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Upcomers: STS9, Burning Man, etc

August 21st, 2009



this is a short note to say hi. hi! i am buried so damn deep in this studio box i can barely believe it… this is how i used to spend ALL my time month after month…back in “the day”.

Now total studio submersion is a luxury, so as excruciating as this is, i am LOVVVING it. In the meantime, a few quick things!!!!

1. Upcoming shows: PLEASE JOIN US this Saturday in Atlanta. The lineup is rammed, the air is filled with heat, we are going to go bananas in the dirty south. We play at 9pm, after Ghostland Observatory, and before Sound Tribe Sector Nine. Bring diapers!!!! We are sooo mega stoaked to test out some of the new creations!

2. Street Scene!!!!! Going apeshit once again in the streets??? this time in san diego? WE’LL BE THERE!!!! WOOT! Street Scene is off the hook every year and we close out our stage starting at 10pm…come get NUTTY and see how much wobble we can squeeze into the streets…

3. Symbiosis: probably the illest lineup of the year! Coco Rosie?! Amon tobin? Caspa? Yard Dogs? all at the same fest!?!!? plus they go over the top in every direction. Right now is the last chance to buy the earlybird discount tickets. you should come from far and wide for this one. heck! you should probably SKIP BURNINGMAN and go to Symbiosis, mark my words… WAY BETTER!!!!!!

4. That said…if you ARE going to burningman, i will be out there doing as the freaks do. I am excited to be out there for my 12th year! Soooooo many good friends are heading out and there are millllions of dope camps and installations in the works. i;ll be camping with EL CIRCO & THE DO LAB, and that zone will be out of control.
Since the organizers of burningman are very wierd, and charge people hundreds of dollars to go, but then do not fund any of the musical craziness that everyone who is attending EXPECTS, the sound systems need to fund themselves. Often 20-50,000$ …its bezerk. So if you are coming out, toss some coin at my buddies, they work hard and have been doing so since 2000AD:

And here is my schedule:

Thursday 9/3/09 or technically friday morning
Roots Society
TEN & Esplanade

Friday   9/4/09 or technically saturday morning
TWO & Biology

Also on Friday   9/4/09 or technically saturday morning
TEN & Extinct

Saturday 9/5/09 or could be said as sunday morning
TEN & Biology

Sunday Morining Set 9/6/09
TEN & Biology

food for thought:

Privileged people have high potential for spending the excess that constitutes their privilege on themselves. that means: they have an easier time having more fun.

But they also have high potential for spending their excess doing OTHER things.

that means: as privileged people we have an easier time helping others and “giving back”

Festivals are fun. And a downright festival of art/culture/pleasure like Burningman is also fun.

We ask that if you enjoy Bassnectar out in the wide open of burningman, you consider donating equal amounts of time back home giving back to your community. However you choose to. If you need some suggestions, we have some for you!

If you don’t like me saying this, just remember it is a humble request/suggestion.. not a self righteous mandate.

If you are reading this i would wager 99% likelihood that you are privileged and have the potential of a battery cell to put a little bit more oomf towards giving back.

i hope you do!