December 9th, 2009


MASSIVE GRATITUDE AND LOVE FOR ALL THE SUPPORT THIS FALL!!!! In each and every town and city you showed so much love and enthusiasm, helping make the Cozza Frenzy Fall 2009 Tour a nonstop BLITZ, an unforgettable freakshow, and a celebration of passion, expression, and face-melting energy. Thank you! We will be back soon!


The lineup is packed and we are going to detonate another THUNDERBOMB in California! Last year was insane and this time there are so many people traveling in from all over, and more contribution from the local freaks than ever before.

Before the raucousness of the spring tour, we have planned a few sweeps along the western regions, and the first 5 have been announced: Mendocino, Arcata, Eugene, Portland and Seattle! Look for Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, Tahoe/Reno and others to be announced shortly. Visit the ticketing page for information on presales and discounts, as these shows will sell out. MUCH LOVE!

IN THE MEANTIME: Now it’s studio LOCKDOWN working on new remixes for RJD2, DJ Vadim, Modeselektor, Robot Koch, and Thievery Corporation, as well as finishing up new projects with iLL Gates, Datsik, Jantsen, Excision, Son of Kick and Number Nin6. In addition to getting together a new podcast, i am also working with Amorphous and Child’s Play to put together a big comp of remixes (Boombox, Teleport Massive, WCLF Rides Again, Window Seat, and more Cozza re-dids) so stay tuned for that!




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  1. BuG says:

    Bassnectar is amazing. I love your music Lorin. You have such a positive impact on so many people's life's through it. It's like, everywhere I look lately I see people reaching for social connectedness to achieve a sense of well being in their community and in the world. More and more it seems like people wanna get together and feel connected to the people around them. So new communities forming all the time. It's like people are innately drawn toward giving and receiving a positive sort of energy, regardless of the mediums that are being used, whether it being the big festivals, various internet communities, artists, or smaller local activity. These mediums in turn are starting to get bigger than eeefffffing ever, and they all promote most of the same values or similar ones. Which, I think, is a breath of fucking fresh air.

    Social connectedness and positive energy? No wonder the bassfreaks are soaring!!! It's your time Brutha, and you are SOOO off the hook!

    Also, I've been waiting patiently and silently, for quite some time, to to hear you spout some in-depth banter on drugs. So have at it….Plz.

    Keep connecting the Tribes.
    Mad props and big Yellow HEARTS.
    (Hard to believe but I actually omitted shit from this. Yeeeowch)

    • Lorin says:

      thanks so much!!!!!
      yeah community has always grabbed me like a fist around the heart
      so strong
      and the “drugblog” will happen asap

      like i said, it is a MESS of thoughts right now…takes a long time when the topic is as double edged as this one

      • BuG says:

        Recently, I was listening to Excisions’ set from Sham this year and actually had to bust a move in the middle of one o’ the shopping market isles when he DROPPED Cozza Frenzy. That was such a SICK set : ) Let’s just say I gott some looks! So I went up to the nearest of them, took my phones off and asked them if they’d like a listen. When my offer was declined I rolled my eyes and Grooved on over to the produce : P Excited for Excision in a couple daze!!!!!

    • Kerang says:

      Ya. So community has always been a huge part of ppl’s desire. We arn’t solitary beings ya know? I find a lot of the values used to be old and stagnate revolving these s0 called “mediums”

      • BuG says:

        That’s so true!! (Isn’t it great?)

        I didn’t fully explain myself on this. I only left what I wanted to give to Lorin.

        I think people are shifting right now from a ” Whatever I can’t change it anyway” mentality, to wanting to get involved with things that make them feel better, and they want to connect with other people who feel the same way. When we give out positive energy into the world we have to have a means to get it back. So people who feel this way become attracted to places and events that allow a good transfer of energy. Which is good.

        But, the problem is that, in the society that has been built so far, it’s hard to come up with any real solutions to the REAL problems. The only thing available are band aid solutions. So we have a lot of people’s time and energy going into temporary solutions that have to be consistently monitored and re-applied. Which, regardless of the situation, is very positive.but exhausting.

        Society is not only structured on “bad” values(Greed, Power, etc.) I think people are innately good creatures. It’s just our inability to let go of old structures and systems. For instance; survival of the fittest no longer applies to a society who has the ability to meet the basic needs of EVERYBODY we CHOOSE to and more. It’s no longer tha issue of making sure I survive, now the issue is how can WE achieve what we want, justly and make that a comfortable reality. The stigma is taken off of the physical self and applied to a mental conciousness.

