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The latest in Charlotte

October 10th, 2009


The number one topic on the minds of the staff tonight (aside from, evidently, burping contests) is whether or not that crowd outside is going to tear the door down. It’s only 8, music doesn’t start until 9, but gee golly and jawsh are they out there. It is, after all, Saturday Night. I hear our only competition for young, undulating bodies is a comedian on a banjo.

I have not heard the likes of the banshee cry that went up when they clicked the lock on that door since, well, last night at the height of the set. It’s only doors, people. But, how can i be anything but glad about your excitement? I’m stoked when you are, and after a few more minutes of cruising the lobby in my wheeled office chair (will someone race me please?) I will definitely resemble the banshees of Charlotte themselves. It’s all about that unstable look in your eye… and maybe a little bit of flyaway hair. Wild lookin’, long hair, loud noises? I know someone who would be an excellent coach in those matters.

Best moment today was going out to breakfast that was burritos with Trevor Bone, our audio engineer, and the fabulous DJ Vadim. Vadim accidentally called Trevor and they both took a good minute to figure out that they were talking to each other. In fact, Vadim had to look at his phone. I have no idea what happened after I turned in early at 3 am, but I’ve been hearing stories and hints that I’m not allowed to blog about… Suffice it to say that Athens is one crazy city.charathens

Athens updates: Lorin’s leg is OK. He walks funny, but it’s just another thing to tease him about.

And a MASSIVE THANK YOU from Conscious Alliance. This was the best food drive they’d done in Athens in a long time. The bin was overflowing and it was all because of you. So much gratitude from the Bassnectar Camp for being involved, everyone!

And speaking of involvement, awesomeness, and burritos (or, perhaps this has nothing to do with burritos…) Tonight’s organization is:

Hands On Charlottecharhon1

The Hands On Networks are one of the most fantastic ways for people to get involved in any city, serving as a hub of different involvement opportunities across the spectrum of traditional volunteer activities. Hands On works against urban blight and gentrification, sorts food and clothing donations, connects people to community gardening opportunities. Or, rather, people who get involved with Hands On do all of those things. Hands on serves as the hub for organizations that need help and for the people who have the time, energy, and social consciousness to provide it. charhon2

Bob with Hands On is a spot-on individual, having given me a lecture on the impacts of gentrification in the local community, and what it means for Charlotte. I wish we all could be as eloquent when speaking about what we believe in.

And, surprise-surprise. Another fan, Tanner, managed to coordinate with the venue under my nose and set up a card table with stones to trade people for a dollar donation to St. Jude’s Chilldren’s Hospital.

chartannerHe says that he bought the stones with his money as an extra incentive for people to give, and that, last night, he made $170 just asking people in a Will Call line to give a dollar. Tanner doesn’t know anyone who has benefited from St. Jude’s personally, but he said he just felt driven to “do his part for the amazing research that is helping so many children.” Major kudos to Tanner from Bassnectar Camp. And, yes, of course we got our stone. It will sit on the merch table for the rest of the tour.