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Last Stop in Lawrence. Join the Freakshow!

November 19th, 2009



I just wanna say thank you from the top & bottom of my heart for the most INCREDIBLE and STUPEFYING show of love, enthusiasm and energy. This past Cozza Frency tour has been the sickest EVER! Totally old school energy, with a next level twist. During a time of recession, with so much going on, to have nearly every show be sold out and rammed out so early on has FLABBERGASTED me and my entire crew. WE LOVE YOU!!!!

We have had to do a sick amount of laundry, because i am drenched at the end of each night.

Our sound system is getting tighter and more dialed by the night.
I am working 3-5 hours a day on each night’s set, cutting it up, and tweaking it out from the night before.

I’m writing a quick note because we are closing out the US Tour for Fall 2009 this Saturday night in Lawrence, KS.

Tonight in Fayetteville and tomorrow in Colombia are both sold out, and we are flooded with people asking for tickets.

There are a few left in Lawrence, and we just got 50 added to our Fan Club ticketing:

Get tix:

We would love you to join us if you are feeling it!
Heads UP! That show will sell out as well, so i wanted to get any hardcores out there who feel like taking a roadtrip the chance to grab tickets before its too late.


(And Canada…we will see you shortly… 😉