Late Summer’s Update

September 13th, 2009


mr-balloonComing at you live from an undisclosed bunker deep in the forests of California. I’ve had to take a getaway mission before i spontaneously combusted… this summer has literally been the hardest i have *EVER* worked in my earthly life. hands down. (i loved every second of it)

After the mind-frollick that was my 12th year at Burning Man, i felt literally reborn as i returned home. This had less to do with the desert, and more to do with the fact that the day i left to go off-grid, i was able to turn in the final master of the brand new CD: 15 wicked tracks i have been polishing, re-polishing, re-mixing, re-mastering, re-assessing, re-sampling, re-ree-ing, and re-loving over and over for about 3 years, plus a few brand new spur-of-the-moment last minute additions and left turns. Woot!

Not only does it feel so good to be DONE, to have finished, and released this huge churning pulse of creative ideas, but i must say i reallly realllllly love this music! I am so excited to share it with anyone who may enjoy it, and as far as i can tell it will be released digitally (iTunes, beatport, all the digital retailers, and also direct at where we will have loads of bonus versions, special features, and Optional Endings) on September 29th, with the CD following a few weeks later. [released as a split between by label AMORPHOUS MUSIC, and SF’s brand new CHILD’s PLAY RECORDS]

Special CDs will be available at the shows, which kick off October 1st and run pretty much solid into mid December (but i will have more information on that in a dedicated blast of words, maybe next week).

First, of course we have 2 killer shows, both in California (West Beach Music Fest, and the Symbiosis Gathering) which i will also make a dedicated post for.

This is really just a letter to say hi, kind of a written HUG, to everyone out there who has shared so much this year (and years past of course!). I really feel like i just gave birth to a child, and i am immensely glad it is over, i am totally glowing, and excited and feeling free to re-invent myself another time.

SO ….some quick little items:

1. Just found a nifty little interview my good buddy (and wicked UK producer “I.D.”) did for his blog, Bass Music:

Producer Q&A – Bassnectar
2. One of the siiiiiickest cuts of the year is out this week, literally EVERY time i drop it i fear i might wet my pants. Bassnectar & iLL Gates remix of “LIONS” by Malente & Dex (that is a mouthful, i know, but worth every luscious little letter) is out worldwide at any retailer you like, and i’m pretty sure we will have it at The Shoppe soon as well:

3. SUPER HYPED to be giving away a free copy of Cozza Frenzy (the original mix) on our website for a limited time. You can also buy the mega-bass remix and the Z-Trip remix there, or just give it a listen. The original is kind of a smash-up of dubstep, electro, and hyp hop, and overall i think it is a really fun track and a baaaaaanger in “the clubb”
hahahaha “the clubb”
gotta love that place.

Equally as exciting is the super-exclusive DJ TOOLS bonus material (includes beats, bass, synth loop, and aaccaappellaa) for anyone looking to sink their sonic fangs a couple inches deeper.


anyhow, lots more soon
Keep in touch, can’t wait to catch you out there on the wild road show



  • JessieGoom

    Even though I saw you four times at the burn you impressed me over and over and over again, you never cease to get me dancin down to floor level at some point. Just wanted to say thanks for the good vibes and awesome times. The music you create gives off an energy like no other and it's fuckin wicked. See you in the festi world again soon. Peace&Love,

  • omfg when can we gain access to those dj tools??? ive just started learning Reason-ReWired-based software synths just so i could glean a higher appreciation for what you create. for example the synth you drop and tweak on the day n night mix is so good it's spiritual. viva Lorin! viva neo-tribal-futuristic musical education!

    gracias mahalo peace and unity!

  • I have to get more of this music.

  • tripplehelix

    So where do we get the DJ tools? Oh an Cozza Frenzy is sooo sick. thanks for hookin that up!

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  • stevetotheizzo

    can't wait till november 12, 13, and 14…me and a few buddies are gonna make that run with you…ahh word son! shit is going to be off the hook!!!! can't wait for the new cd!!!

  • obwanjakobi

    Is there anyway to pre-order this new cd? i want to spend my money on it already…it's killin me! i was expecting to have to wait until october, which is what i originally read…you stole my face at underground sound…still not sure if it's back. i look forward to seeing you again late november

  • Blessings to you. for you have blessed us!

  • zachpyne

    I can not wait until u come to Nashville man……i saw u only once in ATL and i didn't get enough. I wish i could have seen u at burning man, although something tells me u will play there again next year (at least i hope so) Your music has been encrypted into my soul. Keep up the good work……….and thank u for the bassnectar expierence!

  • bjmurray

    can't wait
    probably see ya in nelson and whistler!!!

  • alyne

    Thank you for your love and energy at Burning Man. Was absolutely spoiled seeing your 5 shows in a row !!! HEAVEN!!!! I hoped it would get the music out of my system for a while but it only made me want more. It ignites such compassion and care for the world, centering and inspiring us to move beyond all limitations and perceived blocks in life. Your work, Lorin, is truly changing this world for the better.
    So grateful to have had the privilege and opportunity to soak up your good juju to give back to the world. Between you and the playa, all things are made possible!

  • Thank U! see u in Chucktown @ the Farm which has a little mo room than the Poho and hopefully the Orange Peel! my eyes will be peeled for a special disc.


  • jordan420

    Thanks for an amazing year of face melting bass! caught you at Starscape and All Good, can't wait for the Cozza tour, Nation's Capital Glow-stick War, call out Obama for this one it's gonna get crazy

  • chainie

    Thanks for rockin tha SHIT outta root society out there! loved it!

  • Katie_25

    I think I'm in love with you…. No wait, I KNOW I am!! See you in Calgary November 28, cant wait 馃榾

  • meg

    14 DAYS !!!!!!
    14 DAYS, my friend,
    you will be in Edmonton -Rar

    This here, nutter is hoping you will reconsider this year and play a little dub remix of bass nympho…..?????? *puppy dog eyes,puppy dog eyes, puppy dog eyes*

    PLEASE PLAY IT I have been patiently (sometimes) waiting for a year!
    WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO HEAR IT??? 馃檪 I will seriously consider choreographing my own interpretive dance 馃檪

    by the way,

    backpack rehab,love here,cozza frenzy,boombox and teleport massive. I've been listening to them compulsively and dancing around my living room with my headphones on at 2 in the morning. Hats off to the freaky beat maestro as usual!

    • thats HOT! i definitely write music and imagine bassfreaks dancing around they houses in headphone euphoria.

      PTBN DUBSTEP REMIX is 3 years overdue, same with Creation Lullaby and Simultaneous dubstep remixes…im just *FORKING* nonstop

      as soon as i stop doing 78 trillion other things, i will do that

  • thats HOT! i definitely write music and imagine bassfreaks dancing around they houses in headphone euphoria.

    PTBN DUBSTEP REMIX is 3 years overdue, same with Creation Lullaby and Simultaneous dubstep remixes…im just *FORKING* nonstop

    as soon as i stop doing 78 trillion other things, i will do that