New Album Launch, Tour Launch & Dirty Dancing

September 28th, 2009


Greetings from the Lands of Preparation

We are neck deep in the labs, with bass-elves bustling about tending to all last minute details before we set sail. We are putting the finishing touches on the SUSTAINABLE LIVING ROADSHOW TOURBUS which will tote our dapper crew, and lug our wicked PK SOUND SYSTEM which is so kindly provided by the now infamous WOBBLE FACTORY, plus ram-loads of lights and video (thank you LUMATECH!) and many little tricks which are currently up The Proverbial Sleeve. I’m literally basking in the glow of 5 computer screens as i prepare nearly 5 hours of new insane content for the upcoming CANNONBALL RUN through these Stolen Lands of America. It’s been a nonstop gongshow of cutting loops, warping audio, collecting and sorting new crazy records, kung fu-ing new remixes (Pink Floyd, Ministry, Pixies, Sex Pistols, Globetrotters, Imogen Heap, Bjork, Massive Attack, Primus to name a very few) and getting everything straight to be on the ROAD until mid-December!


After more than three years of producing-on-the-go, a collection of songs has emerged that captures my daydreams as they are conceived through relentless touring, reclusive studio submersion, and GOBS of influence from all the bassfreaks, collaborators, and supporters encountered along the way. The 15-track collection features remixes & collaborations with artists such as Fever Ray, Seasunz, Zumbi of Zion I, Mr. Projectile, Capital J, ill.Gates, Queen Deelah, I Am A Laser, Azeem, and Cates & DPL and is officially OUT NOW!

Earlier i was saying how there are essentially 7 bangers, and 7 sissy-ass tracks, cuz i love both musical directions, but really its a pretty eclectic selection of deep throbbing dirty bass music, and leftfield down-tempo old-school jams, with a few inside jokes, asides and references in there for the close-attention-payers. Some cuts are over 7 minutes long, and there will be extended versions, as well as HEAPS AND HEAPS of remixes and alternate endings released soon (plus DJ TOOLS packs, with remix samples and special-features-and-other-random-mutatations-and-versions). VIVA LA HYPHENS!

Visit to listen and grab your copy. Leave a comment or a tweet and let me know what you think. The album is also available through all major online retailers or you can click here to pre-order the hard copy CD before it hits store shelves on October 27th (includes FREE POSTER). If you don’t feel like waiting, special advanced CD’s will be available at every show starting Oct 1st while supplies last.

And if you haven’t swung by yet, visit the homepage and download the album’s title track for free.


We will be coming at you live pretty much solid Fall and Winter, alongside Nosaj Thing, Heavyweight Dub Champion, DJ Vadim and others (**RJD2 on Halloween! Woot!). The PK Sound System from the Wobble Factory will be bringing larger-than-life audio to augment every single venue; focusing on providing you the warmest, thickest, deepest sonic bath of bass possible…because we think of sound in terms of “WEIGHT” not “VOLUME” and we like it heavy. As always, we provide earplugs, but get used to bringing your own, and bring some to share!

Visit the tour schedule for the full event calendar and feel free to hop on board the merry roadshow as we travel far and wide, stirring up a ruckus and causing a frenzy. It all starts this Thursday in Dallas with weekend shows in Austin for the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

You can also keep up the the latest from the crew as we embark on the 2009 Cozzy Frenzy tour through the new Tour Blog section of the site. All posts are authored by various members of the Bassnectar team and updated while on the move. Subscribe to the feed to get the updates as they are posted, or link up to the Bassnectar YouTube channel for the latest clips from the road. If you have an iPhone, click here to download the app.


Get active! The Cozza Community project is teaming up with various local nonprofit organizations, local artists, and volunteer filmmakers to deliver community showcases at select cities along the tour route. $1 of tickets sales will go to the support the development of programs specific to each community. Detroit and DC organizations have already been announced. Visit to learn more, or email to get involved in your local city’s Cozza community.




  • JUST GOT THE ALBUM! Can't wait for HOB Chi City 😀

  • by the way, it is ba ba ba bangggggin. as expected

  • kai

    yo, just bought cozza frenzy flac's off the site but got 320 mp3's…what's goin on?

    • Same thing happened to me. Sent a msg to Topspin. Waiting for a reply.

      • yo michael. errrrchhhhhh. Minor hiccup. Shoot an email to amorphous at and I'll send you the download link. Sorry about that buddy!

        • No worries. I know things can be crazy around launch time. Email has been shot. 🙂

    • ohhh. fixed 🙂

      Taking care of you here in a second. Much love for the catch Kai.

  • Daydream

    Thanks for rocking my world! Amazing!

  • alyne

    Out of this world energetic and delicious! Love it all. Keeps us inspired as always and filled to the brim to share with all. Thank you for keeping us ALIVE!

