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Leg 1 in Review

October 18th, 2009


We are somewhere in Kansas at a biodiesel station. I’m outside in my socks, jacking a weak wireless signal, and enjoying this brief moment of sunshine. Soon it’s back on the bus to drive balls out to Denver, catch a flight home for a week, and then onward to an (already) almost sold out Halloween with Conscious Alliance and the epic community extravaganzas in Detroit and DC.


This experience has been awesome for little me out of the Northwest, having only ever been to TN out of the 30-something states we’re passing through. Biggest lesson learned? People are awesome everywhere. Thanks for the schooling, y’all. Although it all looks like fun and games from the crowd, the traveling life can be tough. You people are what makes it all worth it.

Carrboro killed it, had an awesome healthfood store, gorgeous pottery, and I bought the ugliest hat ever (too ugly to post on the tour blog, if you saw me in Carrboro, you know.)

Lorin’s cliffnotes on Carrboro: sold out @ the Cat’s Cradle: Thursdays are Fridays in Carrboro!!!!
Elliott’s first night on lights, Lorin’s first night playing under the influence of Tzam Tzing Tea. (I think he liked it 🙂 )

We survived and hustled down to Asheville, where it was just DIS.GUST.ING. The Orange Peel was utterly off the hook, the people were all gorgeous, the city was fantastic, and a good time was had by all.vadim

I wasn’t in Miami, but the reports from Trevor make me wish I had been. Stage mobs? You people are completely bonkers.

Having DJ Vadim on the bus was completely rad. I think we scared him at first, but, as you can tell, the South soon grew on him and by Nashville he was attempting the accent (with limited results.) VADIM: we miss you, come back! Nosaj Thing has a lot to live up to for the second leg of this apeshit adventure.

leg1ashevilleAlso, very special thank yous are due to Doug Fuller and Tom Lewellyn from Sustainable Living Roadshow, and Pete Moreno, our driver for the rest of the tour. These brave souls went above and beyond to get our bums hauled all over these wide, vibrant, USes of A.

So, onward, comrades, to the cookie Elliott just bought me, Denver, home, and all those little places on your body that feel the rumble when the Bassnectar crew rolls into town.

Miss Basscorsair, riding the high seas of sound and I-70 West, over and OUT!