4/22/10: Bassnectar in Boston at the House of Blues

December 15th, 2009


hummerspring210x300Bassnectar’s Spring Tour wobbles through Massachusetts to bounce the roof off the House of Blues with special guests DJ Vadim and DJ Haitian on April 22, 2010.

The tour celebrates the release of the Timestretch EP- available now in the little shop at Bassnectar Labs along with special collectors, DJ, and Tour packs. And be sure to grab the latest gift from the Bassnectar Labs: Bassnectar’s Magical Worlds… a musical mutatant marriage between elements of “Timestretch’ and Nelly Furtado’s classic “Turn Out The Lights.” Turn it up! Visit http://music.bassnectar.net to grab them both.

The House of Blues is located at 15 Lansdowne St. in Boston, MA. Doors open at 7:00pm.

This is an ALL AGES event

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15 Responses to “4/22/10: Bassnectar in Boston at the House of Blues”
  1. danielledub says:

    GOOD THINGS!! Just went to the show in NY and previously in Boston at Paradise! House of Blues is a bigger venue, but i liked how the Rock Club was shakin/bumpin with those dirty beats! Wish i could make it to Cali for the show with Glitch Mob on New Years but stuck in Boston working! Happy New Years!!! See ya at House of Blues!

  2. Bassnectar Fan says:

    I'll be there! I went to the past two shows at the Paradise and they were awesome but the Paradise sucks! Staff there is not friendly and they kicked us out in the rudest way! Looking forward to the new venue! Much bigger and hopefully not as hot.

  3. Im so excited. Saw you in NYC on the 13th and shit was fuckin bumpin, deffinatly looking forward to seeing you on both days in MA

  4. bassfreak says:

    saw you at the paradise last november…kinda hard to top that venue…so small and intimate…the HoB kinda sucks and the security is even worse, you gotta tell em to lay off at thiis show, ive been kicked out of that venue for doing almost nothing…still pumped for both mass shows tho

    • bassfreak says:

      actually im not gonna go to this show anymore…after getting kicked out of it once and that whole disco biscuit situation at the HoB…i will not and cannot support a venue that doesnt give a shit about their patrons…to the HoB its all about the money…i wont be surprised if they charge like 5$ for a water at this show…ill be in northampton fo sho tho

  5. wompstomper says:

    Is AmpLive still going to be there tonight? HoB Boston mentions DJ Vadim and DJ Haitian, nothing about AmpLive. I remember hearing Zion I the first time I saw you live in SF; would've been nice to see what Amp's up to these days.

    So psyched! Lacing up my stompy boots for the womp-womp-womp-wompage…

  6. LSDoodoo says:

    where can i check out more photos from the show?

  7. LSDoodoo says:

    where can i check out more photos from the show?

  8. Dav says:

    This was my first Nectar show and it changed my life! But who was the guy who played right before Lorin from the UK? I couldnt catch his name because of accent but he KILLED IT! Then the rest was history…

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