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Quick Shout From Charleston

October 15th, 2009


Just wanted to give a holla from the awesome Charleston, SC. Where people dance like there is NO tomorrow. Seriously, I’m stoked to be sitting at ass level so as to appreciate the boogie factor more greatly.char1

This city treated me so well yesterday, complete with a swim in the warm Atlantic and (still not over it, I’m telling everyone) dolphins. Yes, Dolphins. I wanted to swim out to meet them, but Trevor, our audio engineer, told me there were sharks and the undertow would eat me if they didn’t.

Charleston, I saw dolphins here. I love all of you, forever.

And it’s the lasting kind of love because you sealed the deal by overfilling the Conscious Alliance bins AGAIN. Perhaps outdoing Athens. We, the hungry, and the volunteers are all incredibly grateful to you.char2

This thought occurred to me the other day when someone on Facebook asked why we don’t have a food drive at every show: why don’t I let you all know that you can volunteer with Conscious Alliance, feed the hungry, get volunteer hours, and go to all sorts of shows for free by starting your own chapter in your city? And then we CAN have a food drive, beautiful posters, and an even grander adventure in every city.char3

In University? It’s even easier. You can get involved by joining or starting a student group. For more info peek at or email

We’d love to have you at a future show doing this amazing work!