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  • steeze_wobble

    It is FINNNNNNALLLLY HEEERE. Next on the list of things to look forward to…HALLOW-FREAKIN-WEEEN. Hell yeah man you are my beatfreak INSPIRATION. one last thing…I am a Laser…..that song is haaaaaaair raising!

  • tweakbeatz

    just got it. sick. as . hellll.

  • THank God Lorin the CD is absolutely gorgeous!!! I been scratchin my neck for the last 8 months waitin for this bad boy to drop. Outstanding job I'll be ragin this album quite often. Peace and much love. See you in Tuscaloosa and Athens!

  • JoshWild

    snap crackle womp

  • Alex

    The album really has something for all bassnectar fans. Want laid back and mystical? You got it. Want to rage on some thick basslines? You've more than got it. Boombox and Teleport Massive are going to be hits of the decade.

  • New album is absolutely beautiful. Exceeded my expectations, go figure. Keep it up man, see you live and direct, soon enough.

  • Syreeta

    The album is so insanely good…but I don't see socal on the tour schedule at all? VERY bummed about that and hope you find some time to come back and delight us with your genius soon…

  • Your excitement is so exciting ooooohh what it do? ! Bassnectar back at it, ready set go! Love seeing all that you do! fantastic 🙂

  • Can't fuckin wait.

    [New Album Womps like crAzy! Im really diggin When I grow up, Love Here, Churn of the Century. EPIC.]

  • bjmurray

    Bought the new album and keep having trouble with topspin?
    Same thing happened when I bought Lions?
    just keep getting error download unavailable try again later errr!

    • Lorin

      hey bj
      lorin here, just saw this.
      TRUST: getting this system up and flawless is a major concern, as eventually i hope to release music only through this site, and i REALLY wanna make sure you are taken care of.
      i just logged onto this and saw this, i'll forward to the tech folks.

  • Bas

    Dude, I have some of your music via blogs/friends and I want to donate some money your way without installing iTunes or purchasing anything.


  • yanzombie

    Yo Lorin….. Ian From Nelson BC …sounds like this tour is on smash homey. Just was chillen w vadim when he was here and am super stoked you're comin through Nelson in december! Dropped some new heat in your soundcloud drop box that has been crushing sound systems and i think you would like …check for Yan Zombie!!!

  • mamagroove

    Hey Yo Lorin, You're about to play a ragin set here at the Valarium in Knoxville next thursday and……it just happens to be my birthday!!!!!!!! Last time to played Blue Cats here I was ragin next to ya on stage, and it had to be one of the most fun times in my life! Can a sister please please please please get a Happy Birthday and a killer Somesing remix?!?!? I can't wait, I'm bringin the whole damn town!!!!!!!!! Keep killin it, you're doing so much for the world of music brother!

  • steeze_wobble

    Lorrrrrrrin, my girl and I can't think of a better way to start off 2010 than ragin with you….where you playin for New Years? San Fran i assume…but you gotta let us know so we can make our plansssssssss. Thanks man, your BEATs make a FREAK out of me, fo reaaaaaaaal.

  • colin

    its like a whompcabob on a stick!

  • nectarjunkie

    Hey man… I'm in tears. I guess you heard i was locked up for your show here.
    I just got out on bond bro and i'm doing everything i can to try to make it to Asheville for that show. I heard i missed the most amazing show.
    Thank you so much for everything… I'm broken hearted i missed you
    but i'm so thankful for the chance that my friends got to see you, you met my girl… and if all works out i'll be there at Asheville to catch you- i gotta c u this tour…
    thanks for everything Lorin…

  • Name

    wats happinan wit u man whats the spread lookin like for a town tminus 6 days YEAH bout which way the beats flow some sick art out the pen of a raver last night HOW BOUT ashville on starge whomp whomp draw the BASS NecTaR

  • fractalnaut

    Thank you for filling the space with bass. Love from El Paso

  • “Noise check:”

    In the spirit of communita and open communication, here’s some feedback for the free forum a la symposium style; i.e. grab your tunic, grapes, and well-oiled loin-clothed friend to fan you with a palm frond for your cranium to catch what I’m conveying in constructive comfort.

    (You know, I wish all world summits still met on such ancient terms, there just might be more capacity for political gorging and policy catharses for peace…at least standardization in puke buckets for all the treats of treaties in the faux. However, knowing the patterns of Homosapiens in power, it’d probably be more about the glutinous greed of consumption rather then the global redemption of resources for all. Que sera, I digress from the gist of the parallel. Re-focus with me now, like a playful “Laser” of polygon awareness).

    After some sonic absorption, soaking in your wavicles’ crests and troughs of tuneage de nuevo, I am inspired to share and eager to enkindle how it ricocheted in my own body’s chamber layers (e.g. how the new album registered in my emotional body, ethereal, et cetera; beyond just the physical and mental reactions).

