New Free Music: Cozza Frenzy

September 11th, 2009


Cozza FrenzyThe debut single, Cozza Frenzy, features an original head-banging body-rocking anthem, where dubstep and electro collide beneath chopped and screwed vocals. Tour launches on October 1st with more than 30 dates across the US and Canada. Get read for the rage. Grab a little bit of Cozza Frenzy now.

  • DocNYz

    This download didn't work for me, has anyone else been having trouble?

    • Hey DocNYz. Did you check your inbox for the download link? Let me know what trouble you are having so I can grab my wrench and get to fixin.

      • DocNYz

        Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, for some reason it gives me an error page after clicking on the link in the email and then the download button … however I got the track from RCRD LBL (…) so I guess that worked out, but I'd love the megabass remix!

        • Ack!!! Sorry about that. I put the direct download link up in case anyone else has problems.

  • tweakbeatz

    donde estas el DJ TOOLS?
    ive been looking for a sec.
    but no luck.
    it says that they exist, but there are no signs of existence.

  • diverdw

    I love bassnectars transmission with american beauty but can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone know where or how I can get it??

  • snapcrackleWOMP

    Bassnectar recommends si begg's original remix,