Cozza Connection: DC

September 18th, 2009


Hi all, Lia with Bassnectar here. With the more and more collaborations in the pipeline, I’d like to direct your attention to the next massive alliance the labs has in the works- The Cozza Connection Project: DC edition.

We’ve got more than Bassnectar up our sleeves to make this city go womp. Bassnectar Labs is collaborating with two local, empowering, and awesome organizations to create a very special experience for everyone who wants to get more involved in DC’s conscious performance scene. So COME EARLY! These kids are on before Nosaj Thing. This performance was concocted over MONTHS just for you. Don’t miss it!

Phase I: Education

Bassnectar Labs has wraped up the first half of a unique documentary highlighting these two groups- who they are, what they do, and, most importantly, how they need your help! Watch the video! The kids- the skills- it’s inspiring!


Phase II: Contribution

Because Bassnectar Labs supports the unique efforts of these awesome people, we are contributing a dollar of your ticket cost to these organizations- but you get to choose where that dollar goes. When you arrive, you will receive a token to give to the organization of your choice, although you might want to hold on to it until you see them perform!

Phase III: The Jaw-dropping Spectacular

These organizations were chosen because they span the spectrum, from positive outreach to inspiring performance. These two groups have collaborated to concoct a special performance for this night only. Catch the documentary to see how they did it!

Phase IV: YOU make it happen

The real reason these groups are here isn’t to perform or to raise money- it’s to get you involved! In collaboration with these groups, Bassnectar Labs has created a capital production for the capital city, all to inspire you to reach out to your community to find the unique, rewarding, and life-changing ways that you can make a tangible difference in your world.

Now, meet the organizations.

Hip Hop Education

Are you tired of every other word in mainstream hip hop involving guns and hos? Hip Hop Education is, too, and what bothered the founders of this fantastic organization into doing something about it was hearing kids repeating those same derogatory and hate-filled lyrics. Hip Hop Education gives kids opportunities to create, practice, and perform positive hip hop. We thought we’d give them the opportunity to strut their verbal shenanigans for an audience that appreciates creative content.

Urban Artistry

Urban Artistry is an internationally known, multigenerational performance organization that spans the spectrum of performance styles.

Urban Artistry has incredible knowledge of the capacity of our bodies, and respects the value of movement for everyone. Because of this respect, much of the funds they raise and the work they do is contributed to provide prosthetic limbs to child amputees in partnership with Kicking for Kids Who Can’t, because nothing should slow these kids down.