Upcomers: STS9, Burning Man, etc

August 21st, 2009



this is a short note to say hi. hi! i am buried so damn deep in this studio box i can barely believe it… this is how i used to spend ALL my time month after month…back in “the day”.

Now total studio submersion is a luxury, so as excruciating as this is, i am LOVVVING it. In the meantime, a few quick things!!!!

1. Upcoming shows: PLEASE JOIN US this Saturday in Atlanta. The lineup is rammed, the air is filled with heat, we are going to go bananas in the dirty south. We play at 9pm, after Ghostland Observatory, and before Sound Tribe Sector Nine. Bring diapers!!!! We are sooo mega stoaked to test out some of the new creations!

2. Street Scene!!!!! Going apeshit once again in the streets??? this time in san diego? WE’LL BE THERE!!!! WOOT! Street Scene is off the hook every year and we close out our stage starting at 10pm…come get NUTTY and see how much wobble we can squeeze into the streets…

3. Symbiosis: probably the illest lineup of the year! Coco Rosie?! Amon tobin? Caspa? Yard Dogs? all at the same fest!?!!? plus they go over the top in every direction. Right now is the last chance to buy the earlybird discount tickets. you should come from far and wide for this one. heck! you should probably SKIP BURNINGMAN and go to Symbiosis, mark my words… WAY BETTER!!!!!!

4. That said…if you ARE going to burningman, i will be out there doing as the freaks do. I am excited to be out there for my 12th year! Soooooo many good friends are heading out and there are millllions of dope camps and installations in the works. i;ll be camping with EL CIRCO & THE DO LAB, and that zone will be out of control.
Since the organizers of burningman are very wierd, and charge people hundreds of dollars to go, but then do not fund any of the musical craziness that everyone who is attending EXPECTS, the sound systems need to fund themselves. Often 20-50,000$ …its bezerk. So if you are coming out, toss some coin at my buddies, they work hard and have been doing so since 2000AD:

And here is my schedule:

Thursday 9/3/09 or technically friday morning
Roots Society
TEN & Esplanade

Fridayย ย  9/4/09 or technically saturday morning
TWO & Biology

Also on Fridayย ย  9/4/09 or technically saturday morning
TEN & Extinct

Saturday 9/5/09 or could be said as sunday morning
TEN & Biology

Sunday Morining Set 9/6/09
TEN & Biology

food for thought:

Privileged people have high potential for spending the excess that constitutes their privilege on themselves. that means: they have an easier time having more fun.

But they also have high potential for spending their excess doing OTHER things.

that means: as privileged people we have an easier time helping others and “giving back”

Festivals are fun. And a downright festival of art/culture/pleasure like Burningman is also fun.

We ask that if you enjoy Bassnectar out in the wide open of burningman, you consider donating equal amounts of time back home giving back to your community. However you choose to. If you need some suggestions, we have some for you!

If you don’t like me saying this, just remember it is a humble request/suggestion.. not a self righteous mandate.

If you are reading this i would wager 99% likelihood that you are privileged and have the potential of a battery cell to put a little bit more oomf towards giving back.

i hope you do!


  • Anonymous

    Woah Dude, I Had No Idea Burning Man Was Such A Fucked Festival. I Love The Ideas Behind It, But Most People I Know Can’t Really Pull Around A $50,000 PA System, Pretty Weak. Have Fun With Rosie Though, That Show Is Going To Rip Fucking Hole In The Universe, Wish I Could Come Out. Northern Virginia, Did Get To Bounce With You At Starscape Before You Went Back Home Though. Good Luck Brotha.

  • Anonymous

    Nice insight into the world of Festies, especially outrageous ones like burning man, its sooo expensive, and they provide nothing back, totally agree. I’m from springfield, mo. Where does one go to figure out how to give back, I’m a musician with multiple projects and we play lots of free shows/ benefit concerts but I’m looking for a more creative outlet that helps the community as well, (springfield seems to lack the community entirely). Any suggestions helpful. If yer interested in making music with me, check out my soundcloud or facebook, my solo project is called Strange Habitat, check it on iLike, Facebook and SoundCloud

    • Find a kid, teach them an Instrument.
      help a group of kids start a band… be a mentor.
      pass on your knowledge to the younger generation,
      get them involved in real interactions and away from the computers, viideo games and screens that are the majority of their reality.
      that is the best thing you can do.

      Burning man does provide a lot back, do some research… new solar power systems for Gerlach schools, Burners without Borders… Art Grants.. they just don’t subsidize the sound systems….

