12/05/09: Bassnectar at Sugar Nightclub – Victoria, BC

July 26th, 2009


cozzafrenzytorontoBassnectar drops his beats on December 5, 2009 at Sugar Nightclub in Victoria, with support from Heavyweight Dub Champion and Donkey Dong. Doors are at 10 PM

The tour celebrates the release of Bassnectar’s new studio album, Cozza Frenzy, out digitally on September 29th, 2009 with CDs in stores on October 27th… or you can just snag your copy at the show.

Visit http://music bassnectar.net for a preview or subscribe to the site feed for the latest news, tour updates, and podcasts, including free downloads of bootlegs, mix sets, and original tracks…

Check the sidebar to the right and hit the “Get Download” button to snatch some free tracks before the show. More DJ Tools packs and other doses of musical nectar will be dropped throughout the Fall and Winter. Stay tuned!

Sugar Nightclub is located at 858 Yates St., Victoria BC Canada, Y8W 1L8. This is an all-ages event.

Ticket will be available at the door, or via the venue’s site at sugarnightclub.ca.



10 Responses to “12/05/09: Bassnectar at Sugar Nightclub – Victoria, BC”
  1. Plus 2 says:

    super dope. pk and lorin. nuff said.

  2. God. says:

    an all ages show is ridiculous and should not happen… is the bar going to be open still?? I go to shows at bars so that I can be a drunk idiot.. not to worry that I'm going to offend or traumatize some 15 year old kid…

    then again… anything for bassnectar.

    • Bassnectar says:

      methinks drunk idiots traumatize me well before they traumatize 15 year olds!
      i've found that in the states “all ages” usually means 18, 19, 20 year olds show up…someone might bring their kid brother, or some super hardcore affiliatte, and sometimes some strange Doogie Howser of bass will come out… its not like kindergarten, and i think 'music has the right to children'

      that said if yu cant freak out, and we cant cause a frenzy, then its a bust, so let the fuck loose

      just dont throw anything onto the stage, that is all i ask.

      seriously: GO BUCKWILD.

      you wont offend or traumatize, unless you are an asshole, in that case stay home. but your code was “positive balance” so i am pretty sure you are a good apple, even when you are a buckwild apple

      • ajax_shammy says:

        lol there was a big debate about the all-ages thing on facebook.
        We contacted Whitebird and Sugar both said that there is NO WAY this an all ages event and must have been a misprint..
        So I dont know who to believe now???

        • Basscorsair says:

          Hey Alex. Could easily be a misunderstanding and not an all-ages show. I'll take a looksee and we'll find out if I can get back to you before the show resolves the question 🙂

  3. Nick says:

    WE reallllyy reallly need tickets for tonight!! I came from vancouver, and are really hoping the universe has some magic in store for us. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    Call us


    we need to tickets!!! pleeasee!

  4. Lorin says:

    did it work out?

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