    First, commencement with thanks for the tracks that capture the essence of the roadshow freak escapade. Moving miles in a moment, it magically encapsulates memories well made. Fielen dank. Plus, anything that psy-cycles in surges from core to cosmic churn is an instant pleaser in my pages of personage. That delicately weighty speed of light bends gravity, warping time and space, creating possibilities for prime astral projections from the panoramic view of the “Window Seat” into other dimensional planes. I’m knotting my silver cord to the floor like a kite ‘cause I be trippin’ and so should you.

    I also really enjoyed “When I Grow Up” and “Boombox.” I think my biggest attraction to you as a human being is your authentic capability to be passionately productive with a personalized purpose for the greater good. To witness the footprint of your walk is an inspiritus for my soul to blaze my own unique path of bliss beneficially for all. Your audacious success slaps every excuse I have for feeling stuck in the system. All I want to do is follow my deerheart through the wildwood. You remind me that the only thing keeping me from my visions is me. So, please-please, keep rolling the way you do, motivating the hell out of everyone into heaven on earth. Katsu! Sama Samadhi! Om Shanti Shambala! Salancha gavanaga! AmonRa! Aho! The world’s tongues of soulful praise do little to “Teleport” my enthusiastic appreciation, so please conjure it up in your own mind para-linguistically, concocted with lots of onomatopoetic exclamations and colorfully quaking chakra expressions!!!

    As a side note, I hope I understand your humor for “Hipster” as sick sarcasm, either way, you’re a frackin’ wing nut and I appreciate your silly and serious parlays. Though a warning should be relayed, upon post-consumption it does create this annoyingly goofy grin and the desire to pantomime the ass-ripping of tight black pants into a clap-static choreographic display of the poseur-derriere-deranged that is quintessential hipster. That’s my truth, and whatever is at the seat of your honesty is yours to be free with in fundamental fun. By and by, alle est relative, eh.

    May my wrists’ fisting of words not distract you from the origins of praise engendered. So in simplicity: hearty gratitude to Lo’rin and the Boss-of-knocker crew for a much anticipated album and enthusiastic return to the Westcoast, ‘cause musika is always energetically thicker live, yo! Love all the layers.

    Buy direct. Support our communita!

    In monad melody,
    ~A dancer in the crowd.

    P.S. Will there be soon-to-be-released tour dates for slaying Seattle when the sustainable travel line goes from beautiful British Columbia back down the Cascade ridge’s spine to San Fran? Name the star and I’ll wish upon it. Dandelion seeds to the wind, fingers all twisted in hope, may you triangulate where you are needed the most, even if it is all-one-alone in a skyglad glen communing circles with the spheres of the self. Blessed be!

  • nectarjunkie

    Ok- so I'm doing my best to make it to Asheville- Since i told you i missed your show when you came to Exit/in I can't believe it. Been looking forward to that for months.
    -so the afterparty- does you have any details about that???
    I'm trying to catch back up from all the times i've seen you and missed full sets… And then i heard you threw the F down in Nashville for hours and hours and i was rotting thinking about it… but i'm thankful for the possible chance to still see you- hope i get to hear some Lions… i was in Alpharetta right when you were about to drop it, and got cut off.
    and of course the Fever Ray- i missed that too.
    thanks so much Lorin- i hope to see you there…

  • nectarjunkie

    man- that was deceptive with the whole after-party thing at asheville…
    Had a blast at the show-
    Thank you for the Bursting, and the Fever.
    I'll tell you what tho- opening up with One Of These Days…. Thank you so much Lorin. I could tell thru that you were emotionally spent after lthe last week that you'd come thru. And then Miami tonight!!! Good luck my friend. Thank you for everything and i pray to catch you on your next tour if not before them.
    -Try to hit this South region a little more- TN and NC and GA. We love you down here.
    later bro
    -stizzle- (nashville)

  • nectarjunkie

    oh, btw- that was so sad, the Orange Peel took away all the glow sticks, so we didn't even get to have a war as usual,,,

    Next time tho, and i'm so excited.
    I've got a really cool idea for a remix- hit me up…

  • Hey Mr. Lorin Ashton,

    The new album Cozza Frenzy is way better than Mesmerizing the Ultra. I especially like the hipster song and the Fever Ray remix. I keep hearing your song “So Butterfly” on XM 84 chill radio station and thinking back to Santa Cruz days before you were the phenomenon that is Bassnectar and you were Lorin. I'm really impressed by your development as a musician. Let me know if I can help you make the world a better place, because you know, I'm a rainbow too.

    Much respect due,
    Marcia ( the butterfly being from UCSC days)

  • phishphood1298

    yoooo i'm loving the album! any chance you can make a stop in Flagstaff, AZ at some point soon??? Im dying to see ya again!

  • phishphood1298

    yoooo i'm loving the album! any chance you can make a stop in Flagstaff, AZ at some point soon??? Im dying to see ya again!