      • Anonymous

        Awesome, thanks for the intelligent reply. Don’t know why I never thought of that myself.
        i jumped the gun about Burning Man, it had slipped my mind that they do give grants, etc. it is kinda lame though that they wouldn’t help Bassnectar out.
        Thanks for the reply.

  • ryanakeley

    I've Gotcha All The Way On That Paul, That's Why I Mentioned That I Do Really Like What They Are About, It's Just A Festival Revolving Very Much Around The Visual, And Musical Arts And The Furthering Of Our Gratitude Towards Eachother And Our Planet Would Normally Return The Favor Of Drawing Hundreds Of More People Willing To Contribute To The Overall Purpose Of The Festival, By Supplying A Decent Sound System At Least, But None At All? That's Just A Bit Outlandish To Me. A Gathering Built Around Living Simply And Bartering With Two Equal Parts Would Hopefully Repay Nectar With Atleast The Ability To Do What They Asked Him To Do . . . Which Is Rage. And That Just Can't Happen Acousticly, Or Atleast Not Well. I'm Just Saying If I Were In That Situation It May Be A Bit Disappointing. And I Second What You Said About The Band Idea. The Band I'm With Has Traveled Hours Out Of The Way To Play For Free. It's A Great Cause And Must Be Present. I'm Not A Selfish Guy At All. It Just Seems Like Lorin May Have A Bit Of The Old “They Asked Us To Play And Bring A Ton Of People, Yet For Some Reason They Took Our Familiar Instruments And Now Want Us To Buy New Ones For The Show, Very Very Expensive Ones” 's. If That Makes Any Sense.
    Peace Man.

  • Love you Lo, can’t wait to slam on the Playa with you!
    Camp DBM 2:10 and Lineage…. boondocks!!!
    I’ll check you at el cirq.

  • looking forward to it all….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • HAHAA!!!! Daysha! i love that photo…HAHHAHAHAAAA

    editor’s note: that arm hair is not fake. it is in fact real. it is in fact REALLY sweaty, cuz we just finished with that lolla afterparty and i am literally SOAKED head to toe there… apologies to whoever’s car i defiled….

    on another note: Paul thanks for the ideas.

    We are getting ready to fully launch bassnetwork, with the top priority being *How to empower people to plug in*

    i am so excited


  • Love your food for thought… spread the love! Much respect to you and yours.


  • Anonymous

    true statement towards those who are privileged and those who aren’t. anyone in chicago, illinoise who are having a hard time trying to find ways to give back to our community, send me an e-mail….power to the peaceful! thats including you Lorin!

  • nicklebagofunk

    With all my love I support and groove with you!

  • codexico

    see you on the playa compadre!!!!

  • Lucas

    Thursday 9/3/09 or technically friday morning
    Roots Society
    TEN & Esplanade

    1:15AM on 9/3/09 is technically thursday morning. 1:15am on 9/4 is technically friday morning.

  • Thank you so much for the wise words and for your support to the Do LaB/El Circo camp! Much respect!

  • Thanks for the words of advice. This will be my first year attending Burning Man and i'm definatly interested in helping out and giving back. Looking for suggestions! Can't wait for the Nectar, the countdown has begun.

  • laura_beth

    good to see you are going to be at the burn after all. just a thought though….after expressing disagreement with the direction of the burning man scene a few times, even suggesting you wouldn't return, i think it would be interesting to find out why you decided to go back this year. after making influential statements and then changing your mind, possibly because of an alternate viewpoint that was presented to you or just because of whatever, perhaps you could also share that alternate viewpoint with the people who have been listening to you. cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 11:11

  • last minute pencil in the Lion passing through to pay respects and rage up a storm of UPlift in the year of nine and eleven what a blessing to be gifted the space to enter the vortex for the cause of peace and ceaseless bliss… looking forward to lifting the vibes to the sky space heaven above and showering love on all beings with a nuclear blast of heart … if you are headed to the desert, start by setting the intent strong to go deep, speak truth, and mix your love with the cosmic bliss swirls infinite, so that they be feeling it in the farthest reaches sentient.

  • Basscorsair

    Precisely, Paul!
    Bassnectar Labs is starting to provide information and collaborations at shows and online for those of us who want to dedicate our sweat to more than dancing. Want to learn what we have in store for fall tour? Check out my blog at https://www.bassnectar.net/community/ and see the many ways in which friends and fans in your communities are making a big difference. If you're a stop on our Fall Tour, be sure to check out the tables at your event.
    If you are not, stay tuned to my blog and the forthcoming Bassnetwork for more info on ways to plug in. The opportunities are there, we've all just got to look deeper for them.

