4/09/10: Bassnectar in Detroit, MI at The Fillmore

December 15th, 2009


hummerspring210x300Bassnectar’s Spring Tour wobbles through Michigan to bounce the roof off the Fillmore withe special guests MAJOR LAZER and DJ Vadim on April 9, 2010.

The tour celebrates the release of the Timestretch EP- available now in the little shop at Bassnectar Labs along with special collectors, DJ, and Tour packs. And be sure to grab the latest gift from the Bassnectar Labs: Bassnectar’s Magical Worlds… a musical mutatant marriage between elements of “Timestretch’ and Nelly Furtado’s classic “Turn Out The Lights.” Turn it up! Visit http://music.bassnectar.net to grab them both.

The Fillmore Detroit is located at 2115 Woodward Ave. Doors open at 9:00pm.

This is an 18+ event.

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40 Responses to “4/09/10: Bassnectar in Detroit, MI at The Fillmore”
  1. manchild says:

    wow is all that can be said.

  2. jksm says:

    we are stoked as FUCK that you are coming back to our quaint little town of Detroit. We have been to a couple of your shows recently and have heard that you are… can i even say it outloud… coming back to ROTHBURY! we shit our pants with excitment. If that is true we wanted to put something out on the table… can we help build an orgi-like atmosphere on your stage. just wanted to let you know we are DTF (down to flex) 😉

  3. Craig says:

    This is cool and all, but I still can’t attend. Fuck 18+ shows. Guess you’ll have to rage w/o me. hahah

  4. andrewfrescoln says:

    Good thing you're comin back! My girl and I almost attached ourselves to your tour bus to follow you to every show…! not really, but I would have if I could, St. Andrew's and Movement were the two best times of our lives! CAN'T WAIT TO WOMP AGAIN! P.S. pllleeaasseee play Heads up cali style this time! That song is musical perfection

  5. Aim says:

    I am sooooo happy Bassnectar is coming to Detroit! But how do you get tickets?It's not posted on the Fillmore website.

  6. DickyP says:

    hey, you should change the date in the description above, it says the 8th. the concert is actually on Friday April 9th.

    don't want anyone to miss the wobble.

  7. mike massie says:

    ayyyy sooo this concert is on my girlfriend kayla's birthday sooo if u wanna give her a shout out thats kool n all if not definetly try n play ur king of bongo remix cuz its her fav lol thanx bro either way we'll be there waitin for the best nectar on the planet

  8. Pat Heflin says:

    Why does it seem to me that so many of your shows vary between 17+ and 18+? I ask just because I'm 17 and am dying to see you live!!! Is it a venue issue?

  9. titsinmyass says:


  10. titsinmyass says:

    poopy butt

  11. nikkishatter says:

    Hey Lorin,
    Have you ever wondered what it's like in the life of Bassnectar's biggest fan? Well, being so, i'll enlighten you 🙂
    First, background info: Born and raised in Michigan. Age 22. Girl in the end of the Detroit video that says “I Love Lorin!” 🙂
    DEMF 09-thank you for the multiple multiple orgasms and melting my pretty little face off
    …Awaiting the day till you return…
    Grand Rapids Nov. 3- Nice lil warm up for 4 days later
    Ultra Music Fest Mar 26- yup, driving 1,500 miles to see you among many other talents
    Detroit Apr 9- We shall reunite 🙂
    So I have 2 questions.. Do you know if you'll be doing an after show or anything at Ultra? And for the Apr 9 show in Detroit, you probably get this question every day and im sorry, but if me and my friends could just hang out after the show with you for a few minutes or AT LEAST to shake your hand, you would make my night.

  12. ^~^ says:

    18+ again… fuck, hopefully you go to DEMF again

  13. Amit says:

    Hey. Today is 3/16. I checked to see if the detroit show had tickets left. the bassnectar.net site says the show is sold out, but when I went to the venue site it sent me to ticketmaster and there apparently is ticket availability there. this isn't a mix-up, right? I scrambled and purchased two tix for the 4/9 show in detroit via ticketmaster…I will be able to get in, wont I?

  14. auroraisclassic says:

    I may fly from California to Michigan for this concert. I've seen you before, and I'll see you at Coachella. But I have friends in Michigan and I have this impulse to just GO for a few days and see this show while I'm there. I love you Lorin, your music inspires me to open my mind to the world

    • Lorin says:

      thanks for the love!
      michigan goes off MEGA BANNANANANANNAAS (where does it not, actually) but yah last 2 shows in detroit were awesome, and this fillmore show w/Major Lazerrrrr is gonna be FECKIN NUTTTTY

      • auroraisclassic says:

        Lorin I love when you write back to me! I've asked you before…but please come to San Diego soon! I have introduced so many friends to your music. We'd all really love to see you here.

        xoxo Aurora 🙂

  15. detroitwhat says:

    im too eager to wait and find out…i gotta ask. but do you have any plans to play demf again this year? or is it a top secret secret?

    • Lorin says:

      no DEMF in 2010, thats why we are zero-ing in on the FIlmore for full-throttle crushtasticness.
      most likely back at Demf in 2011, but nothing is confirmed

      • detroitwhat says:

        awesome. then i will be full throttle crushtastic-ing my ballz to the wall 110% of the night. my tick is purchased..now im just counting the days.

  16. nikkishatter says:

    You're a genius. That's all I gotta say. Ultra in the dome on Friday night was the highlight of my weekend. I never get such a thrill watching anybody else.. see you in ten days in Detroit!

  17. christine says:

    are these tickets general admission?

    & by the way i've seen you many times but you blew my mind at your saturday set at ultra! so much so that my friend and i got bassnectar tattoos before we left florida.. i got a little one of your logo on my wrist, my friend got nectar written her lip. i hope you find this as fun as we did :]

  18. Jamie Monas says:

    you gotsta play heads up this time ! im sooooooooo excited to RAGE

  19. zanevicknair says:

    Sooo excited! 24 loooong hours till 0blast off>>>!
    Ya'll def-natly travel at lightspeed, itz hard to keep up with you cheekey baztardz, and any time u want some home cookin', hit us up, it would be an honor…

    ever mix up any cocteau twins? some stuff on Blue Bell Knoll sound like it could be Nectarfied…

    Big Love from Harvest Crew… (wer rockin old 4-who-bell-toll mixes today…)

  20. zanevicknair says:

    BTW…this is my kid on missy elliott… you should see her on FRENZY, yea, she rawks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJSU7jo9u0Q

  21. BPZerg says:

    Bassnectar is going to blow up Detroit tonight!! cant wait to melt face

  22. christine says:

    thankss!! :):) you should hit us up tonight 2315576557 :):)

  23. BPZerg says:

    Bassnectar is going to blow up Detroit tonight!! cant wait to melt face

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