Nectar Drops at ACL

October 5th, 2009


bassnectar2009aclEllo… Daysha here with my first post from the tour front. It’s not often that I duck out from behind the glowing monitors full of the ones and zeros of  Bassnectarland. With much of the crew from different parts of the country, it’s rare to find everyone in the same spot at that same time. So when the bus rolls through my home town of Austin, the celebration is always special.

Not only was this Bassnectar’s first appearance at the Austin City Limits music festival, it was the first time that any artist has womped out a massive sub 100 hz bass wave across the rolling green lawns of Austin’s Zilker park.

breakdancers1Since ACL is usually held when temp are still blasting above 100 degrees, I’d like to think that an 80 degree sunset set to kick off a music-packed weekend was just a little gift from the gods of bass.

Austin is the business.

And MUCH LOVE to the Inner Circle break crew that started up  out of nowhere. Nope… wasn’t planned. Guys were amazing. And no, the picture isn’t upside down. That’s what he looked like right before he moved into an upside-down helicopter head spin. Check it at the 1:20 mark:



To those that were there, seriously… the nectar threw down. If you missed the ACL set, no worries. Bus is headed your way soon.

Next stop… Tuscaloosa.


  • 123name

    Bar none… you guys stole the show for the day…. everyone was talking about it the next day, took me and everyone I knew by surprise. Definitely gained some new fans! Keep it up and come back to Texas soon!!!

  • jordanmartin

    acl after show at la zona rosa was insanity. can't wait till you come bak

    much love

  • manilo

    Hell yess, B-Boy City krew! ..The best in Texas..better

  • OMG they DID put humpty dumpty back together again!

    . . . and turned his ass into a CHINOOK.

    Welcome to a lil thang we call ACL – big 'ol howdy 2 Lo.
    you just made another 10,000 friends, thusly 'nother 100
    pages of youtubes to rummage thru… DAMN you blew up
    like a new bassbin @ SeaOfDreams, which reminds me…
    DUDE, i've never seen you properly lightjocked up… guess no one can . . . ?hang.


  • Brent

    Mama was queen of the mambo
    Papa was king of the Congo
    Deep down in the jungle
    I started bangin' my first bongo

    come back to austin soon

  • Tkf231

    Breakdancing plus Bassnectar equals BreakNectar!

  • Tkf231

    Breakdancing plus Bassnectar equals BreakNectar!