        This stage of evolution lies in the ability to progress mentally, not physically. (Not saying that physical and mental progression are mutually exclusive.) I think a lot of really great people from around the world, for a long time, have been trying to call attention to this. This is speculation, but I would assume that this scares the power structure. They try to cap our mental progress because they know that the power structures, that once served a purpose, are long out-dated. So we get pacified with food, money, and work. (etc) Personally I think it’s so frustrating when you look around and really try 2 analyze. Take a look at, let’s say, Facebook. Strip it down. Example of a brilliant tool with endless potential, but it’s not living up to be the potential tool it could be, because our the minds are to clouded with means of pacification. **This just being my thoughts, Mind you.** — Myself included.

        And now, here we are with all of these good intentions and resources, and we are sitting on a threshold. A threshold that I think is becoming more and more evident to people( who have direct access to these luxuries and therefore have time to muse). Thanks to a lot of people who aren’t afraid to talk about and aproach left- field ideas.

        So all I can really do is get out there and start spreading the word, right? Ud be surprissed how many people are opposed to talking about anything that threatens there comfort level. Even the immediate discomfort of thinking about a larger picture.

        There are loop holes to this as there is for everything else. I realize that human behavour can’t really be generalized but current themes in social behaviour seem to catch me. I try to take everything I read with a grain of salt too!!! << Weird figures of speeches, hey? : P
        ** Sorry for the novella****Hope it makes some sense**

  2. Christopher says:

    So stoked to see you are coming to AZ… Thanks

  3. adrienmerridiah says:

    Super Stoked about the Portland show Coming up. Saw you in Ashland, OR in May and have been dying to see you again.

  4. Michael McIntyre says:

    Lorin i just wanted to say what an inspiration you are to me i have seen you 23 times now and still after every show you amaze and leave me in awe so much of your soul and positive vibes goes into your shows i wouldn't even call it a concert more an epic experience with that being said Christmas is coming up soon and i wanted to get something really special for my girlfriend that i met at your show at the boulder theater a year ago and is also a big nectar head and i know that this is a lot to ask but i took her to the Halloween wompfest at the Fillmore and when you played that remix to thriller ive never seen her so happy so i guess the question that im dancing around is, is there any way you could send me a copy of that for her it would be much appreciated but i understand if not gotta keep your shit fresh but either way Lorin much love and ill be seein ya

    • Lorin says:

      the craziest thing about this (in all seriousness) is that the most common number of shows that someone has been to when they actually tell me how many is 23… people tell me that all the time
      not 21, not 25, not 16, but 23.

      i mean people say “:hey its my 8th show” or their 14th or whatever, but 23 i hear it all the time

      and i am not that into numbers at all…i think its all coincidence

      but YEARS ago when someone told me to pick a favorite number, i picked 7 and 23.

      i dont even know if it means anything, ibet it does not

      but anyhow THANKS for continuing this bizarre saga of 23.

      see you on number 24!


  5. Brooke says:

    Whats up Lorin you dont like us in GA pppplllleeeaassseee come back sooonnnnn!!!! I love your bassface!!!

    • Lorin says:

      brooke how dare you utter such blasphemy!!!

      my tour manager elliott was BORN AND RAISED in Macon, and he would have a breakdown if he read this.

      my sound/lights crew Music Matters is based in Athens!!!!!

      we love GA, just hit it harder than west coast!!!!

      but now there is a radius clause for a festival we are doing this summer (SICK NEWS!!!!)
      ill tell you more later when they let me announce


  6. Brooke says:

    Come anywhere in the south I will travel for you!! I got to touch your hair and kiss your cheek in Charleston and the Athens show was sick and well you just need to come back to the south!!! Sorry we dont have your favorite kinda coffee but we love your Bass!!! You rattle my brain and my <3 awwww much love boo

  7. medo says:

    hey lorin,

    let me just begin by saying that seeing you in roth 08 was more or less a life-altering moment. I understand that you're in this for precisely those moments, where one leaves a show, with an altered consciousness and applies it to his/her society.
    Besides the fuckin' amazing and addictive wobbling of dubstep, that we are lucky to be part of these times, I think musically these minor/dark scales, with slapping snares, sub-bass frequencies bring out an adequate reflection of the current alienated character of our generation. Art/music can alter that consciousness and better citizens by making them more responsible ones. With those preconditions, I value your work.