  • zoranisis

    Thank you so much for deciding to come back this year. No explanation is needed as you only said you “might” not be coming back last year. To say the least many of us are ridiculously giddy knowing we have the chance to ride our bikes to 5! of your sets. Unless these set times/places change I for one will have cheek cramps from smiling so hard and need to remind my self to breathe. You and only you can make me hyperventilate, not jokin. Anybody we can talk to to suggest (heavily) that your set times can be extended? Every time you leave control of the soundsystem a part of me dies. As far as giving back -you got it. I already feel I'm quietly doing a pretty good job but since my savior reminds me I will now always ask myself -WWLD? I love you I love you I love you -you don't even know. Okay, sorry for being such a geek. Travel safely hero!

  • nnahme

    you are brave, and beautiful, and it is an honor and a pleasure share the planet with you during this time in history. shine on…!

  • steeze_wobble

    Can't get enough of the Dubstep Lorin! Tired of people talkin smack on it, saying you're better than that…they don't realize your dubstep is not just dubstep, it's nectar-dubstep, and it's the shiiiiiiiiizzznit. Keep up the good work man, and i'll see you on Hallo-FREAK-oween

  • Alyssa

    Lorin, I always love what you have to say. This posting is no exception. Thank you for being who you are, doing what you do. You make a tremendous difference in many communities – probably more than you know. I love that you speak out through your music, and I echo many of your sentiments. Thank you for being a larger voice for many of us…

    Can't wait to see you @ BM this year – so excited you've decided to return. You make a big difference for me & other friends out there on the Playa. Really looking forward to it…

  • shawngravel

    Lorin, I was introduced to your music last year and have been loving your beats and thoughts ever since. Though I had heard of Noam Chomsky it wasn't until I listened to Mesmerizing the Ultra that I was inspired to study up on him. SInce then I have listened to HOURS of him and continue to get my fill of “information” from sites like antiwar.com and democracynow.com. I would just like to thank you for inspiring me.


    Shawn (a fellow change agent)

    PS: As this is my first Burn, I'll see you on the playa ๐Ÿ™‚

  • omfg please release that “day and night remix” that you've been dropping. or is that a Live only track? i will give 110% back to my community if you do. i'll only give 100.1% percent if you dont. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ps have you or anyone seen Drunvalo Melchizedek's new youtube book? “The Maya of Eternal Time” …apparently we dont have much time left to give back to the community…

    he said that he would have made a book, but instead made free youtube video because the head of the mayans spoke to him, the first time the official mayans have made a public statement in 500 years, and their message was soo urgent and crucial there was no time to write and publish a book…

    basically: time ended a year and a half ago, but since we are so stuck in the illusion, we still percieve it to exist. there's about to be a massive consciousness shift that could happen anytime from tommorow until 2015. (not the specific date of december 21st 2012, like all of our scholars attempted to interpret). its not the end of the world, just the end of the illusion of time. however looking at the world right now, one couldn't be blamed for seeing the end of the world appearing near…

    i mean shit they're gonna force people to take poisionous vaccinations in mid october for a flu that is proven to be totally unnatural (a bioweapon designed to kill young adults, aka H1N1, the shit theyre spraying us with in chemtrails).

    combine that with the fact that senator Jay Rokefeller's bill to shut down the internet in an emergency has quiety moved into posistion for a vote in october.

    but on the bright side: the perpetrators of the financial slavery over the last 80 years (The Federal Reserve) are about to be investigated this october, AND that the CIA is NOW being investigated for war crimes by a special prosecuter who isnt afraid to go all the way up to their bosses (Bush n Cheney). another good sign is the fact that millions of people at a time in china are seeing mothership sized UFOs that hang out for up to an hour in the last 2 weeks…

    what imn saying is it kinda looks like either world peace (1000's of people going to jail for orchestrating 9/11 and banking fraud, free energy for the masses then released with the oil junkies locked up) or armageddon (flu extermination and ww3) …one or the other looks to be about a month or two away. So maybe the mayans are right. it's not dec 21st 2012, its anytime within a 7 year window of that date.

    just offering my thoughts, if you want any links to what im talking about, just ask, cuz i love you all. here's the link to Drunvalo Melchizedek's new urgent “youtube book” (over 50,000 views in two weeks so far)


    gracias mahalo peace and unity!

