Bassnectar at Crown Hall in Mendocino on 02/02/10

December 7th, 2009


mendo-flyerBefore the Spring tour gets started, the Bassnectar crew will be taking a little excursion to detonate another THUNDERBOMB throughout the Northwest coast in continuation of the Cozza Frenzy Tour.

This event features special guests Emancipator and DJ Christafari.

On Tuesday, February 2, 2010, Bassnectar will be performing at Crown Hall in Mendocino, CA.

Crown Hall is located at 25285 Ukiah St., Mendocino, CA 95460.

This is an ALL AGES event. Doors open at 8:00pm.


New Music

Before the show, nab the Bassnectar 2010 IDJ Mixtape for free. Then, take it to the next level at with the latest releases, free music downloads, and limited edition bundle packs, including the Cozza Frenzy Remix Pack V.1 featuring remixes by RJD2, Robot Koch, DJ Vadim, Stagga, and Son of Kick.

Follow the Tour

Witness what it takes to bring the wompage via video, family photos, and crew antics from each city. Catch the latest word from the crew on the Bassnectar Tour Blog. Click here to follow the entire crew on Twitter.  iPhone users can click here to get the Bassnectar app and send back images from the eye of the storm. After the show, tag your photos with “Bassnectar” at Flickr to see them on the sidebar of the site.

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  • Holy Shit balls! Bassnectar in my home town?! I have to make it up north for this madness.

  • Greg Ardzrooni

    noo way man. im speachless.

  • Matt

    I cant believe how all these shows are 18+.
    It breaks my heart that im sixteen in the peak of this scene.
    At least i caught you at symbiosis man, To bad i cant see this or Sea of Dreams

    • serious bass

      contact your in luck all ages options are avail last i checked just send them a email

  • Oh my god, I'm stoked, I can't believe Bassnectar is playing in Mendocino !!! I'll see you all at the show.

  • shannonandbarry

    we are sooo there…our fav DJ in our fav little town…see you there!

  • Bassnectar in Mendocino for the first time !!! We have been planning to have him for our block party. Time for another trip to my favorite town up north !!!

  • drewburke

    I have traveled many miles to see Lorin ( SF , Santa Cruz , Sebastapol , Lake Tahoe , Burning Man ) and the shit storm is in my backyard. Can't wait ! I'm dragging all of my Black Rock Lemonade Posse with me !

  • serious bass

    happy womphog day

  • serious bass

    happy womphog day