    I understand you're a well-studied person, so I wanted to ask a question and make also a request:

    The Frankfurt school, more or less, saw that by making culture more depressed then it would necessarily awake their consciousness by illustrating the contradiction of capitalism and real life – that, would bring a social revolution. Obviously, this simplified version sounds like a bad thing, but where do you stand on that? How is the combination of this music and politically-induced visuals playin on the back, improve things? If there is alienation and no insightful understanding of politics, can there be meaningful motivation by people to involve in real social commitments?

    Also, is there any way you can incorporate in your nye set Saul Williams poem/song – Coded Language? I think people could gain as much from it as from “Not in our Name” that you have used in the past. Here's an amazing performance of it:

    Sorry, everyone, for taking so much fuckin space with my shit.

    cannot wait dubsteppin my way through into 2010!

    See ya.

    • Lorin says:

      i love your mind

      it makes me think of my philosophies on a 2 party system… the good cop, bad cop game…back and forth.

      the bad cops (republicans) rinse you for everything you've got, until you are just about to have a breakdown (and when everyone hits rock bottom all at once they revolt) and then they bring in the good cop (democrats) and you get to feel like maybe it's gonna be ok…Clinton makes you feel powerful, you have dot coms, you are ready to take on the world…you stockpile a bunch of middle class wealth and then…. BOOOOM

      in comes the bad cop, swipes everything you got, makes a SHITSTORM, fuckloads of messes, secrets, looses things, basically burns down your house, takes all your money, and right as you are about to go apeshit and murder that fool and TAKE IT ALL BACK, in steps the good cop, …he pretends to kind of reprimand the bad cop a little bit. he winks at you, gives you some hope, maybe he gives you a tent to stay in until your house is rebuilt.

      they let you build your shit back up, because they are like farmers… you are the crop

      so maybe you are the VINE of the plant…they want the BUDS. so they wait until you have fully started to build up some worth, then back comes the bad cops, tryna snatch your crops.

      back and forth.

      bring in the good cop so you dont go crazy and kill the bad cop

      McCain (and Palin) so obviously bad bad bad baaaaad, we were all BLEEDING for some relief

      but i often wondered if it would be better to let McCain win, so that everyone DID hit rock bottom

      Obama was PERFECT for the system…. he made us all stay submissive

      sorry…thats a tangeant

      yah, bass music can me the new death metal or punk rock…its lets you feel like the animal that you are. and thats a great feeling.

      'negative' chords in the right manner conjur power, force, intensity…and all that can be used

      i feel extremely positive and motivated…even in the midst of dark times or dark music

  8. WBPT_Neil says:


    Rumor has it you're coming to Buffalo, NY in April sometime? please confirm this!

  9. madkerang says:

    sweet new remix dude

  10. NikGQ says:

    Bring the wobble factory to SC too!

  11. yoconfetti says:

    So true! Keep workin on that blog, cause you're pretty powerful. You get a lot of respect in this world, and I'm sure you are capable of opening people's minds to believe in themselves. As cheesy as that sounds, your entire entity that you present is very motivational. As soon as a bassnectar track plays at work I start to move faster, and cook cookity cook those eggs. I'm diner cook, you make my job just a little bit easier! Thanks again for all that you do! You should check out It's the diner I work at, but my boss/owner is in love with your work. We bang that shit everyday, customers are always like “what is this music?” alright, I've said enough. we love what you do, so keep on keepin on;)

  12. gabetaylor says:

    So how about I drove 2 hours from Richmond, VA in the pouring ass rain to DC to see your show back in November. I was pregaming with my boy in the car and we got out for a minute n fucking retardedly locked the doors with the keys still in the ignition. I honestly thought for a second lets just sell our tickets, pay the locksmith off and go home, but i was like fuck that man were at the 930 club bout to see nectar. So I call a locksmith, arabian dude comes out half hour later and charges my tourist ass 140 bucks to open it which only took him 3 minutes. I was determined to have a good time after that shit tho man, I was feelin right n ready for a bomb ass show. And honestly man I have seen a shit of some shows from a lot of different backgrounds, but this shit was one of the best shows ive ever seen. I saw 2 festivals this past summer with artists like Tool, Phish, Incubus, Metallica, and a bunch of other smaller named people but you've taken the cake with that one show for best of the year. From start to finish man you killed that fuckin shit. I'm planning on buying tix to the Boston, Northampton, Baltimore shows in April 2010 and making the 8+ hour drive up to Boston n come back down south from there. I look forward to seeing you again bro, keep doing what your doing you got mad talent, and come back to VA sometime man! Richmond perferrably!

