so it takes a lot for me to say that.

    • LORIN says:

      1. how old are you?
      2. if ripping, throbbing bass lines and sick beats are mainstream, then i don't know what mainstream is

      all i know is if the mainstream is coming to us, we can run, or we can continue doing what we are doing

      i am not a mainstream person, and i never have been.

      when i hear the newest stuff (like “wildstyle method”) that shit just sounds dirty and nutso.

      if the mainstream is going dirty and nutso then wacha gonna do?

      the key is this:
      if you go to the mainstream, and change who you are to accomodate the mainstream then you are a sellout.
      if you do what you love, and the mainstream comes to you, then you either choose to be a dick and turn people away.

      or you graciously accept people, and experience the sensation of surprise with how crazy life is

      i don't think you are an ass.


      but remember as long as i stay true to myself as an artist, you should respect that.

      and i am VERY true to myself and what i love.

      • Bhaley says:

        I think a lot of people misuse the word mainstream. It is pretty clear that every artist's goal is to become popular and have lots of people love his/her music. Think of how more gratifying it would be to play to a crowd of 10,000 than a crowd of 200. Bassnectar is not mainstream at all he has just become much more well know than six years ago when I started listening to him. So Lorin congratulations on being a successful artist. Just because someone has lots of fans worldwide does not mean that he has gone mainstream. Lorin continues to create the crunchiest most mind blowing music ever. Every time I leave a Bassnectar show I leave the happiest/saddest person alive. Im happy cause I hear new filth but Im sad because I know I wont see him live again for at least a couple months not more. But back to my point because im beginning to ramble. Mainstream to me simply means well known. It does not mean sellout. Lorin is making music that he loves and you know what a shit ton of people love that music to. Also people are complaining about him playing at “mainstream venues”. Fuck that I hope he continues to do this small shows are tight but I always have a blast when im with 6,000 bassheads who are on the same level as me just getting down. If bassnectar plays at Madison Square Garden you best believe I will be there. One love. p.s.-crunch crunch to the crunch crunch

        • LORIN says:

          thanks, Bhaley.

          you understand me completely.


          in other news, check this out:
          http://tinyurl.com/62pxxxj #SERIOUSSHIT

          • SamTheMan says:

            On #seriousshit:

            While I agree that America's equality levels are purely unbalanced and there are numerous issues involving politics, business, and the filthy combination of the two…the more important issue, is one that is incorrectly addressed in the article:

            “Money doesn't grow on trees. It grows when we make things. It grows when we have good jobs with good wages that we use to buy the things we need and thus create more jobs. It grows when we provide an outstanding educational system that then grows a new generation of inventers, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and thinkers who come up with the next great idea for the planet. And that new idea creates new jobs and that creates revenue for the state. “

            Money is literally created out of nothing. What we create..the ideas, art, products, etc. create absolutely nothing outside of any benefits, uses, and human stirrings they bring about. Fiscal creation is completely a “money does grow on trees” issue in our fractional reserve system. There is very little, to no, real value in the currency and financial supports with which we are hanging our lives upon.

            With that said, it is aimless to sit and talk about the bullshit inner stirrings of this system and its problems. The problem is the system itself and we are all sitting around going in circles trying to solve any problem with this system remaining in place. Perhaps it is that we have reached critical mass for this system and essentially “outgrown” it or perhaps it is the life cycle of the system…these things are theoretical, and I do not have enough knowledge or data on either theory to know which is more likely. What I do know is that this empty, inflated system is not going to allow humans to reach full potential.

            And with thaaaat said:
            Why waste time dredging in the muds of this faulty, crumbled foundation? Why not move on (protest and raise hell, indeed, but more importantly inform) and focus not on changes which are arbitrary and are dual edged swords, but rather on true change and transformation? Not repeating the same shit that has failed. Redistributing “wealth” won't work, because it is not true wealth, and no one will gain any true value.

            Down with the failed (smash it and destroy it and resent it, but understand it and don't go back trekking through those old trodden tracks), and on to the next (new, experimental system that may or may not be better, but must be tried in order to learn and better the human race)!

            There are other faults in this article, but they are irrelevant in comparison.

          • LORIN says:

            For one, your points are great! i love that you bring this stuff up, and it further inspires me to create a TRUE discussion board for topics like this, so real issues can be addressed and intelligently discussed.

            BUT LET ME BE VERY CLEAR: In my opinion you have completely missed the point that Michael Moore is making here, and in doing so you are bringing up a NEW point. This is problematic because the NEW POINT (which i happen to agree with) is a distraction from MOORE's POINT which is very important and super relevant. Moore's point deserves circulation and consideration, not distraction.

            The point you brought up (money is fallacious) is excellent (watch the original zeitgeistmovie.com for more on the federal reserve, etc) but it is NOT Moore's point, and therefor it DISTRACTS from a good point.

            The fact that Cancer is bad is also a good point, but there is no reason to bring it up in response to Moore's point.

