2/14/10: Bassnectar in Santa Cruz at The Catalyst

December 10th, 2009


cozzafrenzy-flyer210x300Before the Spring tour gets started, the Bassnectar crew will be taking a little excursion to detonate a Valentine’s Day THUNDERBOMB in California.

This event features special guests Little John and Brother.

On February 14, 2010, Bassnectar will be performing at the Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz, California.

This is an 16+ event.

Catalyst Club is located at 1011 Pacific Ave.


New Music

Before the show, nab the Bassnectar 2010 IDJ Mixtape for free. Then, take it to the next level at music.bassnectar.net with the latest releases, free music downloads, and limited edition bundle packs, including the Cozza Frenzy Remix Pack V.1 featuring remixes by RJD2, Robot Koch, DJ Vadim, Stagga, and Son of Kick.

Follow the Tour

Witness what it takes to bring the wompage via video, family photos, and crew antics from each city. Catch the latest word from the crew on the Bassnectar Tour Blog. Click here to follow the entire crew on Twitter. iPhone users can click here to get the Bassnectar app and send back images from the eye of the storm. After the show, tag your photos with “Bassnectar” at Flickr to see them on the sidebar of the site.

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13 Responses to “2/14/10: Bassnectar in Santa Cruz at The Catalyst”
  1. bassman says:

    this will be epic

  2. lampshade says:

    Lorin, way to throw down an amazing show at SOD! I cant wait to see you in Santa Cruz as I now live just a few blocks from the Catalyst, should be a kick ass time. I've been messing around with DJing and making beats and your whirlwind style has been a big influence on me, thank you, the industry needs more dynamic musicians like you.

  3. bassworshipper says:

    AMAZING show at SOD!!!! You truly blew my mind! Especially with a back to back with the Glitch Mob. Wouldn't want to spend my Valentine's doing anything else but womping to you with my love!

  4. sckaeli says:

    can you please play Nation when you spin in santa cruz!?

  5. onewompshort says:

    I got my ticket, and my friend was one day too late to get his! My buddy from way back in 6th grade was coming up to see this womptacular and now catalyst says all sold out!

    Does anyone have an extra ticket they can sell to us? I'd do just about anything, post here or email me please! I'll see you all there 🙂

  6. does anyone know what somg was the one with the song from twilight “eyes on fire”?

  7. Lorin says:

    check out “Zed's Dead”
    they did the initial remix…i played a rereremix of it

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