  13. PearsonR says:

    That list of artists for remixes is exciting to say the least. And thank you sir, for that entry below. One year ago punk rock was my genre. I fed off of it, yet there just wasn't enough good live punk rock to go around. In bass music I found the only live setting that could parallel the energy and emotion at a punk rock show. Punk rock shows, like your shows and dubstep shows allow me to express myself in the purest of states. Many people hear punk rock, metal, and dubstep as frusturated, violent and angry music because of the dark minor chords typical of the genres. I however interpret those chords as a medium. The power and intensity of minor chords are perfectly suitable for expressing the seriousness and dark reality of the messages that these genres try to communicate. To me this music has no definite emotion to accompany it. It only has raw emotion that the listener may choose to direct however they please. Your music absolutely blows my mind man. Come back to Asheville and get down with us again, we love you to death.

  14. Brandon Revels says:

    First off i wanna say think for responding back to my last post mad love for that i have a favor to ask… Sea of Dreams is coming up and i am gettin more and more excited each day that passes and i would love to hear u play that whole day n nite remix the bass on that song with make my head explode and if i leave there with my top popped i am okay with that 🙂 will see u NYE and Merry Christmas bro.

  15. kevin =D says:

    ahhh sweetnectar. as time passes, counting down the days till new years eve. wishing for sweetsantanectar to womp my heart into pieces.. i would love to hear a going back to cali sample you kno for the welcoming back to the wompageto san fran. and plus coming all the way from the east coast, jersey specifically.. and maybe that somesing remix? ahhh sweet love <3 oh and jus oneeee more thing… mix set glitch mob? suburb. you rock my socks.

  16. grit_t_gonzo says:

    yo ya'll are coming out to syracuse for my birthday!!!!

    how did you know what I wanted??

    sooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    – dprived junglist mama <<grit_t_gonzo>> aka huckleberry boygirl

  17. robbie says:

    COME TO VIRGINIA. we have no music and need something good around here
    or even better play at bonnaroo this year!
    but come to winchester! everyone here loves you and is dying to see a concert

  18. Alex Johnson says:

    Does your hair ever get in the way of your spinning? I've been wondering since I saw your show at ACL this summer.

    • Lorin says:

      funny. no….its been that way for a LONG time, and i am more comfortable with it down, partly cuz i can hide behind it, partly cuz i like how it feels on my face, and partly cuz if i tie it up and bounce around uncontrolably, it constantly fallls loose and i have to spend my whole fucking set effing with my hair (lame)
      the only time its a hassle is outdoor, windy stage
      PS…its a wig

      • Basscorsair says:

        And everyone should totally grab a chunk and test out that PS next time they see him…

      • Alex Johnson says:

        Thank you for clearing that up for me. I imagined it would get in front of your eyes and cause you to not see what you're doing. By the way, when I was at ACL, I was very impressed with your dubstep remix of Breathe by The Prodigy. I've heard Rusko's dubstep remix of Take Me to the Hospital by The Prodigy and it's just not as grimey and raw as the song you played.
        – Show quoted text –

        • Lorin says:

          thanks buddy (ps..sometimes things are better not so grimey, sometimes grimey is the only way…its all a moment or a mood, ya know?). anyhow that one you are talking about was my re-edit of a remix by numbernin6 – ill! i also do a mutant mix of 'take me to the hospital' but working with bits that subfocus remixed…more heavy halftime DnB bizness than 'dubstep' on that one. also, probably the ILLEST is the mutant edit of Prodigy's 'omen' song, plus noisia, tipper, etc etc…thats almost always the closer

          • alex37 says:

            I have the Noisia remix of Omen. Noisia is my favorite drum n bass artist. It would be nothing but awesome if you remixed them. Noisia's Sweet Dreams sounds like it would be good as a dubstep remix. Tipper is pretty crazy too. A Bassnectar remix of a Tipper song would be a synth-explosion. By the way, I'm the same guy who posted those comments before about the hair and The Prodigy. I am now a registered user of

          • Lorin says:

            …hey buddy!
            wicked that you are registered! I LOVE IT!
            yah, i did remix their remix of Omen…thats the Encore track…its slottered!!!!
            im a huge fan of them an tipper

          • Alex Johnson says:

            I’ve been getting into electro house lately. The 6Blocc remix of Art of Revolution was really really good. I was wondering if you had any other songs like that.

