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Prove Your Love: Net Neutrality

August 3rd, 2009



I can easily and immediately admit that i am in love with the internet. Along with sunshine, water, music, family, sleep, dreams, mystery, challenge, learning, all things that make life humanistically PRECIOUS, i am proud to say the Internet is up there with electricity, science, medicine and other modern luxuries turned necessity. At least, necessary to maintain life as we know it.

Anyhow, this is a plea to Prove Your Love. If you love the internet more than Michael Jackson, show some support, make some noise, and prove your love: it is under attack by the same dipshits that want to make medicine&healthcare into a fiasco of corporate profit and crappy service, the same sinister saps who have the audacity to flavor tap water and sell it back to you at the airport for 2.49$, the same assholes who want to sell you anything they can even if it’s possible for you to have it and share it for free, the same coldhearted Lords who were probably in the same Boy Scouts troupe as Dick Cheney back when they beat off to pictures of Richard Nixon, and who most likely would sell you clean air if they could.


Every other topic we address as compassionate people depends largely on our ability to exchange information openly and efficiently.

Do not be afraid to sign that petition.

Read & Research, share the information, and make some noise.

When Michael Jackson passed away, people crashed twitter by exchanging information. I cannot fathom how the King of Pop deserves more attention than the Internet.

Click here to tweet some noise.

I know its easy to find an urgent call to action kind of “preachy” maybe even not “cool” or something…. like all we should talk about is how dope music is and how cool sneakers are, and how many lines Kanye West shaved into the side of his hair, and who is dating who, and what the best movie to go see this weekend is, but  PLEASE have a look at the link, and give it 10 minutes.

Consider it more of an ORANGE ALERT than the Grandma in line @ the Airport who has nail clippers in her purse. This is a real ALERT:

Your freedom is under attack.

If they take your right to healthcare, medicine, water, news, honesty and democracy, you better bet the farm they will SNATCH your pesky right to function freely on the internet.

They do not want Democracy (they would rather US citizens be managed like the citizens of China) they want Corporate Monopoly, and they call it Democracy.

HEADS UP!!!!!!!

PS… more information @
I respect Obama for pushing this. MEGA inspiring.