4/01/10: Bassnectar in Minneapolis, MN at Varsity Theater

December 15th, 2009


hummerspring210x300Bassnectar’s Spring Tour wobbles through the Minnesota to bounce the roof off the Varsity Theater with special guest DJ Vadim on April 1, 2010.

The tour celebrates the release of the Timestretch EP- available now in the little shop at Bassnectar Labs along with special collectors, DJ, and Tour packs. And be sure to grab the latest gift from the Bassnectar Labs: Bassnectar’s Magical Worlds… a musical mutatant marriage between elements of “Timestretch’ and Nelly Furtado’s classic “Turn Out The Lights.” Turn it up! Visit http://music.bassnectar.net to grab them both.

The Varsity Theater is located at 1308 4th Street SE in Minneapolis, MN. Doors open at 8:00pm.

This is an 18+ event.

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13 Responses to “4/01/10: Bassnectar in Minneapolis, MN at Varsity Theater”
  1. johnnycee says:

    best show of the year for mpls. cannot wait

  2. Jonny C says:

    Hey nice name down below. But anyways any know if there an afterparty after the concert

  3. Flaco from Mesa says:

    Just wanted to let you guys know how much i think your music is awesome! However, i will not be attending the show because there are no more tickets available at Loring. The ticket price goes up to $33.50 if you go through ticketmaster, and that is unbelievable! If you can find any normal price tickets, let me know, i'll take 2. otherwise, i'll be getting loaded off my $34 across the street.

    • Lorin says:


      yah man we are ALL on the same page with you about ticket fees (LAME LAME LAME)
      unbelievably lame

      99% of the time, the venue sells the tix at their box office (during select times) for like 1 or 2$ markup…cheaper than even buying early birds on line….

      dont give up!

  4. Flaco from Mesa says:

    BTW, my e-mail is flaco.huevos@gmail.com I'll hook you up with some good pizza if you can hook me up.

  5. brittniekelly says:

    so, i lost my conformation number for my ticket:( is it okay just to go up to the venue and pick it up at will call- or is it absolutely necessary i have my conformation number?

  6. danielschaefer says:

    HEy i lost my conformation email. i order my tickets thorugh the fan club i beleive and i have been calling all over to verify that i did get tickets my credit card is charged. does anyone know a number i can call to confirm my trickets???? im kinda freaking out.

  7. shelby says:

    soo, i was wondering if anyone knew where to find pictures from the minneapolis show? if anyone took any? or any videos?

  8. Lorin says:

    hey diju get sorted?

  9. Derek Mittelsteadt says:

    i was on last night to buy tickets and decided to wait until today. now they are sold out. ANYONE WANNA SELL ME A COUPLE TICKETS TO THIS SHOW?!

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