  • NikGQ

    You need to come back to Santa Cruz. That show was so crazy and and dont think i will ever attend anything as fun as one of your shows. So come back soon. You will not regret it!

  • sijayjames

    mr nectar
    gotta tell you again that i am stoked onyour outlook and attitude. you've blown up so large it's almost impossible to get close to the speakers at yer sets at shambles now (didn't get a chance to say hey in person), and yet you've remained solid in quality, consciousness and activism. way to keep inspiring people to not only let go into the depths of bass filled mayhem, but to also pay attention to the world around them and take part in creating their life and culture beyond the party. you's a good man lorin. keep ragin'. see you in nelson in december i hope.

    the love

  • art

    “Since the organizers of burningman are very weird, and charge people hundreds of dollars to go, but then do not fund any of the musical craziness that everyone who is attending EXPECTS, the sound systems need to fund themselves. Often 20-50,000$ โ€ฆits bezerk.”

    I could go into all the shit that ticket sales go to cover (infrastructure, paying a core staff, feeding the volunteers, transport of many loads of equipment and machinery not to mention land use fees to the BLM, insurance, etc.), but let it suffice to say that BM is largely about making happen what you want to have happen – on your own dime. And you, or your friends, seem to do that just fine.

    So quit yer squakin' and go bring down the house…

    • 1. then how come they fund art not music?

      2. i bet if you took a poll right before people bought their ticket and told people there would be no big systems or sound camps, and that all the DJs, Sound Camps, and Nightclubs were boycotting, 30-50% would not go and just sit in the desert eating tuna.

      • You

        “i bet if you took a poll right before people bought their ticket and told people there would be no big systems or sound camps, and that all the DJs, Sound Camps, and Nightclubs were boycotting, 30-50% would not go and just sit in the desert eating tuna.”

        That's basically what went on 12 years ago and you continued to go.

        • yes
          i will continue to go if i make the personal decision to
          i think its rad to connect with everyone, and i think the festival is amazing
          im not hating. i just think the FESTIVAL has some dubious aspects with regards to how the funds are managed.

          that is all

  • You

    While I agree with some of the things you have written in this post, such as donating time back to the community, I also think some of what you have said here is extremely ignorant, especially from someone who claims to have attended Burningman 12 times.
    To be bitching about the fact that Burningman has made “all this money” off of ticket sales ($300 x 40,000 = $12,000,000) and isn't giving any back to your theme camp is the exact opposite of the burner mentality. As someone who has worked for Burningman and is familiar with what it takes to put Burningman on, you should know that it takes more than $12,000,000 to even get that festival that you've been attending for 12 years on. Much more of the money it takes to have BM comes from generous donations from attendees who make a great deal of money, have you yet donated? The money that goes towards ART grants are from donations as well as fundraisers and they are just that, ART grants. Burningman is an ART festival, not a music festival. The music brought to the playa is well accepted and loved, but it is just a gift from other people! The kind of camps that El Circo and The Do Lab put on are to share their gifts and art, and these people have the ability to have their own fundraiser to make that $20,000-$50,000 every year. I think if some of your friends realized you said what you did, they would be disapointed. I am close friends with many of your friends and most of them are pretty legit people; I know many others don't agree that it's stupid they aren't getting paid, they are purely happy to see everyone else happy at the end of the party. That's the joy of Burningman.
    To say that people EXPECT music to be on the playa says you are making an assumption. If you are well aware with the culture and evolution of Burningman you would understand that music has not always been the focal point of the festival, and still isn't to this day. Symbiosis is a music festival where ticket sales go towards paying the artists, which is obviously why you are plugging that festival. Of course it's an amazing gathering, but to diss Burningman in such an ignorant and snobby way when it is the reason that people know you to begin with, is so snobby.
    You should really check yourself, your values, and the reason you go to Burningman. You are not better than Burningman, nor anyone else. There is no need for namecalling. We are all one. You are thanked for what you do put in to Burningman, but don't think because you play there for free (or do you?) you have some sense of entitlement to bitch about your circumstance. You have it pretty good Lorin.

