Spotlight on Detroit

September 15th, 2009


Greetings nectarfiends, Lia Holland here.

It’s time for an in-depth look at the Cozza Connection Project: Detroit, which is quite the commotion about displaying four local community organizations and a unique opportunity to direct a portion of your ticket cost to the organization you like best. When you come to this event, you will get a token to present to whichever organization you want to support. All 4 groups will have spaces representing their essential services to your community, as well as what you can do to help them out.

Each fantastic network of movers and shakers has been collaborating with Bassnectar Labs for several months in anticipation of providing you with resources to better your neighborhoods. In the lead-up to the event, Bassnectar Labs has released a series of minidocumentaries, one for each organization, produced by two of the most dedicated and talented Detroit Fans/Filmmakers ever to exist.

And now, friends, we would love to introduce to you four of our favorite community initiatives in Detroit:

Alternatives For Girls


A righteous community of volunteers and professionals that serves the homeless and at-risk girls and young women in Detroit. This non-profit takes women from the streets, away from drugs, prostitution, and other hardships, to a welcoming, empowering, and educational environment. The name says it best; the focus here is on presenting viable alternatives and positive awareness to women through an integrated approach of education in everything from STD awareness to Hula Hooping. You can make an immediate impact through teaching a workshop in your special skill, street outreach, mentoring, administration duties, or event assistance.

Focus Hope


A nationally recognized civil and human rights organization founded after the Detroit riots in order to combat the core issues that create inequality and injustice. At the base of Focus Hope’s vision for the Detroit community is the idea that we all have to improve together, that human society creates an ecosystem in which, as MLK says, “all life is interrelated.” In their promotion of the understanding of race, religion, and culture, Focus Hope utilizes the best of synergetic approaches, pioneering everything from community art initiatives to elder care for those in need. Volunteers are welcome in every facet of Focus Hope’s extensive contributions to the Detroit- and Man- kind.

The Heidelberg Project


All you have to do is see the pictures and you will understand. Art has a unique way of drawing a community together, and the Heidelberg project is capitalizing on the power of their visions and talents to create a thriving culture in under-resourced communities throughout Detroit. The art of the Heidelberg project serves not only to reclaim blighted buildings for the common good, but also as art education programs at schools throughout Michigan. The Heidelberg Project is in the middle of their greatest project yet- a cultural village to house a variety of education programs. With over 275,000 visitors annually, it’s evident that this organization has found a unique way to reach people. With projects ever underway and always more to do, help is needed, whether you think you have artistic talents or not! (Everyone does.)

Youthville Detroit


A youth mentoring organization that supports a spectacular array of programs for youth. Youthville understands that each child is unique and supplies holistic and integrated programs and research to allow each child to explore their interests. Youtville epitomizes what our education system should be, offering everything from fitness to art to radio web broadcasting. These people are providing the resources for the Bassnectars of tomorrow to hone their skills, and you can plug in anywhere. Got a talent or interest you would like to share? Bet you a smile that Youthville has a program where you can plug in and share your inspiration with the kids who would appreciate it the most.

Big thanks to Causecast here for their innovative Text2Donate program. Does something here resonate with you? Here are the codes again:

Heidelberg Project- HPROJECT

Youthville Detroit- YOUTHV


Alternatives for Girls- ALTGIRLS

Text the code for the organization of your choice to 85944 to charge a $5.00 donation to your cellphone bill and further these amazing efforts to improve the Detroit Community. This program is available now through December 27th, 2009.


  • you're the man bass

  • angelaoohlahlah

    In a word: YESYESYES! very well written- awesome quick overview of these 4 awesommmmme orgs. thanks Lovely Lia, Bass Corsair!

  • love it

  • ritaclark

    If you are really interested in a middle school and or high school kid spending quality time doing something not only positive, productive and educational, in a safe environment YouthVille Detroit is the place to be.

    Kids from all walk of life can enjoy this 75,000 square ft. facility while learning the latest in media technology, culture, education, health & fitness, leadership development, service learning, and digital music technology. The highlight of the agency is it 1300sq ft. television studio fully equipped with High Definition Digital Cameras, Edit Suite, Audio Suite, Control Room and Web Radio Station.

    I invite anyone to come by and check us out. The array of classes for youth are tremendous.

  • Glad to see you shedding a light on my sweet hometown – i hope that it brings more people out and generates the type of community spirit that is so often lacking in places of extreme poverty.

    Please take a walk around the city when you come out if you haven't yet – specifically, anywhere a mile east or west of woodward to see how quickly things drop from 'not bad' to 'Mad Max'. burning cars that won't be put out, collapsed houses, buildings that have just been abandoned and are slowly being stripped even of plywood… and wonder what this city needs to bring itself back!

    The people here are in need of a real Phoenix, lets give it up to the spirit of Detroit!

  • justinunoedat

    Dont think ive been this excited for anything in my entire life.


  • angelaoohlahlah

    C.Todd: Loving that idea. I do hope that the Nectar crew takes (and HAS…) some time to walk around the city, absorb the light, sometimes warm and sometimes chilling…This event is all about community, I can't wait for ya'll to take part and engage!

  • amygood

    Type your comment here.

    We at Alternatives For Girls are really glad to be included in this awesome and creative event! Our work in Detroit is critical, and the girls and young women we serve go a long way with the support we can provide for them–they deserve all that our community can muster! Thank you, Bassnectar! Looking forward to the 7th!!

    PS: spread the word–check out our website:–and consider signing up to be a mentor!

  • Well I was thinking of going to the HOB show in Chicago, but after hearing about this project, I know I have to stay in Michigan this weekend. It makes me really happy to hear that this is happening in Detroit!

  • groovaddict

    your magnetic field of music is obviously growing strong. the bassnectar community has proven to be a strong force that can make a difference in this world. i can't wait to see how far it will go and the accomplishments that will be reached along the way!

  • kathy

    Is anybody there? I represent a choir planning a concert for the homeless. We will contribute proceeds to organizations that help the homeless. We want to show the art work of homeless artists at the concert. Can you help us find Detroit artists who happen to be homeless and would like their work displayed at a March concert at a beautiful venue-a cathedral on Detroit's Woodward Avenue?

    • lia quite possibly has some good connects in tha DEE-TROIT area… Lia?
      you there?
      kathy, ill have her email ya

    • Hi Kathy,
      That is awesome!
      What a great effort to help people.
      Perhaps you should get in contact with the homeless children's art therapy program through the Capuchin Soup Kitchen:
      And if you are looking for more artists, you should definitely reach out to this organization.
      Best of luck!

  • Dan

    I am a teacher at a charter school in Detroit, a Burner, a Nexian and more! These are all great organizations! I wish to put a special word in for Youthville Detroit. They provide some extremely valuable services to Detroit's Great Hope – our young people! From health services, counseling, mentoring, community service opportunities and more, it's a beacon in the urban expanse! Thank you for doing amazing things!

    • Dan! Got any ideas for our Spring Tour stop? Organization recommendations?
      Hit me up at getacitve(at)bassnectar(dot)net if you've got any ideas for a new group that would like to do a display or other outreach at the event 🙂

  • Dan! Got any ideas for our Spring Tour stop? Organization recommendations?
    Hit me up at getacitve(at)bassnectar(dot)net if you've got any ideas for a new group that would like to do a display or other outreach at the event 🙂