December 16th, 2009


Where is my Mind?

After touring my arse off nonstop for months and damn near completely loosing my marbles, I returned home wondering what’s next.

And since its the Season for Giving, how about a cup of bass nog, and this new smasher for YOU:

This tune is an anthem for living life at a dizzying pace, but refusing to slow down. Obviously influenced by the legendary rock band THE PIXIES, this bootleg was 1 of the secret weapons of almost every show on the Cozza Frenzy tour, and now its yours for free: Happy New Year! Merry Xmas! Happy Hanukkah! Joyous Atheism! Enraptured Humanism! Do as thou will, and blast this track!

Feed Readers: Click here to download.

AAAAAAAAAANNNNNNDDDD…exclusive in our Little Music Shoppe:

“Where is my Instrumental”
This is just a simple chunk of bass and beats, probably not dubstep because it is 20 bpm faster, probably not D&B because it doesn’t follow the rules, but its thick and deep and it should be yours. If you are a listener, just grab “Where is my Mind” for free at, but if you are a DJ and want a nice instrumental banger for your sets, this jam has some heavy bass and a nice clean beat loop at the beginning running at 85 bpm…perfect to thicken up any hip hop, drum & bass, dub, downtempo or dubstep track, also a nice little acapella synth at the end…


New Years Eve tickets go up in price tomorrow, so JUMP ON THAT SHIIiiiii and grab yours now!!

The February run is ON SALE:
COZZA FRENZAAY WEST COAST WINTER RUN is about to barrel through your snowy village like a snowplow.

Running up the west coast with a stack of PK sound in tow, then cruising through Tempe on our way to Los Angeles for The Do Lab’s Lucent L’amore…. then it’s back up to the hometown for a special Valentine’s Day blowout on Sunday February 14, in SANTA CRUZ – MONDAY IS A HOLIDAY, SO IT’S GAME ON!!!

Also, now up: a full stack of tourdates in April 2010, including some bonkers shenanigans with Major Lazer in Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Detroit (WHAT?!?!?!) as well as first time shows in Omaha, Minneapolis, Urbana, and Syracuse with a special doobie-sparking session on 4/20 in Buffalo, NY (oregano only, of course 😉

ANOTHER BIG ONE: we are joining the party down in NEW ORLEANS for Jazz Fest with a late night on 5/1/09 to close out that run @ The House of Blues.

Check out the full schedule at

….Also, a super-large remix package on the way with remixes from RJD2, Robot Koch, Noah D, Stagga, DJ Vadim, Roomate, Alex B, Son Of Kick, Mexicans with Guns, Amp Live, K-Flay, J-Boogie, and more!!!! That will drop early January…more info soon

Cant wait to let you guys in on our festival plans, but some presents you gotta wait for….


  • dubsteppinxtc

    Sooooo…there is no Rothbury this year, so I REEEEEEEALLY I get some whomp action at Camp Bisco IX!!!!!!

  • dropbassnotbombs

    absolutely incredible mix. the new 2010 podcast also has blown my mind. ATLANTA NEEDS MORE OF YOUR RAGE!

  • dalyjackson

    I am soo disappointed that the beloved Rothbury festival has been cancelled!! This was my festival cause it was pretty much in my backyard… well about 5 miles from my backyard. But it was gaining so much popularity and I was so stoked to be able to hear your music under the Tripolee Domes again, it would have been my 3rd time seeing you in 2010. Lets all pray to the Roth-Gods (Madison House/AEG) that they bring it back in 2011 otherwise all hell will break loose! On the brighter side of life, I will be attending ULTRA in Miami this year!!! can't wait to rage womp womp! and then I will also catch ya when you swing by DETROIT!! in april, that will be a good show with Major Lazer. Guns don't kill people, lazers do! I just have to keep Ultra on my mind and try to forget about Rothbury….. this sucks, Roth was the best.

    • i feeeeeel ya buddy!
      we had big plans for this year at roth
      but we will def be seeing you a bunch this year! BOOOOOYAH

  • mikebarkowski

    Where is My Mind!?!?! are you serious!!

    Wow! i wish i had seen you drop that live on new years!!

  • ethan

    hey lorin i wanna know if there is a way that i can get what you played at symbiosis on a recording like the whole set uninterrupted somehow well if it was recorded anyway email me or how ever you want to respond thx for reding this let me know if u can do anything about that it would be fucking amazing if you can

    • 🙂
      not possible. i like to save the magic for live experiences as much as possible. with releases as often as i can manage, heaps of collabs, and gifts of podcasts as much as i can

      • 4centers

        I caught the magic of a Burning man set in 2007! Still rockin it

  • Rashida Pryor

    i was at your show in seattle last night. ive never been so moved. trust e when i say my life is changed….one love 🙂

  • fan345433

    I lurve you.

