High Fashion in Dallas

October 2nd, 2009


Here’s Lia with Bassnectar coming at you direct from the merch table in Dallas. The dredlocked and bedangled freaks have materialized out of the woodwork for an epic Thursday night with the Bassnectar Krew. And we are about 20 minutes from making it happen, with PK Sound/Wobble Factory primed and Videolicious verily observing the evening from the wings, prepared to pack a visual punch to rival the furthest reaches of aural extremity on the night’s two massive screens, hung to either side of the stage.

Our featured iconic nectar fiends tonight possess the names Justin and Michael, the latter of which approached the table with hands in the air to school us on the necessity of having shirts that make you feel pretty. Demonstration captured by my dying blackberry…blog1photo1

We’ve driven down streets that felt more like rivers and through deserts broken only by the occasional Doctor-Seussian Joshua Tree or truck stop. We’ve been assisted in our adventures by friendly gentlemen from Nebraska, laying down the law on the proper ways to navigate the wiring of truck headlights, we’ve eaten too much coconut bliss and desperately need to spend some time jump roping. Dallas, if I had balls, these past twelve hours would have stuck them to the wall, along with the rest of the krew, but I don’t so I must content myself with generic ninja status.

And now the rumble has begun, the front hall has cleared out, and inside both the basses and the faces are DROPPIN’……

Queen of the Bongo, signing OUT!