Boxed in Carrboro

October 15th, 2009


These girls have the greatest laughs. carr1Meet Swathi and Megan, tonight, they have donned boxes to raise awareness about homelessness in Carrboro, and the awesome efforts they help coordinate to combat it. The organization that channels their efforts is called HOPE- Homeless Outreach Poverty Eradication. My favorite event they coordinate is Box Out, an annual fundraising/awareness event featuring live music, where people sleep outside in boxes they build together, experiencing a small part of homelessness for one night. All proceeds go to HOPE’s Community Empowerment Fund, a student-run microfinance organization that allows homeless people to apply for small loans so they can get housing/employment. HOPE also has a community gardens project, a literary magazine written by people on the streets, and ample opportunity for anyone to get involved and active in the massive hardships faced by those who don’t have a home.

The shenanigans of this night took shape when these gals rolled in with their lovely display and we quickly determined it to be insufficient. A quick flirt with a bartender later, I came back with some cardboard and these girls went to town. Below, I have a selection of the lovely people who supported Homeless Awareness Poverty Eradication by donning boxes….


We had to bust out a sharpie and Bassnectar a belly, wear a gas mask, and and shove some big people into some little boxes, but our mission of engagement was utterly accomplished. Want to get involved with HOPE’s programs? Give a click here.

And the Bass Check has begun… Time to lunge after the albums as they shake off the table. It’s like a new dance or something. The Lia-Lunge, perhaps?