10/31/09 – Bassnectar and RJD2 at The Fillmore – Denver, CO

August 5th, 2009


Cozza Frenzy Flyer

UPDATE: Tickets for the Fillmore have SOLD OUT! But no worries… Another round of tickets have opened up for the official afterparty that includes Bassnectar’s second womp of the night. CLICK HERE for more info.

Bassnectar will be slaying Halloweeeeeen with RJD2 on October 31, 2009 at THE FILLMORE!!!!

The show, a part of his Cozza Frenzy tour features the Wobble Factory’s PK sound rig as well as Videolicious on visuals! BOOOOMMM!

In collaboration with Bassnectar Labs, Conscious Alliance will be hosting a FOOD DRIVE! 10 non-perishable food items gets you a FREE, CUSTOM BASSNECTAR EVENT POSTER and feeds families in your community that need your help. Win-win.

The tour celebrates the release of Bassnectar’s new studio album, Cozza Frenzy, out digitally on September 29th, 2009 with CDs in stores on October 27th… or you can just snag your copy at the show.

This is an 16+ event. Doors open at 6:30pm with special guests Heavyweight Dub Champion and RJD2.

Visit http://music bassnectar.net for a preview or subscribe to the site feed for the latest news, tour updates, and podcasts, including free downloads of bootlegs, mix sets, and original tracks…

Check the sidebar to the right and hit the “Get Download” button to snatch some free tracks before the show. More DJ Tools packs and other doses of musical nectar will be dropped throughout the Fall and Winter. Stay tuned!

The Fillmore is located at 1510 Clarkson St. at the NE corner of Colfax and Clarkson. After the PK Sound Rig gets to rumbling, the Fillmore may wobble over to 15120 Clarkson. Who knows?

Where ever the venue rattles off to, make sure you’re inside it when it happens.



    elllll yaaa, cant wait for this. strictly business up here in CO

  • steeze_wobble

    ahhhhhh shiiiiiit, Denver is SO ready for the WOMPity mcWOMPsters FREAKSHOW on Halloween. This one is gonna be NUTS. I'm sweating already just thinking about it.

  • lisalovebeads

    damn dude I so want to see ya on Halloween. The tickets are reasonable..very $22.00..but the pricks are charging a $10.00 venue fee and 3 dollar processing fee,makes it a nice round figure of $35.00.WTF? when they going to quit gouging people? Anyway, I guess I have to pay it if I want to RAGE!!

    • smpulse

      ticket master/live nation BLOW! I think you can go to the venue and bypass the pricks.

  • I can't wait for this show! I'm just hoping they aren't too strict about the 16+ (I'm 15)

    • stine17

      They check IDs

  • alexandernaltshuler

    does anyone know if this show is going to end at 11:00 b/c of the damn 16+ situation? if so are there currently plans for the after party??? cervantes?

    • smpulse

      good Q! Boo hoo for 11:00 🙁

  • BigWesticle

    I cant wait for this!! I'm flying all the way from Nashville, TN to see 2 of my favorite DJ's ever. And its on halloween. Fuck. Yeah. Wobble wobble.

  • ~*sidryder*~

    I will be soooo bummed if the show ends at 11:00 pm…lasts just when the party gets started! c'mon…afterparty for the Denver BassMob…our love for you is EPIC and it doesn't look like you will be coming around again for a while…pretty pleeeeeeze 🙂

  • zaidnitsua

    To anyone going to the Fillmore on Halloween who lives on the western slope of Colorado(montrose or grandjuction ect. I need a ride. I have gas money. I don't take up much room. I can meet you somplace along the way. I need this show in my life please help me. email me @ zaidnitsua@gmail.com

  • Tickets sold out today!!!!
    Holy Wompers BatBass!

    well hopefully i can get a couple tickets but i doubt it. haaa.
    i mean i already got mine but my slacker friends slacked too far and well SOL.

    im pumped!!!

  • sassfactory

    Soooo I was mislead about having tickets for Halloween… when I finally figured it out it was too late 🙁 I dropped everything and drove all the way to Denver just to get turned away ticketless… if any of you lovely people have an extra (or two) that you're selling for face, pleeeease email me! I can meet you anywhere in the front range area… rack up some good ticket karma and save my Halloween! 🙂

  • stine17

    I need 2 tickets desperately! Can anyone help me out I'm willing to pay more then face value. let me know please! willing to meet you anywhere 🙂 Thanks!
    Kristine @ Missxtine17@gmail.com

  • Josh

    OMG!!!!! This show makes me want to shit my pants so hard I could leap over the Fillmore! This will be the sickest 9 joint in history. -BrickSteam

  • Weendro

    I think its bulllshit ending at 11:00 what a tease

    • ~*sidryder*~

      Hey…where's tha luv? Mr. Bassnectar has lovingly decided to womp all our lil' brains to the wee hours of the morin over at Casselman's. Go to Cassellmans.com and click on the get tickets tab u should find the tix there….tix are 25$…at least they were for me…check it out…you don't want to miss this for nothin'!!!!!!!

      • ~*sidryder*~
        • alexandernaltshuler

          big gigantic plays from 2-4 aswell at cervantes.
          best halloween ever!

          • yea it sucks being 17. gahhhh. can't go to casselmans cuz of that.
            but at LEAST i get to go to the fillmore show. XD

    • fireandlight

      where did you hear that?

  • yea it sucks being 17. gahhhh. can't go to casselmans cuz of that.

    but at LEAST i get to go to the fillmore show. XD

  • fireandlight

    where did you hear that?