  • usernamehasbeendeleted

    Now was this just pure coincidence or was the song meant to end at 4:20 on purpose?
    haha. Now im not trying to throw out some propaganda bullshit but are you pro/anti the whole marijuana issue?

  • bassfreak

    please tell me your playing at camp bisco…we NEED you there, just wasnt the same last year without ya

    • i think you will be pleased

      • bassfreak

        YES…very good news lol…i will most definetly be there…until then, see ya at boston (even tho that venue sucks, paradise is waayyyyy better) and northhampton!

  • 4centers

    On one of your podcast you have a rant about Dick Cheney being a murderer followed by a heavy reggae style beat that slays it… I think everyone who reads this should follow up…
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    “I was a big supporter of waterboarding,” boasted Cheney.

    Waterboarding is torture and a war crime. The UN Convention on Torture, the Geneva Conventions, the Red Cross, and constitutional governments around the globe agree on this point of law. More to the point, Attorney General Eric Holder has stated publicly that waterboarding is torture. Cheney's confession legally obligates Holder to prosecute him.

    Go to… to automatically add your name to our petition to Holder.

    Cheney apologists will no doubt turn a blind eye to this. But this is the law, plain and simple. The case has been laid out in detail by Andrew Sullivan1, Glenn Greenwald2, and Scott Horton3.

    By publicly confessing his role in illegal U.S torture programs, Cheney has created an extraordinary opportunity to hold the Bush administration accountable for its crimes. One that must not — and indeed legally cannot — be ignored.

    Go to… and sign our petition telling Attorney General Holder that he must indict Dick Cheney for torture.

    Thank you for holding Dick Cheney accountable for his actions.

    Becky Bond, Political Director
    CREDO Action from Working Assets

    1 Cheney: “I Was A Big Supporter Of Waterboarding”, Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic, February 16, 2010.
    2 Dick Cheney's taunting, Glenn Greenwald, Salon, February 16, 2010.
    3 Does Dick Cheney Want to Be Prosecuted?, Scott Horton, Harper's, February 15, 2010.

    • THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  • alexmadison
  • Erin Robertson

    Lorinnnnn, i know it's old news by now , but you got me weeping & giggling & freakin ecstatically, spinnin in the pixies like that! PERFECT! You're so f**king in tune. Spanks for the freebie, you deserve it, no one else can make me move so freaky-dirty.
    Erin Joy

  • kellehnicole

    Fantastic remix!! Lorin, this is a long shot but hopefully you see this..i am coming to see you in baltimore april 24 and i would love an opportunity to meet you. Apparently my friend Lauren knows you somehow, and told me about how you exchanged e-mails for a while as well as about your hair (she is a hair stylist) & i was amazed. Let a fan hear from you!!!!

    • haha!
      that is hilarious…honestly i really dont like questions about my hair. its just hair/ 🙂

      but yah, i cant really keep up with emails any more. i used to try and write EVERY SINGLE PERSON back, and did so for many years, but its too much now. i try to do my best. im always around after the show for a bit, but its seldom good for real conversation. i find i can exchange thoughts best in writing, since the shows are so loud and wild

      • kellehnicole

        Kelly is writing in response to whom i am trying to believe is actually Lorin:

        Ahhh my b my b, homie!!! its hard not to notice when its so long though, so don't hate too hard! I realize you must be super busy, considering you are no longer a 'little person' like the rest of us 😉 Well i appreciate your dedication to your fans and you taking time to write me back! I shall hope that i may atleast be able to meet one of my favorite artists after the show, and maybe on an off chance (though, i realize this is seldom, as you say..) we could exchange some interesting thoughts! IF not i will just jam out and take in the vibes! See you in the classiest of cities, BMORE! Peace and Love!

        another fan(who in the smallest way has a connection to you, no matter how insignificant),


        • we're all little people, big people
          i personally seem to like to keep MEGA busy, but im stilla nut, a geek, and a combination of woody allen, larry david and gandalf. ha.
          😉 see ya soon

          • kellehnicole

            i suppose you are right…
            i like that i mix of a nut, geek, and combo of woody allen, larry david, and gandalf…you seem very well rounded! can't wait to see you at the show! i'll be in your hometown next month, i shall think of you!

            another fan,

  • kellehnicole

    i suppose you are right…

    i like that i mix of a nut, geek, and combo of woody allen, larry david, and gandalf…you seem very well rounded! can't wait to see you at the show! i'll be in your hometown next month, i shall think of you!

    another fan,