            DO NOT BE CONFUSED:
            Moore is making a point about WEALTH, not MONEY.
            Specifically he is making a point about the (unjust) *DISTRIBUTION* of *WEALTH* not “money”. He told a *story* about “money” but he is making a POINT about *WEALTH*

            Wealth is anything that is a resource: it is clean air, it is rent money, it is a house, a car, food, health care, education, luxury, vacation time, boats, shoes, sunglasses, cell phones, etc.

            Taking it further, MORE WEALTH means MORE AND BETTER RESOURCES: gourmet food, unlimited free time, unlimited vacation time, luxury cars, premium health care (which results in LONGER life)….that is WEALTH.

            MOORE'S POINT IS THIS: The WEALTH in this country has been seized and is controlled by the wealthiest of Americans (FOUR HUNDRED INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEINGS!) while the BILLIONS of the rest of us have an increasingly DIMINISHED share of that wealth.

            THAT is his point.

            It is ILLUSTRATED by the situation in Wisconsin (hence why he is there in the freezing cold, risking being shot in the face by some extremist idiot who does not understand him) because in Wisconsin, poor people are being SQUEEZED so that the Wealthiest bankers and corporate elite do not have to.

            And to make a point of my own: TAXES:

            TAXES ARE GREAT! It is a manipulative talking point and a system of brainwashing to think that taxes are bad. TAXES means everyone pitches in for basic needs like roads, fire trucks, post office, schools, hospitals, an army, all that kind of stuff.

            THE PROBLEM with TAXES is that they are UNEVENLY DISTRIBUTED, in an unfair, unjust way, so that POOR PEOPLE (people with less WEALTH) stay poor, and so that the RICH elite STAY RICH.

            Instead we should have a better say about how taxes are distributed, because we would make them pay for the things we need. So we would see a RETURN on our tax dollars. Meaning your mom or dad might have to pay 50,000$ in taxes but the idea is that they get more than 50,000$ in services (they get libraries all throughout the country, they get roads and post officies and hospitals and police stations and RADIO stations and schools ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY)


            THAT IS MOORE's point and it is SO IMPORTANT

            So let's not choose this moment to talk about other things like the fact that strawberries taste good, or cigarettes cause cancer, or this, or that, or anything distracting from the issue. I agree the financial system is FUCKED TO THE CORE, and that Money is a Fallacy. But let's talk about that another time, and not reply to a crucial point with a totally separate point that changes the topic

            Again, thank you for caring enough to post, i hope we can discuss your point soon

  31. Alicia says:

    Hi , we are all hoping to see you at allgood this year . please tell me you will be there !!

  32. Jesherwood says:

    Yooooooo, put that PINK ELEHPHANTS up for download. That shits sooooooo fire.

  33. the lizard king says:

    ive been trying to draw ur radio tower looking logo for over a year i think, and it almost never turns out right but i finally figured out why. ive been trying to draw the inside, the part that isnt there. it seems obvious now but it took forever to realize that the inside shape is sort or a fractal formed by 10 swoops. im so glad i finally got it. just wanted to share the info for any fellow frustrated doodlers

  34. jerry says:

    is it just me, or does your urethra tingle when when you hear your music?

  35. Basscadet69 says:


    I am a really hard worker and grateful for the potential I have to earn money through my
    own, educated, efforts. I had privileges many didn't (great jobs ALWAYS,
    a college education paid for by “thanks, Dad” and sometimes it all seems so random, you know?

    WTF am I so lucky?

    While I don't feel like I owe anyone anything, I don't like to hear that certain public services
    are axed because certain Americans (an often those with LOADS of cash) feel that they are
    going suffer a blow financially if their taxes go up….HUH??? These people are not concerned with the community at large.

    I was raised by Republicans and work in an environment that is driven by the flow of money
    and I think America is sexy, but I totally see the other side of the coin…. It can be harsh. I have
    always sought to walk a line that allows me access to all sides so I can learn from maximum exposure to all of it….
    because it ALL COEXISTS AND if I understand it more, I can interact with it, help mold and shape it into perhaps a better
    version of what it is today.

    I am disheartened by the rate at which education programs and health programs get eliminated
    so that some don't get more heavily taxed. (here in NY they are just straight up CLOSING SCHOOLS) UGH.
    I realize that those who would be asked to pay higher taxes would basically suffer no change in lifestyle to accommodate this increase.

    In my case, (and if this true for me, I suspect it's true for many others with LOTS more money than I have….)
    should I be asked to pay higher taxes, I would simply set aside money for those taxes and I would
    still be fortunate enough to have money left for leisure activities (like patronizing the arts!!) and to also give to charity!

    And….Robin Hood was RAD…..I am all for fair distribution, underground rebels and taking matters into ones own hands.

    And I admit that I love illicit shit!

    Keep on freeing your mind. It's such a fierce one. LOVE LEARNING FROM YOU!

    Thank you, Lorin.

  36. Mike wolf says:

    Could you please make a show in Arizona for your tour!? You’ve got much love out here!!

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