          • LORIN says:

            yu said “electro house” so i assume you mean “Product 01 Remix”? yeah? no?

          • Alex Johnson says:

            Yes. That’s right. 6Blocc does the dubstep remix.

          • LORIN says:

            so you are lookin for electro house?
            i don’t do much of anything with a 4 on the floor beat (Malente did a sick job with “Heads Up”) but i would reccomend you check the obvious guys Malente, Product 01, Tim Healy, Switch, Speaker Junk, Stupid Fresh, etc, and go to squeegiesounds blog and tellem i sent you to find electro house
            they will direct you

          • Alex Johnson says:

            I already have a lot of electro house on my itunes. I’m looking for stuff that you’ve done or other remixes. I’ve actually never heard of any of the artists you mentioned except for Product 01. I will check them out for sure.

          • LORIN says:

            4 real? dayyyym Switch & Speaker Junk and Stupid Fresh….they wrote the book!

          • Alex Johnson says:

            I listened to Stupid Fresh. They sound good. I have heard “I Like It” by Malente before. Thank you for telling about these. I’ve been listening to Filthy Rehab and WoNK. I like my electro house with extra wobble.

  19. dey KNO j-no says:

    from VA to LA…? GA on da way. stop by the A and womp my face pleassssse. havent seen ya since Oct in Athens..i dunno how much longer i can wait

  20. jeanine says:

    I was just hoping you would come to cleveland! Thank you! see you in April!

  21. hunter11 says:

    please be at bonnaroo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. MoonRise says:

    Hey all you BASSNECTAR Fans come out and rock with the band @ the Pageant on the 3rd of April.

    Stay at a place that has…It! the New Moonrise Hotel, literally 50 steps away.
    Crash in style! M.R.H. has a killer promo.
    I think it's called “Take the elevator home promo”

    Just mention it, and if they have availability, you can score a $99 rate.
    Yep, only $99 bucks for their new luxury hotel, with free parking, internet, etc.

    Why drive home when you can take the elevator!

    Check out this link:


  23. AJ says:

    The show in portland was amazing bro! you killed it! It was my second time seein ya and i gotta say. best time of my life. thanx man

  24. Emily says:

    I was at the sea of dreams nye and I'm really trying to get tickets to your show in santa cruz ca feb. 14. I had plans for V-day but then I found out my guy smoked cigs and I can be a good friend to a smoker i just won't date them so my plan went down the shiter and your tickets were sold out by the time I found out this guy smoked. He was keeping it from me because he knew i didn't date guys that smoked. Please fix my Valentine day please. I need two tickets i pay YOU $80

  25. Emily says:

    fix my V-day call me 8314359098

  26. hairgod says:

    What happened to the bass in Bassnectar? I just saw him at Doo Lab and it was very disappointing. Everyone I talked to there was also extremely disappointed with his new stuff. It just sounds so lazy. Bring back his raw talents! Before his popularity mattered more than his music.

  27. LSDoodoo says:

    i really cant wait too see you in boston in april. screw hairgod. he obviously doesn't understand where you're coming from. i have enjoyed every song you've ever made. keep up the good work and i hope to have a rendezvous with you in april.

    • Lorin says:

      thanks for the kind words!
      to each their own. the next EP is probably the hardest most banging yet but the deepest/most tender concept behind it,…kind of a wierd juxtapose.

      one day i will get time to finish the downtempo album ive been making for the last decade

      • laurenlioneye says:

        I am so excited to hear your new EP. I have really enjoyed the evolution of your music and feel like every time a new album comes out I am more blown away. You're a really talented guy- I can't even comprehend how you make the music you do. Thanks for doing what you're doing!

        • Lorin says:

          this one is a DETONATION….there are 3 tunes on here that are full mental-split gong-show drop-ya-pants type freakouts, and then a deeper one, and a super sexy hiphop type thing too

  28. creolski says:

    Just got the new EP of Beatport. killer tunes! can't wait to cause total havoc with them. Thank you.
    One of the tunes thats eluded me for so long is “Swung set” by your self and the budda. Can any one give me any info on finding it in any format?
    Peace and onelove to all
    big up

  29. alex37 says:

    Do you know a girl named Cameron Jordan? She tells me she's good friends with you.

  30. alex37 says:

    Do you know a girl named Cameron Jordan? She tells me she's good friends with you.

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