    • we disagree

      or you are missing the point

      i have it pretty good: yes! it is true.

      my point is not about me. it is about burningman, specifically how disingenuous the organizers are with their distribution of wealth. they do not fund the sound camps, and i am speaking in defense of those people, not of myself.

      i do not feel snobby whatsoever for saying that i think some of the income should be spent supporting the music. the music, the dance culture, and the sound camps are a BIG PART of what makes burningman amazing (not the only part of course) and it deserves a share of the ticket sales.

      note: this is not about me. i have never been paid to go to burningman, and i never will be. this issue isnt about me.

      in terms of me “claiming” to have gone for 12 years: i think you have a wierd tone.

      your 'arguments' do not impress me, and i am happy to debate you.

      i fully disagree with you


      • You

        funny you talk about missing the point, when that is exactly what you have done. you may be great at making music, but apparently reading, comprehending and submitting a retort to a debate is not something you are familiar with.

        when i stated that burning man does not have any wealth and that it takes more than $12,000,000 to put on the festival, I meant it. what part of that did you not understand when you, once again, said that the organizers are “disgenuous” (is that even a word?) with their “wealth”?

        i don't feel the need to repeat myself. you need to double check what was written before writing a completely incompentent retort.

        • You

          apparently i need to double check your spelling. sorry for criticizing you about misspelling — disingenuous.

          please proceed with debate ๐Ÿ™‚

          • haha
            again, i make no claims of spelling correctly

            and i gotta say, your tone, is ultra annoying. get more friendly, or i will lose all interest, k?

            anyhow: yeah i understand that BM takes a lot of money to put on. that is totally obvious.

            what i am focusing on, once again is: why can they afford to fund and support art, but not music?

            its a simple question

          • cyrilnoir

            burning man, the agony and the ecstasy…and the drama. The organization USED to contribute to sound theme camps, they used to give discount tickets to theme camp organizers and djs. but now i guess they know everyone is gonna go anyways so they dont need to, but back then they did! who knows what they do with the money, only larry harvey knows for sure, but I know they havn't been spending jack shit on the art, center camp wasn't even decorated this year! ok, maybe a chunk of money goes to cleanup, full respect on that front.

            here here to 'burning man organizers are wierd' as noted by the comments, defensive and inflamed and to not at least providing large sound camps a few discount tix just to 'give back', simpler times was a beauty!!. this year was my 15th and i'll go back sure. if i could be so bold i would say that the point about burning man even if it gets 'big' is to keep its feet on the ground. fact is a lot of people that made it cool in the first place can't even go anymore cause its gotten so steep. at the boom festival in portugal every year they pick a country and let people in free from there. BM could think about showing some appreciation for what we all give too

          • is that sir eel?
            either way, great post
            (if this is sir eel, i have a heaping VAT of 'electro house' tunes for ya, i told yu at Symbiosis, id start saving em for ya…hit me up)

          • cyrilnoir

            you know it is bro, thx for keepin an ear out. i'm rocking a hybrid electrohouse meets dubastep/breaks vibe these days, anything thats funky, send it my way!

            also got cozza, nice one.

    • w0lfgangx

      Please let me preface this by saying I have never had the privilege of attending Burning Man but I am familiar with the gathering through word of mouth, pictures, videos, and many hours spent delving extensively through their website.

      That being said….

      Art (noun):
      1. the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.
      2. the class of objects subject to aesthetic criteria; works of art collectively, as paintings, sculptures, or drawings: a museum of art; an art collection.
      3. a field, genre, or category of art: Dance is an art.

      Therefore, isn't music a form of art and self-expression? Why shouldn't they donate charities involving music or musical education? Why only focus on the visually stimulating and not the audio? I'm not saying they should put a lot of money towards camps like El Circo and The Do Lab (cause frankly they can come up with ways of finding funding) but since they help with other art installations why can't they help with musical equipment? And not just for djs but live performers who play on actual instruments. I'm sure its difficult for crowds to hear musicians play without some kind of speaker system. And I would never want anyone to miss listening to something new and unusual because of funding. In my opinion music has a greater impact on my feelings, emotions, and body than any bright lights or grand fire displays. There is nothing so uplifting as a group of people gathering to meet and move and celebrate together.

      • its wierd to me that lucky people don't spend more energy GIVING BACK
        i love your words

        • w0lfgangx

          I agree, that's part of why I volunteer twice a week. By the way, that made me all warm & fuzzy inside! =) Are you attending Burning Man 2010 this year?? Because if not I need to see you in San Diego in a few weeks.

  • w0lfgangx

    I agree, that's part of why I volunteer twice a week. By the way, that made me all warm & fuzzy inside! =) Are you attending Burning Man 2010 this year?? Because if not I need to see you in San Diego in a few weeks.